Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our Honored Dead Are Heros

A man joined the US Army and was trained as a clerk.  He was filing papers when a German or North Korean, or NVA or terrorist bomb exploded.  He gave his life in the performance of his duty as a soldier.  Just as much as any member of the Armed Forces serves their country when they perform their honorable duty.  They die a heroes death, because it is heroic to answer our nation's call to the colors.
A modern armed force requires soldier to perform actions that are often not intrinsically heroic.  Filing papers, sleeping on a destroyer as it is on patrol, repairing a flat tire.  Those tasks are vital to the defense of our nation.  They don't rise to the level of heroism that receives medals for heroism.  They are not the same kind of hero as the soldier who destroys the machine gun nest, but they are heroes just the same.
It is a shameful thing that people in our main stream media are so out of touch with the US military and the meaning of service that they cannot without reservation call those who give their lives in service to our country "heroes."  Military service is inherently dangerous.  Soldiers are killed in training exercises, trucks flip over, things explode, they fall off cliffs, aircraft crash and ships sink, even in peacetime, even in training.  I hear liberals say they support the troops but don't support the war.  Once again, we are shown they don't support either the war or the troops.  Those who have given their lives in the service of our nation deserve more than the liberal media are willing to give; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Perverse Love

President Obama has said that his position on same sex marriage has been "evolving."  What that really means is that he has no moral compass.  He has no baseline upon which he can measure the correct moral basis for any decision.  He has no plumb bob to help him determine right from wrong.

God created one man and one woman and commanded them to go forth and multiply.  That was the ideal family from the beginning of time.  The whole Bible, Old and New Testament speaks to us of marriage, and family.  There is not a single instance of the Bible authorizing same sex couples, nor of endorsing homosexual behavior.

Sexual sin is a sin, no different from any other sinful behavior.  Theft is sin.  Murder is sin.  Dishonoring one's parents is a sin.  Sex with someone you are not married to is a sin.  Marriage is between one man and one woman.  Societies have these rules not only because God ordained them but because other versions don't work.  Collectivisation of society does not work.  Same sex couples don't work for society.  Allowing people to take what they want does not work for society.  Homosexuals want same sex marriage because they want society to approve of their relationships.  Their relationships are immoral.  Their love is not a true love, it is a perversion of love.  Just as when adult men speak of their perverse love for children or animals, or inanimate objects.  They have perverted the love of God into sin.  Our society must no permit itself to be fooled, and must not accept gay marriage; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Politics & Religion

Liberals view the whole world as political.  Their religion is their politics.  Liberals speak out in favor of homosexual marriage and call it a message of fairness.  They speak out in favor of abortion and call it a message of woman's rights. 
Conservatives divide politics and religion.  Our religion is the worship of the true God.  Conservatives speak out against homosexual marriage because it is a moral issue, a sacrament of our religion.  Conservatives speak out against abortion because it is an issue of morality, in opposition to the murder of a baby, as required by our religion.
So liberals tell us that conservatives can't speak out against homosexual marriage or against abortion in the public square because those are religious issues and religious issues can't be spoken about in the public square.  Liberals tell conservatives they can't speak out against homosexual marriage or against abortion in the church, because these are political issues and don't belong in church.  The liberals have tried to frame the issue in such a way that conservatives are not allowed to speak on moral issues; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, May 28, 2012


Anyone who cannot support their children properly without financial help from outside their nuclear family should not get pregnant.  While Mr. Mustaine was rude and unfeeling in method of his remarks the general intent of his remarks was a good idea.  People must plan the general outlines of their lives.  Go to school to a certain point.  Get married.  Have 2.5 children before age 35.  A general outline.
Over two thousand years ago, God gave some rules for living to mankind.  One of them was to not have sex unless you are married to the person you are having sex with.  Simply obeying that law alone would solve many of the world's problems.  Millions of Americans are being supported by taxpayers dollars because they failed to follow that simple rule.  They had children out of wedlock, the man failed to stay and support the children and so the taxpayer had to step in.
There are many other millions of people in the Third World that also failed to follow that commandment.  They have children who are then condemned to starve to death, or die of thirst because the mother is unable to care for them.  Millions of others of those children are alive only because people in richer nations send food aid to keep them alive.  Commandments, they are not just a good idea, they are COMMANDMENTS; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Rather than worry about the quality of President Obama's birth certificate, every Republican and every American who cares about the validity of our election process should insure this is the law for every candidate in every election in the USA. In California, the Secretary of State is responsible for preparing the ballot and certifies that each ballot measure and each candidate has been legally presented for office. They unfortunately, do not actually do any sort of background check. They simply delegate that duty to each political party and accepts the parties word for it that the person is eligible to hold that particular office.

So if the Green party runs someone for president who is a couple years too young, or the Libertarian party runs someone who does not meet the citizenship requirement, or the Republican party were to run a candidate who was a convicted felon, as long as the party certified they were okay, the State would put them on the ballot. I suspect if a background check were made on every member of Congress, every mayor, every governor, every state legislator we would find many who were ineligible to run.

My long term concern with this issue is no President Obama, but rather Hispanics who are at best citizens who were not born in the USA, or not citizens of the USA, or even worse, illegal aliens, and got elected to a local office and then begin to work their way up the ladder and we have the same Obama Birther controversy all over again in a few years; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Silent Heros of the Cold War Declassified

Silent Heroes of the Cold War Declassified:  The Mysterious Military Plane Crash on a Nevada Mountain Peak - and the Families Who Endured an Abyss of Silence for a Generation by Kyril D. Plaskon, Stephens Press, LLC, Las Vegas, NV 2009.

The United States of America keeps many secrets as a part of it's national defense strategy.  There is an old saying "knowledge is power."  That is why the nation keeps secrets.  To prevent our enemies from gaining power.  In a democratic, the people should be informed about what the government is doing.  Only by having enough knowledge can the people vote wisely on topics that are of concern to them.  It is always a balance between the right of the people to know what is happening versus the need to keep secrets from our enemies.

This book examines the effect of secrecy on the lives of more than a dozen people who dies in a plane crash and their surviving families.  The men who died were on a secret mission to a secret base.  Their plane crashed into a mountain top in bad weather.  Due to the secret nature of their work the families were never told exactly what their loved ones were doing on  that flight.  The book explains they were working on the highly secret U-2 spy plane. 

The book includes an overview of the crash, on mans' obsession with finding out the truth about the wreck and interviews with surviving family members, nearly fifty years after the wreck.  This book reminds us that even a Cold War is stall a war and that there will still be casualties; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Faith and Practice

To me one of the greatest proofs of the Bible is the progressive revelation and that the stories are as true today as they were when written.  It would be nearly impossible for people to have written stories that explain human nature, the universe and the divine that would be logical and apparent several thousand years from the time they were written.

The Bible does not tell us about a world that is carried on the back of a turtle.  It does not tell us that lightening is God throwing thunderbolts at us for his amusement.  The Bible tells us real stories about people who interact with each other and the God in ways that are not unlike those of today.

The Bible relates the development of God’s relationship with people using real historical people.  The discovery of so many cities from the Bible only reinforces those stories and shows the basic truth inherent in them.  This first section of the book has provided a great foundation and also good reasons for believing in God, in scripture as a means of learning about Him; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Faith and Practice

God provided us with Ten Commandments.  How much better would the world be if we simply followed those ten basic rules for life?  Even if we only did one of then, Thou shalt do no murder, how much better would the world be?  There are over twenty thousand murders in the United States every year.  There are over a million abortions in the United States every year.  If people would only listen to the Lawgiver and avoid those deaths, how much better would our lives be as a nation?

A million families would be created with children to care for and sacrifice and live for that don’t exist now.  If you have children then you need to care about the safety of your neighborhood, the quality of your schools, the sustainability of the economy and environment.  If someone only cares about himself then he only care about how much he can get now, because the future is uncertain.

God has moved in my life.  I found a compulsion from God to join eHarmony and I was matched with my wife, Patricia.  We have now been married for five years.  She too felt compelled to join eHarmony and in fact wrote a letter to God describing what she wanted in a husband.  Her description of the contents of the letter is me exactly; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Faith and Practice

Man must be educated not only in technical matter s but in moral and religious matters as well.  It is the Eternal that brings long term meaning and sacrifice to life.  It is that same Eternal that gives meaning to the sacrifices we make for others, just as God in the form of Christ sacrificed himself for us here on Earth.

Just as we can look at the progress of our education system in the last seventy years, with God, prayer and the Bible having been removed and see that the quality of education has declined, we can look at society at large and see the same result.  Millions turn to drugs to provide them with an escape from a life that they find too difficult to face.  Millions get divorced because they can’t sacrifice for their spouse.  Millions have abortions because they don’t value the life of another human being.

When we see our Earthly life as a part of a larger life, then the transitory difficulties of illness, child care, and money are much less important.  They fit into a context of a universe that is not indifferent to their problems but rather a universe that is ruled by a God who cares about each of us and helps us in the hard times; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Faith and Practice

If life has no higher purpose or greater meaning then the avoidance of individual pain and the accumulation of transient happiness seem to me to be the only worthwhile purpose.  Go to work every day to accumulate money so that you can buy those things you need.  Not because the work itself has value or serves society, mankind or God, because individual happiness is the only logical value for those who don’t believe in God.

Unless it is for the excitement, there is no reason to be a doctor, or policeman, or fireman, because self-sacrifice is pointless to the life without an eternal component.  Self-sacrifice simply ends existence and there is no reason to do that as long at the present existence is jolly.  The flip side of that is that self-sacrifice is acceptable if the existence is no longer fun with no prospect of fun.  Assisted suicide is a perfectly moral choice for those who have no faith in a higher power.  If this life is suffering then simply end it and end the suffering.

To the godless there is no reason not to have an abortion.  If the only important fact of life is the enjoyment of today, then why bother with children.  While there is great joy in having children there is also great expense, self-sacrifice in placing the needs of the children above the needs of the parent.  Why bother if there is no God, no continuation of the world after death?  Go forth and multiply; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Faith and Practice

I just finished reading Faith and Practice, by Frank E. Wilson, Morehouse Publishing, Harisburg, PA, 2004 with the original edition from 1939.  It is interesting that this book, written in 1939 should start off with an investigation of the money spent on education and the value returned for that investment.  This same discussion carries on today, seventy-three years later as people debate how much to spend on education and even presidential candidates discuss the elimination of the Department of Education.

The author then discusses the relative value of accumulating knowledge, facts and figures, without a similar development of the emotional side of human existence.  The author then goes on to put the development of intellectual facilities in a context of eternal life and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

I think the humanist cannot provide a basis for an orderly society.  Simply saying that we have to develop knowledge and progress so we can serve future generations is pointless if life itself has no meaning.  Why serve future generations that we won’t be here to see if there is no God?  As a humanist, eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die seems the only logical method of organizing one’s life; but that's not the view I hold at the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cut the Slime

Seven Million Pounds of “Pink Slime” Beef Destined for National School Lunch Program

by NTEB News Desk

The National School Lunch Program is buying a product called pink slime by some.  The product is a type of beef product.  Many commercial restaurants won't use the product.  At a time when the Federal Government is trying to get people to eat healthier and is telling us we have an obesity epidemic they are buying pink slime to feed children.  The Federal Government is working at cross purposes to itself.

The Federal Government is too big.  There is no reason to even have a National School Lunch Program.  If you can't afford to feed your kids lunch, then stop having kids.  If kids are not getting enough to eat we already have Food Stamps and county programs to feed people.  Why can't poor families buy a lunch with their Food Stamps.

The reason the Federal Government is broke is because it is trying to do too much.  Too much that should be done by the family.  To much that should be done by the states.  Too much that should be done by counties.  Too much that should be done by the churches.  We need to eliminate Federal programs.  We need to stop doing things that the Federal Government does not need to do; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mammoth Clones

Scientists are trying to make woolly mammoth clones.  I think that this is an interesting experiment, but to what purpose?  Are we going to have massive herds of woolly mammoths roaming the tundra?  How will this effect the present animals that live there?  Can they compete with the woolly mammoth?

Have you seen the remake of the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still? It explains very well how the Greens think. Humans are the problem. The Earth is better off without humans. Many of them have written books talking about the Earth should only have a few million humans on it. That's why they are pro-abortion and pro-euthanasia, they don't want large human populations and they equate the value of a human with the value of a bug, or fish or even extinct mammal.

I think it is an interesting experiment, but apart from keeping a few in zoos, maybe using some for research, I certainly don't think we need a population more than a few dozen for display, and never return them to the wild.  I can understand captive breeding programs to help endangered animals in the wild or to return a recently extinct species to the wild but not one that's been gone for thousands of years; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.


Friday, May 18, 2012

RINO Hunting

Some Republicans are what many of us conservatives call Repubicans In Name Only, RINO.  They often serve in liberal districts and the establishment Republicans tell us that they know he is not a good Republican but a bad Republican is better than a good Democrat.  They will tell us that a RINO will vote with conservative principles most of the time and that's better than a Democart who will vote against us all of the time.

I would rather replace those RINOs with real conservatives.  Men and women of principle who will stand up for conservative values.  RINOs are the reason why so many conservaitves are unhappy with the Republican party.  They vote for tax increases, homosexual rights, same sex marriage, increased regulation, and are soft on crime, and under their leadership the government gets larger every year.  They are of often the swing votes who break ranks with other Republicans and join forces with the Democrats to pass key legislation that makes this nation weaker, deeper in debt and morally bankrupt.

I think every Repubilican should face a challenge to his seat in every election.  They should have to explain why they are not voting for the right to life, why they are not passing a balanced budget, why we are losing jobs to Communist China, why we can't stop same sex marriage and other issues that Republicans campaign on but never seem to deliver.  This should be the year of RINO hunting, that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


The director of the FBI is not sure if American citizens can be assassinated on US soil?  How can this even be a question?  Americans have rights as US citizens.  One of those rights is the right to life and the right to due process.  American citizens should never be assassinated by the US government. 
American citizens who have taken up arms against the government in the War Against Islamic Terrorists who are fighting against the United States should be considered as legitimate military targets no different than non-US citizens when they are in war zones.  Just like any other enemy of the United States.  American citizens who are performing their lawful acts on US soil should enjoy the same rights as all other citizens on US soil.
If US citizens on US soil are committing acts that are apparently illegal and would permit law enforcement officers to use deadly force against them, then they should be subject to deadly force.  If they are plotting against the overthrow of the US government on US soil then they are a law enforcement problem. If they are doing so outside the country then they are a military problem, that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chinese Trade

The nations of Europe often got rich on international trade.  You import commodities, and you export finished goods.  The exporter got rich selling natural resources.  The secondary exporter got rich selling value added goods.  Balanced trade was good for everyone.

Today, China exports a vast array of finished goods.  Her people are wealthier than ever before.  However her people should be much better off than they are, but their government denies them freedom.  They should be allowed to import more goods.  They should be allowed to import more food.  They should be allowed to import more services.

Rather, the Chinese are given a tiny fraction of their value and their national policy is to drive other nations companies out of business.  They use their surpluses to build up their national defenses far beyond what they need for domestic safety.  The United States needs to put the brakes on Chinese imports and start making more products domestically; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

See Saw esykes/139504863.html?page=1

In California we see saw between Republican conservative governors and Democrat liberal governors.  The liberals spend money like there is no tomorrow.  They raise taxes.  They are soft on crime and crime gets worse.  The budget goes way up.  The rich leave the state because taxes increase so much.  New regulations drive away businesses and new companies don't open here.  Our state surplus is spent.
Once the state is a mess, the people elect a Republican as governor.  The conservative lowers taxes and so we don't lose rich people to other states.  They cut regulations and so business thrives and employs more people.  They store up a surplus of money for emergencies.  They are hard on crime so crime goes down and the prisons fill up.  Regulations on businesses are cut so they are not forced to relocate.

The media elites and the government employee unions constantly complain that the Republican hates the little people because he cuts taxes on the rich and won't spend the surplus on the poor or raise taxes on the excessive profits made by business.  Eventually, they manage to get a Democrat elected and the state falls apart again.  That's where we are not; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.


Monday, May 14, 2012



For decades after the Second World War the greatest threat to the security of Communist China was teh USA.  We fought them in the Korean War.  We could have escalated to nuclear weapons but we did not.  Eventually President Nixon went to China and opened them up to the rest of the world.  Then the Soviet Union and Communist China had fallen away from each other and were having border skirmishes. 

Now Communist China has no external threats of any consequence and yet their military spending is now topping $100 this year.  Why would China spend that much money?  China has no internal threats that would warrant that expendature either.  China is not spending money on the War Against Islamic Terrorism.  They are not participating in massive peacekeeping forces either.

Communist China is threatening it's neighbors.  They claim thousands of square miles on ocean territory that are considered international waters or national waters of other nations by most countries.  China is building anti-aircraft carrier missiles.  China is building aircraft carriers.  China wants to be able to project power.  Taiwan, the Philippines, and other nations need to beware; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Being a priest, doctor, soldier, policeman, fireman, nurse and mother are all noble callings. That does not mean that every member of those professions is individually noble. There are many corrupt police who take bribes, priests who molest children, soldiers who are traitors and so on. These are rare exceptions to the rule. The vast majority of these professions are made up of dedicated individuals who sometimes risk their lives, and are excellent role models for anyone.

Mothers generally do the best they can for their children. Most people become more mature when they have the care of little ones entrusted to them. While it is true there are millions in American who are poor mothers, I don't deny that for a moment. The problem is not with motherhood but in a social welfare system that makes fathers unnecessary financially, a movie and TV industry that says men are unnecessary causing women to become mothers without fathers present.

Motherhood is a noble institution and most mothers make decent attempts to live up to the ideal of motherhood. As a society we need to do a better job of supporting the decision to have children, to support the nuclear family, to stop the notion that women don't need a man and that children can be raised easily with a father. Mothers are noble, but they can't do the job alone, that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

No Space

In the 1960's undersea exploration was a huge field of endeavor.  People and governments were spending large sums of money on building habitats to allow aquanauts to live underwater.  We were told how the seas would be farmed and billions fed.  Mining would make us all rich.  Power would be generated by waves, wind and geothermal energy and our energy problems would be solved.

Then we got the treaty of the seas and suddenly the oceans were the common heritage of all mankind and so there was no real money to be made and ocean exploration was dropped like an anchor.  If you invest billions of dollars as a Japanese company you should expect a fair return on your investment.  But when suddenly people from Algeria and Chile and Estonia are suddenly entitled to a share in your riches, your investment does not seem like such a good idea.  Those who take none of the risk, make none of the investment should not reap the rewards of other peoples work.

Now the Obama Administration has done the same thing with space research.  Space is now the common heritage of mankind.  You can't colonize the Moon because you can't claim any of it as your own.  If you can't own it you can't mine it.  If you can own it, why would you build there?  President Obama has killed the American government manned space program and now is killing private space exploration that was supposed to take it's place; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Free Sex

The main stream media made a big production over Sandra Fluke claiming that health care was too expensive and that she had to spend thousands of dollars for birth control.  The implication was that the government or private health care providers or insurance companies should be forced to pay for her birth control.  I reject her claim for many reasons.
Insurance companies are supposed to pay for medical care to restore a person to good health.  Birth control does not do that, it interferes with a natural process of conception.  Therefore requiring health insurance to pay for birth control is actually the antithesis of what health insurance is supposed to pay for.  Just as health insurance does not pay for a woman with perfectly normal breasts to get breast implants for cosmetic purposes, but may pay for breast implants for a woman who has been injured or had a mastectomy, health insurance may pay for birth control pills if they are used to restore a normal function, such as to relieve suffering from disease.
The government should not pay for birth control either.  People are responsible for their own lives and welfare, not the government.  Sexual relations should happen as a result of two married people having sex, not random college students.  Self control is an important part of live and learning that during college is a good idea.  The taxpayer who cannot afford college for his kids should not have to pay for birth control for some student who is attending an expensive college.  If college and sex are so important, then let the student borrow the money as part of their college expenses of room and board and tuition, and they can pay it off with the money their degree will earn them, that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Brazil vs UK


Brazil now has a larger economy than the UK. The Third World is overtaking the Second World. There are many reasons for this and only some of them are good. The UK, like much of the Western World has permitted too many Third World people into it's borders and that has lead to a decline in the standard of living in the UK, and other nations.

The UK has too many social programs so people are living off of the dole rather than living off their wits. They have allowed the social safety net to become a hammock and now millions don't work and are carried by the others who have their capital drained off by those who won't work.

Too many regulations have hamstrung UK businesses, too many businesses have been regulated out of business. The firearms industry is gone in the UK. The car industry is far less than it should be in the UK. Energy production is far too low and taxes are far too high. The good news is that the standard of living in Brazil and many other nations has increased. Famine is rare in places where it used to be endemic. Far more people in the world have cars, electricity, and good drinking water. Allow freedom to vote, pray, and work in nations and people will create a better life for themselves and their nation; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

No Defense

The Obama Administration has once again failed to provide for the defense of this nation.  There has been working going on to develop an airborne laser missile defense weapon system.  The concept is that if Iran or North Korea tries to launch a missile attack on Japan, South Korea, Israel, Italy, or any other US ally or base then the airborne laser can shoot down the missile before it can hit the target.  The idea is that we can move the missile defense system anywhere in the world in less than a day to defend American interests.  By being airborne, the system can't be destroyed by ground attack.

Despite great progress on this system and the clear constitutional mandate to provide for the common defense, the Obama Administration has cancelled the system.  The potential damage that can be done by an intermediate range nuclear missile is catastrophic.  The money spent on this system is small compared to the potential savings if a missile strike is avoided.

In the Gulf War the US shot down a number of missile and prevented many deaths.  Democrats fought against that system for years and it was forced through by Republican politicians, particularly President Reagan.  Now once again, a Democrat has stripped America of an important weapons system; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

National Cathedral

Civil rights activist Rosa Parks is having her statue installed in the Episcopal National Cathedral.  Why?  Rosa Parks was a professional civil rights worker who also worked as a seamstress.  As a result of her arrest for failing to give up her seat on a segregated bus the bus line was eventually de-segregated.  It was a major win in the civil rights for Black Americans.
I don't deny that she was important in the fight for civil rights in America.  What I question is why is she in the National Cathedral.  She was not Episcopalian.  She worked for the nations largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.  She had no public ministry, she was not a public worker for Christ.
This is one of the reason that I left the Episcopal Church.  They honor those who are not Christians or who have not had public ministries.  The church building is the house of God.  It is not the house of good people who did good things.  The church is there for Christian people to honor God and to worship him.  The church building is there for Christians to do Gods business, not function as secular museums; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, May 7, 2012


A Roman Catholic priest did a favor to an open practicing lesbian.  She was in his church for her mothers funeral.  She came to the rail to take communion.  The priest refused to give her communion because she is an open practicing lesbian.  In traditional Catholic Christian theology, sex acts outside of marriage are considered sinful.  This is true for homosexual acts, it is true for heterosexual acts.  The difference is that homosexual acts are also considered sinful on their own.
A priest has a duty to refuse communion to people who are leading openly sinful lives.  If a lesbian shows up to the communion rail with her lesbian lover in tow then the priest has no choice but to refuse her communion.  The priest is doing it for the good of the soul of the person who is attempting to take communion.
By taking communion the parishioner is saying that they confess their sins and intend to live a new life, repentant of those sins.  They will try to avoid committing those sins again.  By taking communion with the full intent of continuing an on going sinful relationship, then the soul of the person taking communion is in danger.  It is the duty of the priest to prevent that danger; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Some Restrictions Apply

The state of Maryland had a requirement that people show "good and substantial cause" why they should be allowed to keep and bear arms and have a concealed weapons permit.  Perhaps we should apply this standard to all constitutional rights.
The right to an abortion shall not be infringed as long as you can show a good and substantial reason why you need one.

The right to freedom of religion shall not be infringed as long as you can show a good and substantial reason why you should attend church.

The right to avoid having soldiers quartered in your home in peacetime shall not be infringed as long as you can show good and substantial reason why you can't accommodate them.

The right to free assembly shall not be infringed as long as you can show good and substantial reason why you should be permitted to gather together.

And in each case you will have to pay a non-refundable fee and take a course at your own expense on your own time that tells you about the restrictions on your right to perform these acts.

For your freedom of press there will be a two week waiting period before your printing press arrives after your background check clears. You may only buy one printing press per month.
Somehow restrictions on the rights of the people don't seem so reasonable when we apply them to other parts of the constitution, maybe we should be removing some restrictions and allowing people more freedom; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Space Race

The USA has fallen behind the rest of the world in space thanks to President Obama.  There are now two nations who launch more space rockets every year than the United States.  President Obama retired the Space Shuttles early and now we have no way to launch men into space.  We need to have a national space policy to establish and American space station, and American Moon base and an American manned Mars mission.

I encourage the United States to partner with other nations in space exploration.  I also think that the United States should have the ability to do all those things alone.  We need the Federal Government to lead the way.  They should develop the technology and assist private industry.  Just at the US Army provided the Corps of Discovery with Lewis and Clark and others to scout the way west for civilians, we should be doing the same for space.

One thing we should be doing in space and in the oceans is allow nations to exercise sovereignty over areas they develop.  There is no point in going to space and develop resources only to have the UN tell you that the fruits of that labor have to be shared with a bunch of backwards nations that did not help and that will only use the money to repress their own people; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Choose Life

Oklahoma has been considering a bill that would grant person hood starting when an egg is fertilized.  I think this is simply recognizing in law what is already true in science.  Liberals love science when it talks about Global Warming, they hate science when it talks about biology.  One of the Democrats posed with a sign that used the "F" word to protest the bill.  She said that she loved the offensive language.  That is typical of the modesty and decorum of many liberal Democrats, they are vulgar and crass.  They can't argue the merits of this bill so the stoop to holding up obscene signage.
One of the signs said to "Keep the government off my body."  They miss the point.  An embryo is not your body, it only resides in your body, it is someone elses body.  Also, where are those signs when the government is passing helmet laws for motorcycle riders, and bicycle riders?  Where are those signs when they pass laws against illegal drugs and drunk driving, and even safe drug testing?  Perhaps we should permit the abortion of female embryos but not male embryos.  That way it females have control over the destiny of all females.
The government does have the right to control your body.  Suicide and assisted suicide are illegal.  Child abuse is illegal.  Just because a 14 year old consents of sex does not make in legal or moral or ethical and so the government has a duty to intervene.  Human life begins at conception and it deserves protection from that time; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Muslim Exemption from American Law

An atheist was marching in a parade and mocking Islam by wearing a Zombie Mohammad costume.  A devout Muslim attacked the man.  The Muslim was arrested for assault.  Despite video, and eye witness testimony the judge acquitted the Muslim because he said that Muslims find it insulting to Islam to have their Prophet mocked.  I find it insulting to American values when people are allowed to mock the law of the land because they have a certain religious belief that says it's okay.

Radical Islam believes many things are okay that are illegal under American law.  Are we not going to allow Muslims to have four wives because it is permitted under Islam?  Are we now going to permit Muslims to beat their wives and to murder their daughters if they don't obey their husbands or become too Westernized?

This judge was wrong and should be removed from the bench.  The only law that applies in the United States is American law.  Sharia law does not apply here.  It should never be used to excuse otherwise illegal behavior by anyone in the United States.  We are a nation of laws and no one, even the President, is above the law.  The attacker should have been convicted and sent to jail.  I don't think it is good manners or right to mock other peoples religions, but I don't believe you have right to beat up people who do that, that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

When President Reagan was in office the country was optimistic.  He often spoke of the United States as a shining city upon a hill.  An example and beacon to the rest of the world that we are the greatest nation and will get even better.  The USA can accomplish anything.  Even with the danger of the Cold War, President Reagan was willing to bet that Americans could defeat the Evil Empire of the Soviet Union and go on to better things.
Today the nation is in a state of unease.  President Obama does not inspire confidence in the American people.  Even those who like him as president don't seem to be inspired to greatness.  The seem instead ready to just take more from government.  Give us more Food Stamps.  Pay off our Student Loans.  Give us free health insurance.
Give me free health insurance or give me death hardly seems the rallying cry of patriots.  Remember the student loan forgiveness hardly seems the phrase to use when sending young men off to war.  President Obama has not inspired Americans to greatness.  The Russians launched 31 space rockets last year and the Communist Chinese launched 19.  The US only 18.  We falling behind as a nation.  We need inspirational leadership that can prod us to be great, no allow us to slowly decline; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Movies & War

Many movies make money because people want to see them. Most of the recent movies about the US military have not been big hits.  When I complain about movies not showing the bravery of American troops fighting the War on Islamic Terrorists I am told The Hurt Locker is a movie that does honor to our troops.  I disagree.

The Hurt Locker was another anti-American anti-military movie that the average patriotic American did not want to waste his money on. The main character goes AWOL and we are supposed to accept that as normal US Army behavior?   It was typical crap produced by Hollywood types who at best know nothing about the military and at worst are actively hostile to it.

The war we are fighting is a just cause, we are fighting a great evil.  The people who attacked us on 9/11 have been fighting the West for centuries.  They have always used their armies to try and spread Islam.  The churches mentioned in the New Testament are mainly now in Islamic nations.  That did not happen because Islam is a religion of peace; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.