Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yo Ho Yo

The US Navy has captured a number of Somali radical Muslim pirates. They are brought back here for trial and imprisonment. The average Somali prisoner will be safer and getting better accommodations, food and medical care in an American prison then they got living free in Somalia. Since the pirate was convicted as a teenager I would suspect he would live long enough to be freed from prison. I suspect that at that time he would not be deported but rather he would be released in the United States, rather than be deported. The thought of American prisons holding Somali radical Muslims does not seem like a very good idea. It is an opportunity for him to radicalize American prisoners when he is in prison here. It is a better life than he had at home in many respects. This is not the way to fight piracy on the high seas.

Ships captains should have the authority to hold trials. First, there should be little effort to capture pirates on the high seas, their ships should be sunk, they should be shot or the ships they steal should be sunk rather than let them reach port. Those who are captured by the Navy should be tried by the Navy, at sea. If found guilty, they should be hanged on the ship if there were any innocent people killed or seriously injured or if not they should be placed in Guantanamo Bay prison, rather than a prison in the USA, once their term has been served, they should be deported back to where they came from; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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