Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No Nanny State

Here in California we hear a lot of talk about how guns need to be locked up so that kids can't get to them.  We read all the time about how important it is to keep guns unloaded and locked separately from the ammunition because children will find those guns and kill themselves or their friends.  As usual, this liberal foolishness is the law and yet we allow gas ranges and kitchen knives and rat poison to sit there unattended, surrounded by children.
This little girl in Oklahoma was only twelve years old when a burglar entered her home.  Following her mother's advise she hid in the closet with a gun and called the police.  Despite being notified the police did not arrive instantly.  It takes a few minutes for dispatch to obtain the information and for police to arrive even if they are only a couple blocks away.
While waiting for help the little girl was able to shoot through the closet door and hit her attacker.  The burglar left the home and was captured later.  This is an excellent example of how private citizens can made decisions based on their own children's intelligence and maturity and allow them the ability to defend themselves.  We don't need a nanny state, that only creates unarmed victims. We need responsible parents to take good care of their kids; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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