Friday, November 23, 2012

Communist Power Projection

Communist China is considering building at least four aircraft carriers in the next few years.  Aircraft carriers are not needed for nations that intend to stay home and mind their own business.  Norway and Mexico don't have aircraft carriers.  Aircraft carriers and their aircraft and support ships are very expensive.  Nations that build them have to have a real commitment to them in order to justify that type of expense.

Since the beginning of the Republic the United States has had a policy of freedom of the seas for all nations, not just those that are our friends.  We have fought piracy on the seas since the American Revolution.  The United States, unlike Communist China, has overseas possessions, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska for example are dependant on the United States and are part of the United States.

China does not have these types of possessions.  China has no need for aircraft carriers unless they want to project Chinese Communist power overseas.  They will use it first to intimidate Taiwan, and then other nearby nations into giving up sovereignty and claims on islands that China wants to own.  Then they will move into the southern Pacific to threaten Australia and New Zealand.  Eventually, India, the Middle East and even the Atlantic will see Chinese blue water navy ships.  This is a bad omen for the United States.  We need to curtail trade with China so they don't have the money to spend to build up a navy to challenge our own; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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