Thursday, November 8, 2012


The Republicans control the House of Representatives.  They need to use that power to block the liberal agenda of President Obama as best as they can.  President Obama did not win a sweeping mandate, he barely won with only a few percentage points above Governor Romney.  They need powerful leadership that will play political hardball against the President.

They need to stop gun control, the homosexual agenda, and infringements on the freedom of religion.  The IRS has not been enforcing the regulations that prevent churches from speaking out on political issues.  Those laws need to be repealed.  The House should attach a rider to that effect on every bill they send forward to the President.  Only by allowing men of God to speak the truth about the homosexual agenda, abortion and other moral issues can we take back this great nation from the brink of moral chaos.  These regulations were never voted on and only date to the 1950's.  Church leaders spoke from the pulpit for nearly two centuries before this regulation was made.

If the Republican are going to stand a chance of regaining the White House they need to show that they are willing to take political chances and vote the way they believe.  People respected President Reagan because he stood by his principles, even when they were unpopular.  People need to know the Republicans will do that too; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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