Sunday, July 31, 2011

Free Trade with South Korea and the EU

I am all for free trade. There is stuff made all over the world that I like. I buy toy solders made in Russia, China, Ukraine, Italy, the UK, France and other places. My cars are made in America, Japan and South Korea. Free trade has allowed me to buy things I never could have had if there were trade barriers.

Free trade is only part of the equation. Free trade should be coupled with fair trade. While there are hundreds of thousands of Japanese, South Korean and German made automobiles sold here in the United States there are almost no American cars sold in those nations. I find it difficult to believe that the major reasons are not due to government policy. If the Japanese won’t import our cars, then perhaps we should not import theirs. If the South Koreans won’t allow American pick up trucks into South Korea, then perhaps South Korean SUVs should not be sold here. If the Porsche sports car is common here, then the Corvette sports car should be common in Germany.

Communist China has been the worst offender of free but unfair trade. They require American companies to turn over trade secrets to Chinese partners and don’t provide much protection for that intellectual property. They tax American companies, restrict critical exports after cornering the market and the fail to enforce copyrights. That’s not fair trade. Chinese workers are not free to join unions, or speak out against abuse or repression. Free nations, free and fair trade; that’s good for America and good for the world, that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Who Do You Trust?

Who do you trust with the health of your business and the economy? How about the government of Communist China, do you trust them? The American economy is awash with goods made in China. We get plastic spoons and computer chips, televisions and guns from Communist China. Sixty years ago we were fighting the Communist Chinese in a very hot war in Korea. They are still ruled by the same tiny Communist clique that ruled them back then; they are not a democratic nation.

The government of China has too much power and influence over the economy and even the national defense of the United States. In a time of national crisis with China, the Chinese could simply put a 100% of value export tax on all goods exported and drive the price up on everything sold here from China by 100%. That gives tremendous power to a competitor and potential enemy.

The United States has pledged to support Taiwan in the event of a confrontation with Communist China. How much do we like Taiwan? Are we willing to create massive disruption in our markets and inflationary pressures to keep them free of Communist domination? Or will we simply surrender Taiwan without a shot because we don’t want and can’t prevent the Communist Chinese from crippling our economy? We need to cut regulation and make America a good place to own and operate a business again; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, July 29, 2011

2012 Election

Okay so to recap, here’s what I am looking for in a presidential candidate:

  1. Support for the War Against Radical Islam
  2. Support for the rights of the individual to keep and bear arms
  3. Support for the right to life for the innocent
  4. Support for the death penalty for the guilty
  5. Support for traditional Christian values
  6. Support for a strong national defense
  7. Support for traditional marriage
  8. Support for fiscal responsibility
  9. Support for border security
  10. Support for a free market economy and fair trade policies

The candidate must actually believe all these things and must be willing to enact those beliefs into law. The candidate must select judges who believe the same way as they believe. The candidate must be willing to impose his will and his beliefs on Congress. His executive orders must be in keeping with these beliefs.

I am not interested in candidates who say they are opposed to abortion but not willing to write that opposition into law. What good are they then? That’s like saying “I am opposed to theft but not willing to make theft a crime!” That makes no sense; they may as well be pro-abortion then. I want a strong conservative, traditional values candidate who will have an administration that reflects those values, that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

No Guns, No Good

There are about two million times a year when a citizen pulls a gun and uses it to defend themselves, or protect their loved ones and their property. That is two million crimes that are not completed because of individual citizens who are armed and ready to protect themselves with the lawful use of firearms. As a result, there are fewer innocent people murdered, fewer police needed to protect the citizens, less loss of productivity and tax payer expense because of armed citizens.

There has been a bill proposed that citizens of the state of Vermont who do not own firearms should register with the state. By not owning a firearm you have to depend on the state and your armed neighbors to protect and defend you and your property. There is even consideration to charge them a fee to pay for the extra expenses need to protect these unarmed potential victims.

In my opinion, any law abiding citizen who wants to own almost any firearm should be allowed to own that gun, and carry it with very few restrictions. I believe that was the intention of the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights of the Constitution. It is not the presence of guns that cause crime. It is the morality of the people that causes or prevents crime. In Japan there are almost no guns and almost no crime. In Switzerland everyone has guns, even fully automatic assault weapons, and there is almost no crime. There are millions of guns in the United States and the vast majority of them are never used in criminal acts. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Space Shuttle Ends

NASA ends their Space Shuttle program with the intent that private companies will take over running the low orbit missions. This is a fantastic idea, except for the small problem that the technology does not yet exist. President Obama has cut out the Space Shuttle program without any viable American method of getting American astronauts into space.

The United States has been at the forefront of space exploration, starting with balloons in the 19th Century, Rockets in the 20th Century and now, hope and change in the 21st Century. I have long been an advocate of the privatization of space, particularly the commercial exploitation of space. There is more to space than commerce. The military uses and exploration of outer space still need to be done by the Federal Government.

The exploration is not cost effective for private companies to invest in, but basic science is a legitimate function of government. Once the initial science is done, then private companies can move in and do commercial projects, just like the Westward Expansion of the United States. The military aspects of space need to be controlled by the US Government. Private companies have no obligation to launch missions during an international crisis. Just as we have an Army, Navy and an Air Force, we need a US Space Force that is independent of the other Uniformed Services that can perform space missions; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

School Eliminates Gender Bias

They don’t use him or her, they use friend. The expert says they are doing an interesting experiment. They are moving us towards the brave new world where there is no traditional family. They are exposing children to different ways of thinking and different ways of behaving.

Every successful society has had families that consist of two parents, one man and one woman. There are significant physical and psychological differences in genders. To pretend as if male and female children are identical is a great dis-service to those children. This type of schooling is another assault on the traditional family. It is part of the fiction that there are many types of families. It is all part of the homosexual and deviant agenda. They want to confuse sex roles to create more children who want sexual experiences at an early age, they want to create homosexuals, and they know this is one route towards that goal.

For decades the homosexual and deviant agenda have worked towards making every type of sexual deviancy part of the main stream. They are rejecting traditional morality, they are rejecting traditional sexual roles, and they are rejecting traditional family definitions. In this world there are no limits to sexual experience. The losers in all this will be the next generation of children who will grow up being sexually confused and sexually active far too early. Many of the boys will lack proper role models and when they get to their late teen years they will commit suicide, have homosexual sexual relationships and fail to realize their potential because they won’t know who they really are; they won’t know how to behave as real men. This is a dangerous and terrible thing to do to children, that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, July 25, 2011

President Obama Wants to Raise Taxes

Oil companies and owners of corporate jets need to have their taxes increased. Apparently if a business is successful then you must be taxed as punishment for that success. If you own a corporate jet then you must be punished. Millionaires and billionaires must be taxed because they are making too much money. We have to provide medical research and college scholarships for kids. Where in the Constitution is the Federal government required to perform medical research and college scholarships for kids?

Who manufactures corporate jets? Middle class men and women with good jobs who work in aircraft factories making small jet aircraft manufacture corporate jets. The very type of high tech, high paying jobs that the President says he wants Americans to have. Who maintains and flies those same corporate jets? Middle class Americans who have good high paying, high technology jobs repairing, maintaining and flying corporate jets are the exact type of jobs that President Obama says he wants to create in America.

Who works in the oil industry and where do their profits go? Oil companies provide millions of Americans with good, high paying jobs. As a result, President Obama wants to punish them by raising their taxes. Oil companies are owned by their stockholders. Millions of Americans own stock in oil companies, either directly or through mutual funds and retirement accounts. At a time when stocks are down or flat, housing is down and other investments are not doing very well, President Obama wants to tax those mostly middle class Americans. Class warfare is not good for America and it’s not good for the middle class; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


There is a terrible drought in Somalia and the UN has declared it to be a famine. Much of Somalia is a lawless, Muslim region that is terribly dangerous to people from the West. Even those who bring food or water aid are often attacked, even murdered while trying to help.

The West should standby and do nothing. We are in a war against Muslim extremists terrorists. Much of the Muslim world is rich. They have taken Western money in exchange for oil. Muslim leaders drive Rolls Royce automobiles, build huge mansions and spend money on conspicuous consumption projects. Let them help the people of Somalia, we should not make deals with terrorists or have to conduct combat operations to provide food and water aid.

Let those oil rich Muslim nations pay for food and water aid for Somalia. Let them organize relief efforts. Let their military forces risk their lives to help Somalia, and let them face the extremists, terrorists, bandits, revolutionaries that infest that nation. American, European, and other nations should stand aside and let the Muslims take care of their own people. In the meantime the West can provide aid to other nations in trouble, like South Sudan and Kenya; places we can go and be welcomed; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mass Murder is Evil
The man accused of the terrorist bombing and shooting of perhaps ninety people in Norway has been identified by the media as a right-wing Christian. If he is convicted of these crimes then in my opinion he deserves the death penalty. It is not a part of right-wing philosophy to take the law into your own hands and murder people. It is not a part of the traditional Christian religion to murder people.
Thou shalt commit no murder is one of the Ten Commandments. Every Christian knows that and should abide by that commandment. Killing a large number of innocent people is a terrible, immoral and illegal act and I condemn it in the strongest possible terms. It is an act of evil.
The man has also been identified as anti-Muslim. Going on a spree of mass murder is never going to win people to that cause and indeed is the very act that turns others against Islam. The random killing of innocent people going about their lawful business has been a hallmark of Islam for the last twenty years and it is not an example any of us should follow. My prayers are with those who have suffered loss and I pray also that this will be the last of this type of terror; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, July 22, 2011

No Commutation

When Arnold Schwarzenegger was the Republican Governor of California he gave a commutation of the sentence to a man who murdered another man in a knife fight. He later said he gave the commutation as a favor to a friend of his who is the father of the man who received the commutation. This is clearly an abuse of power and the wrong reason to commute any sentence.

A commutation of sentence is due if the criminal has showed extensive remorse such as if the criminal has performed a service to the community that is commensurate with the nature of his crime. If a criminal killed another career criminal, but later saves the life of a prison guard, then the criminal might be worthy of commutation. If there is a massive public outcry against the initial verdict or penalty, then the criminal may be worthy of commutation.

None of these circumstances are present in this situation. This is why many people don’t vote at all or vote for third party candidates. This type of soft on crime act only serves to blur the distinction between Republicans and Democrats. Republicans are generally conservative and in favor of law and order. The commutation of a sentence of this type only serves to cause disenchantment with Republicans. Republicans need to be firm on crime not commute sentences of dangerous criminals; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thanks Beretta & SEAL Team!

In World War Two it was very common for companies to try and position themselves with the US military in the minds of consumers. I think this was a great thing and now firearms maker Beretta has published an advertisement thanking SEAL Team 6 for their raid on the headquarters of Osama bin Laden. Beretta is to be congratulated for making fine weapons that have helped to defend the United States. Beretta is to be congratulated for thanking the US Navy for their triumph in the War Against Islamic Extremists.

The nation needs to get behind the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the War in Libya. Both President Bush and President Obama have been remiss in their duty as Commander in Chief by not making speeches and constantly beating the war drums. The main stream media is also doing the nation a dis-service by failing to tell stories and make television shows and movies that support the war.

In World War Two the movie industry made many pro-war movies, the Japanese or the Germans were almost always the bad guys in the plot of nearly every movie. They were shown as spies, as saboteurs, and of course, enemy soldiers. There has not been a single movie or television show that is pro-war since 9/11. The best we seem to be able to get is movies that are “fair.” Did Hollywood make movies that were fair to the Nazi’s? We don’t need to be fair to our enemy who are trying to kill us; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gun Smuggling

A woman tried to smuggle a gun into a prison by hiding it in her vagina. This does happen and it is why TSA officers and police officers in the field have to be careful when they search someone and pronounce them as being without weapons. Criminals and terrorists know that officers can be reluctant to search sensitive areas. The ignorant news media then play into that sensitivity by creating sensational stories every time the TSA or police search a child, old person, man in a wheelchair, or other seemingly harmless individual.

Criminals, drug smugglers and terrorists read the paper and watch television news. They know that the media is on the side of not searching people who seem to be harmless. The main stream media seems to forget that frequently criminals will select the apparently innocent to do their dirty work. Gang members often have “the girl” hold the gun because they know most police are male and will not search a female as carefully as they will search a male suspect.

The TSA knows that terrorists will use unsuspecting persons to carry bombs onto planes. Bombs have exploded on planes that were hidden in luggage, in shoes, even in underwear. In Afghanistan the terrorists used an eight year old girl to carry a suicide bomb. If we are to be serious about keeping bombs off of aircraft, then a careful search of every passenger and every bit of luggage is required. It is inconvenient, it can be uncomfortable, it can even be embarrassing, but it’s the cost of air travel today; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yes on HR 3

The United States needs to pass the Right To Life Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Innocent human life is under assault from many quarters. Not only is abortion threatening innocent human life, but surrogate parenthood kills human embryos, stem cell research makes humans into laboratory experiments. Until the day that happens, the Congress should pass HR 3, it bans Federal payments for abortion.

Just because something is legal, does not mean the Federal Government should pay for it. The Second Amendment gives me the right to keep and bear arms, but the Federal government does not buy me guns. The First Amendment gives me the right to freedom of religion, but the government does not give me money to build my church.

The Supreme Court erred in saying that the Fourth Amendment gives women the right to an abortion and the Congress has erred in paying for those abortions. HR 3 should be passed so that we can stop the error of paying for this “right.” This is a step in the right direction until we can have the killing of innocent babies made illegal again; as the founding fathers intended; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Illegals Go Home

A woman called the police because her boyfriend was abusing her. Then she becomes the “victim” again because the police learn she is an illegal alien. The media rushes to her defense because they claim that illegal aliens who call the police should not be investigated or deported because they are illegally in the United States. Just because she was a crime victim does not mean she should be exempt from deportation.

Every person who is in the United States should be deported immediately. It does not matter if they are working or unemployed. It does not matter if they are twelve or seventy-five years old. It does not matter if they are military veterans or if they are convicts. What matters is they legally do not belong in the United States and need to be sent home, no matter where they came from, China, Mexico, Canada, Ireland, Nigeria, or Germany.

Local police should enforce immigration laws. As a matter of routine police should identify everyone they contact, check them for warrants and determine their immigration status. If this had been done at least two of the 9/11 hijackers would have been deported before the attacks happened. Illegal immigrates don’t belong here, they commit crimes, take our jobs and use our scarce resources. If we deport all of them and determine we need more immigrates, then legal immigration could always be increased to accommodate our needs, but the choice should be ours; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Debt Ceiling Talks

The talks on the debt ceiling should be made in public. The President and members of the Congress should be holding these meetings in public so the public will know exactly what is going on there. We have a right to know what is going to happen to our economy, our Federal budget and who is responsible.

By holding meetings in secret the two parties can both blame each other rather than allow the public to decide where the blame lies, if any. The meetings should be televised live and without interruption. It is important for democracy to permit the people to know what is happening in such important meetings.

I do not trust President Obama; many other people often ascribe the most outrageous claims against him. It is in the President’s own best interest to have these negotiations televised. The main stream media often slants the news to make Republicans look bad. It is in the interest of the Republicans to eliminate that filter. Televise the negotiation, that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Oil for Votes

No blood for oil is the refrain we heard from the liberals during the Bush Administration. Now in the Obama Administration we hear the refrain of oil for votes. The cost of oil was going down, yet the Obama Administration determined that the wanted to keep their poll numbers high so they are dipping into the Strategic Oil Reserve. The Strategic Oil Reserve should never be used to tamper with market forces by keeping prices artificially low.

The Strategic Oil Reserve is there to help defend the United States in the event of a national emergency. The Obama Administration says the War in Libya has reduced oil supplies so much that we must tap the Oil Reserve. This is not true. While the price of oil in the United States is high, it is not in short supply. There are no lines at the gas pump. There is no rationing of gasoline. It is not even winter when more oil is needed for heating.

There could come a time when Saudi Arabian oil can’t come to the United States. Maybe pirates, revolution, natural disaster, terrorism, or some other problem will befall them and the oil will be turned off. That would be a disaster worthy of dipping into the Strategic Oil Reserve. When our power plants can’t produce power, our Navy can’t send ships to sea or when we have to ration gasoline, that’s when the Strategic Oil Reserve needs to be used, not so we can have a nice Independence Day weekend with cheap gasoline so we will feel better about President Obama; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing

Friday, July 15, 2011

Pay For Performance

There is a law in California that if the legislature does not pass a budget on time, the legislators don’t get paid until they do pass a budget. This law was voted in by the people last year. This is the first year the legislature has had to work under the threat of losing their pay if they don’t pass a budget on time. They are also required by statute to pass a budget that is balanced.

For years the legislature and governor have played games with the money. They have failed to pass a budget or have passed various short term interim budgets while they work on the annual budget. Each year they pass budgets that use tricks and accounting schemes to give the illusion of a balanced budget. The Democrats want to raise taxes. The Republicans want to cut the budget and not raise taxes. The Democrat Governor wants to extend tax increases that were set to expire.

The budget passed the legislature; every Democrat voted in favor of the budget, every Republican voted against the budget and the Democrat Governor vetoed the budget, blaming Republicans for preventing tax increases. Now the legislators are not getting paid and some have the arrogance to talk about suing the state for their money. The fail to do their jobs and in accordance with the law they have had their pay cut. They deserve to have their pay withheld until they come up with a budget that does not increase our already heavy tax burden and balances our budget; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Manufacturing Policy

According to CNN the United States has been the leading nation in manufacturing for 110 years. This has been true until 2011, under the Obama Administration. That ideal has now passed to Communist China and President Obama has failed to keep us as the leader of manufacturing. Certainly this problem did not start under his administration, but it is his fault that it has passed to the Communist Chinese.

President Obama spent trillions of dollars to save banking institutions and tired bloated automobile companies. As a result he has saved a few jobs but he has failed to create any new jobs. Unemployment is extremely high and all that President Obama and Governor Brown can do is look for more ways to regulate the economy and micro-manage business in ways that will not create jobs or increase our manufacturing. Rather than mandate companies provide health care or that the government provide healthcare, train nurses, doctors and support staff. Provide litigation relief for medical providers who act in good faith, restructure their insurance policies to cover real problems and not rely on years of litigation and expensive lawyers to run medicine.

Nations need to have a national manufacturing policy. We need to compete with Third World Nations that can afford to pay their workers pennies per hour. We need to permit companies to compete against that. The government should not be micromanage how companies operate, they need to provide infrastructure, educated workers, good roadways, bridges, canals, railroads, electronic infrastructure and allow companies to do their job; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Lawrence Fishburne wants to leave the show “CSI.” He gets paid $14 million dollars per season. That’s as much as fourteen average Americans will earn in their whole lives. Entertainment people are famous, but they are not important. There are often highly overpaid for what they do. While I generally support the free enterprise system and free market economies, I also temper that with commons sense, good judgment and Christian principles.

Too many people in show business, sports and other entertainment jobs, and corporate giants make fortunes that go far beyond their contribution to society, the amount and quality of work they perform and the morality of their jobs. Liberal like to point out corporate bosses who make over a thousand times more than their employees, but many entertainment figures actually make over a thousand times more than lower end workers. Someone who makes 17 million dollars a year makes about a thousand times a year more than a minimum wage worker. Is this morally justified?

If sports starts and sports team owners and television networks made less money then their tax dollar supported stadiums that minimum wage earners can’t afford to attend. As a society we need to look at wages and do a better job of determining who is worth large amounts of money and who is not. The average worker is seeing his real income and real net worth decline while attorneys file frivolous lawsuits and make millions while they drive productive jobs overseas or drive companies out of business. We need to provide training for skills that will provide good jobs and an environment that values the work of average people to avoid a continuing decline in the standard of living of our people while a few rich people enjoy unjustifiable lifestyles with no accountability. I generally don’t support government regulation of these matters, but as a society as stock holders as consumers we can make a difference in the manner that companies spend their money; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

She Got an “A”, a “B” and “Double Ds

'Human Barbie' Sarah Burge Gives 7-Year-Old Daughter Breast Implant Voucher (PHOTOS)

For her seventh birthday a woman has given her child a gift certificate for breast augmentation surgery that she can redeem when she turns sixteen. This is so wrong at so many levels. The first problem is that a sixteen year old girl should not be having breast augmentation, she is not finished growing at that age in most cases, and she should be more concerned with her studies and having a positive self image though her accomplishments, not her looks.

Seven year old girls should not even know that such a thing as breast augmentation even exists. They should be free from sexual knowledge, activity, thoughts, worries so that they can be children and think childish thoughts. They should not be looking forward to having breast augmentation when they are a teenager. Surgery is always risky and surgery for purely cosmetic reasons that does not correct an actual problem is not a good idea.

Children should be taught that they have value because they are a human being with a soul, created in the image of God. Children are not valuable because of their ability to run fast, to have large breasts, to work or any other reason except that they are a human being. All humans are valuable because God created them. Children need to know that they are more than the sum of their parts; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Alabama Immigration Law

The state of Alabama has passed a law that says police may inquire about the immigration status of anyone they contact during any criminal investigation. That person may be subject to arrest and eventual deportation if they are found to be in the country illegally. They require the public schools to verify that all children enrolled are in the country legally. They require all employers to use e-Verfiy on all employees and negate contracts with illegal aliens.

These laws should be enacted by every state and even on the national level. Every nation and every state has a right to protect and regulate its borders from people who want to enter that jurisdiction. There are procedures to enter this nation, as there are with every nation.

Clearly, the Federal Government has failed to protect the states from illegal immigration and they cannot afford to continue to wait for the Federal Government to locate, arrest and deport illegal aliens. The added work and expense for the states is minimal. The employees who will enforce this law are already on the payroll. The savings the state will have should make up for any additional costs incurred in this enforcement. We need to control our border, that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

150K Shoes

Suri Cruise Has £90,000 Shoe Collection! - Celebrity Gossip, News & Photos, Movie Reviews, Competitions - Entertainmentwise

Five year old Suri Cruise has, according to recent news reports, shoes worth $150,000 and a wardrobe that totals over $3 million dollars. To put that in context there are about 150,000 children living in Belize and $3 million dollars would be enough to clothe all of them. With a per capita income of less than $9,000 per year they certainly could use the help.

This type of conspicuous consumption is reprehensible, particularly in difficult economic times. Over 9% unemployment in the United States and this child has a wardrobe that is worth more money than three average Americans will earn in their lifetime. When I was a little kid that age we went barefoot all summer long.

People should legally be able to buy any legal products they want with their own money that they earned themselves. I would not make any of these purchases illegal; they are in my opinion, immoral. The Bible tells us in The Gospel According to St. Luke, chapter 12, verse 48b, “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required…” Those who are rich should be doing more to help those who are poor. We don’t need more taxes we need more charitable giving; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Canadian Catholic School Bans Rainbows

Kids in a Roman Catholic school keep trying to circumvent the rules at a Catholic high school so they can show their support for homosexuals. The school went so far as to ban the display of rainbows at the event. Naturally the kids complained that the rainbow was even in the Bible and had nothing to do with homosexually. Then the kids have a bake sale and cook cupcakes in such a way that when you break them open they display a rainbow of colors.

Of course, they are trying to show a rainbow as a symbol of homosexual rights and activity, they are disingenuous when they speak of the rainbow being used as a symbol in the Bible. As with many symbols there are often many meanings and these kits are trying to blur their intent by lying about what they are doing. These kids are simply trying to normalize sinful behavior and to be disobedient to the teachers placed in authority over them.

Catholic schools generally provide an excellent education and part of that is the morality of their teachings. It is not right for the children to try and circumvent those teachings. If they don’t agree with the curriculum of the school then they should discuss it with their parents, not try to force their beliefs on the other kids in the school. Sin becomes tolerance, tolerance becomes acceptance, acceptance becomes a requirement, we need to stop that; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Catholic Charities

The Roman Catholic Church does not consider homosexual behavior to be moral, based upon their interpretation of scripture. As a result of this belief they will not place children into homes with practicing homosexuals, either male or female. Just as they would refuse to place the child in any other circumstance where they believe the safety or morality of the child was in jeopardy.

The State of Illinois however, knows more about morality than the Roman Catholic Church. The infallible high priests of Illinois government have dictated that homosexuality is perfectly normal, responsible, and perhaps even desirable. Therefore they have forbidden anyone from using homosexuality as a cause of denying placing a child in a home in foster care or adoption.

I suspect that an organization that runs orphanages and foster care services all over the world and has done so for over a thousand years probably knows more about what is good for children than the State of Illinois. Liberals like to push the fantasy of separation of church and state onto us, unless they can use the state to regulate the church. Who would you trust to select a home for your child if you were to die, Mother Teresa, or Barney Frank? Private organizations need to be able to place children in accordance with their beliefs as they have done for hundreds of years, that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gun Problems

Several hundred guns have been seized by the Bureau Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms in the Mexican drug wars. A large percentage of these weapons were originally sold in the United States to straw man purchasers. A straw man is a person who can lawfully purchase a gun buying a gun for someone else who is not legally permitted to purchase a gun. The straw man is usually paid a fee for the transaction.

Now many Democrats want to ban these weapons and punish honest American citizens for the acts of criminals and Mexicans. Over 400,000 AR-15 style “assault weapons” were sold in the United States last year. Several hundred assault weapons of various types were smuggled into Mexico, a tiny percentage of those produced and sold last year.

Straw man purchases are already illegal. Shipping weapons into Mexico is already illegal. The vast majority of “assault weapons” are sold legally, are used legally and are never shipped to Mexico and never used in any crime. A man who was coordinating over a dozen of these straw man sales was recently convicted of reselling these weapons in Mexico. He received only 8 years in prison, less than one year per gun. If this is such a terrible problem why didn’t he get a longer sentence? I would suggest that the first straw man sale should be a misdemeanor, and all subsequent straw man sales should be a felony with a minimum two year sentence. We should punish the criminals, not the good people; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


'Walmart of Weed' Not Your Garden-Variety Medical Marijuana Store - DailyFinance

A company in Arizona where medical marijuana is legal has opened to provide supplies for people to grow marijuana. They have a vast quantity of lights, and irrigation supplies and other products to grow marijuana. I am quite certain that most of this will not be sold to people who are growing small quantities of marijuana for medical use. I am also quite certain that most medical marijuana is used for recreational rather than medical purposes.

Many of those who are given prescriptions for medical marijuana resell the marijuana to make money. So the medical marijuana is diverted to non-medical purposes. When people vote on medical marijuana bills they are told stories of elderly women with cancer who need to use marijuana to stimulate their appetite to survive. Once the bill is passed suddenly it is being prescribed for everyone who is depressed, tire, fat, thin, bored by marijuana clinics that see marijuana at the cure for every ill.

Most medical marijuana laws are intentionally poorly written so that nearly anyone can grow, sell and use marijuana. Marijuana is a dangerous drug and there is very little clinical evidence that is provides any medicinal value. There is also growing evidence that it is dangerous when used long term, not unlike tobacco cigarettes. Medical marijuana is primarily a scam for dopers to get high without the legal complications; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Freedom to Fire

Not content with 9% unemployment the Federal government has increased regulations of businesses yet again. The Americans With Disabilities Act has had sweeping changes that will cost businesses more money and with no real return. Naturally this new rules will also result in more litigation as companies try to comply with this law that continues to be vague and contradictory. How did this nation function for 200 years without legislation to protect disabled workers, just fine!

What ever happened to freedom? Freedom to run your company the way you want to run it? If you don’t want to hire someone who is disables or don’t want to keep a disabled person on the payroll, why should the Federal Government intervene? Just become something is a good idea does not mean it should be the law.

The power of the Federal Government is awesome and should be reserved for only the most nationally vital issues. This is one reason why jobs go overseas. It’s why companies worry about liability rather than their core competencies. The micromanagement of individual employees, the decision to hire and fire seems far too great a reach for a government that is that powerful. If an employee is worth their pay then good businesses will keep them on the payroll. If the employee does not fit the business model of the company then that company should have the freedom to hire and fire as they see fit; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, July 4, 2011

97% American Aid

The gross national product of Afghanistan is 97% American foreign aid. Clearly this is not a sustainable situation. The US has totally bungled the Afghanistan situation in so many ways. The first thing we should have done is declare war against Afghanistan as we did in World War Two against the Japanese. We should have sent in hundreds of thousands of troops and ground them into the dirt. We should have killed all our enemies and destroyed the Taliban and the drug traffickers.

Once the actual combat was over we should have occupied the country with an American general in charge of the nation. Just as we did to Japan after World War Two. Once we have conquered the nation we should then rebuilt it as we did Japan. We should have private companies formed using Afghan citizens to manufacture goods, grow crops, mine resources to create jobs and stabilize the nation.

Once the nation is stabilized then religious and political freedom should be implemented so that the people of Afghanistan can have the same freedoms we enjoy here and the same economic freedom. If the people of Afghanistan can’t make a living, then they will revert to religious extremists and anti-American demagogy to blame America for all their problems. We know how to do this, we did it successfully in Japan and Germany after the Second World War and took two totalitarian nations and made them into free and prosperous nations. We need to learn from our own history; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Atomic Weapons

A Rand report has said that Iran could have nuclear weapons in as soon as two weeks. Rather than cover this potential emergency, CNN covered the menu and place settings for the visit to the White House by the prime minister of Germany. This is typical of all the main stream media who have consistently ignored or downplayed the nuclear weapons of North Korea and Iran.

The main stream media would bring up Iranian nuclear weapons when George Bush was president only so they could count it as a foreign policy failure of the Bush Administration. Then candidate Obama said he would meet with the Iranians and solve that crisis. How are those meetings going? They never happened. This is another failure of the Obama Administrations foreign policy.

The day the mullahs took over in Iran the US should have implemented policies to destabilize the Iranian government. We should have agents in there trying to topple their government by any reasonable means. We should increase the sanctions against them and we should be planning military action to destroy their nuclear abilities. We must not simply stand by waiting for our enemies to build nuclear weapons that can be used against us and our allies. If we don’t stop them soon, it could be too late; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Jack Kevorkian

Serial killer Jack Kevorkian is dead. He was sent to prison for eight years and got out a few years ago. About a month before he died he was hospitalized for pneumonia and other problems. He killed over a hundred people by helping depressed suicidal people to kill themselves. He was like those people who look at someone watching a man on a building ledge and urging him to jump.

He was indicative of the decline of our society. He denied the basic principles of medicine to preserve life or to let death take its natural course. The Hippocratic Oath starts with “first do no harm.” By killing your patient, a doctor is doing harm. Killing people who are ill is morally wrong in several ways. The first is that is denies the ability of God to work a miracle and cure the person at the last minute. That does not happen very often but that is the nature of miracles.

The other reason to prevent these deaths is that suffering has its own value. In most cases the terminally ill person can be sedated and will feel no pain. Often the time approaching death can be a time of repentance of past sins and also preparation by the individual and the family for the death of their loved ones. I think the most telling is that when his time came, he did not choose assisted suicide, he stayed alive as long as possible, not only a killer, a disgrace to the medical profession, and a hypocrite; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, July 1, 2011


They way to balance the budget is not to raise taxes. We must cut spending; in fact we must cut whole programs and entire departments. I would eliminate the Department of Energy and the Department of Education. The Department of Energy does not produce energy and has not solved our energy problems since 1977 when it was formed, despite their 24 billion dollar budget. The few parts of their department that is valuable can be placed under the Department of Homeland Security or Department of Commerce.

The other method that we need to employ is to grow the economy. A larger private economy will generate more jobs and business. More jobs and more business will create a large tax base, get more people off welfare and unemployment and save the government money. Tax revenues will increase and with severe cuts in spending we can balance the budget and pay off our debt. Our national debt is a huge drag on both our economy and our government. If we can pay off the debt we will have more money to run the government and cut taxes.

One of the largest problems stifling innovation is liability. Too many people want to sue someone and hit the lawsuit lottery. A dry cleaner loses a pair of pants, a man has a slip and fall and both of these result in lawsuits resulting in millions of dollars in claims. Even when companies win these lawsuits they still often pay millions of dollars in legal fees. We need better insurance and better guidelines for liability as well as limitations of liability. Cut taxes, cut spending, reduce liability for companies, grow the economy; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.