Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Jesse Jackson, Jr. is ill and has tendered his resignation.  Why didn't he resign before the election?  He was sick then and in fact had been on medical leave for a long time.  This is the arrogance of power that hangs on until the last possible breath.

Senator Teddy Kennedy did the same thing, hung on to his office until death, when he should have resigned months, even years before.  The founding fathers intended that our representatives would serve in office for a term or two and then get out and go back home to live under the laws and regulations that they voted for when they were in office.

Instead, these public servants exempt themselves from nearly every law that comes along and then serve until they are all but dead.  How many in office today are seventy or eighty years old or older and barely able to function?  I am in favor of no one being able to serve any office for more than two terms, and that no one should be able to run for office while holding another.  If you are a congressman, you can't run for senator or president until your elected term of office has expired.  If you are a city council member you can't run for governor or dog catcher until your present term of office has expired, even if you have resigned your office, that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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