Friday, November 9, 2012

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico has opted for statehood.  The vote was not overwhelming and is non-binding.  Puerto Rico still has a ways to go before they are ready for statehood in my opinion.  I also think they are a little small.  They may want to combine with the American Virgin Islands to make a larger state, since the American Virgin Islands are very small.

Crime and poerty in Puerto Rico are very high. Those two problems should be corrected before they become a state.  It's part of how they are able to govern themselves, is how they are able to maintain order and serve the needs of their people.

Long term I am okay with Puerto Rico becoming a state.  Before they do, I think they should have a simple Yes or No up or down binding vote of the people to insure they really want to make the change.  It should not happen because a few people want it to happen; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.


Sarah said...

Thank you for not painting Puerto Ricans as a bunch of welfare queens who refuse to work. That's all I've been hearing for the past week or so and I'm tired of it because it isn't true.

Puerto Rico actually has a bigger population than a few of the states in the Union. It has close to 4 million people, and because the island itself is so small, there aren't enough jobs to go around for everyone which is why unemployment is at around 13%. Because of this, many Puerto Ricans who can afford to leave do, like my mother did somewhere around 25 years ago.

Two of her brothers were Romney supporters by the way, and both of these brothers are very, very pro-gun and conservative. :)

Bunkermeister said...

Sarah, thank you for reading and for you insightful comment. And thanks for the family Romney support!

I think Puerto Rico might want to go with a Hong Kong type model and become a free market paradise. That's a proven way for small locations with a high population to drive industry and business. They are in the perfect location to take advantage of both North and South American trade.