Friday, November 2, 2012

Election 2012

This is how I intend to vote in this election for California initiatives:

30  No it's a tax increase.
31  No, it's a way for the state to give money to local governments, I don't generally favor that.
32  Yes, it takes away the disporportionate power of the state employee unions.
33  Yes, I don't much like either choice, insurance companies are over regulated in Californi.a
34  No, I support the death penalty and we have nearly 800 people on death row.
35  Yes, increased penalties for human trafficking.
36  No, it weakens the three strikes law, if we could trust judges to be tough we would not have passed it in the first place.
37 No, food labels are a great idea, but this law is just a way for attornies to get rich on the lawsuits over food labels.
38 No, it's a tax increase.
39, No, it's a tax increase.
40, Yes, our redistricting process is broken, I am not sure this will fix it either.
Measure M, No, it's another tax increase.

My wife has had three pay cuts in three years, and I have been laid off twice in that same time.  Government employees have had pay increases, get huge retirements and they can't seem to run the state without asking for more taxes, and more bond measures which are just another type of tax increase.  The state has to cut spending in tough times.  Instead, all they can come up with is new ways to cut taxes.

Crime is going down nationwide.  That is no reason to eliminate the death penalty and decrease prison sentences.  Too many foolish liberal ideas appear when things start going well that will take us right back to high crime. Crime is down because murderers are being executed and criminals are being locked up; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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