Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Legal Rip Off

A man participates in a contest at a hockey game where he has to make a nearly impossible shot from the length of the ice and get the puck into a small opening in the goal. He made the shot and the crowd went wild. Later the lawyers and suits determined that he was just over the line and he did not win the promised $50,000.00 prize. This is very much what is wrong with our society, we are run by lawyers and suits who only care about the technicalities and can’t see the big picture.

The average person can hardly do anything anymore without someone determining that there was a violation of the law, a rule or that someone was offended and the average person has to pay. They government has become too large and too intrusive. When Republicans run for office they should give a list of the laws they intend to repeal. I don’t want them to pass many more laws, rather get rid of laws we already have on the books.

The Handgun Control Act of 1968 would be a good one to dispose of if you were going to repeal some laws. Most of its provisions are useless either because they provide no positive good or because they are easily circumvented. The hockey guy got cheated out of his money, in my opinion. Close half the law schools in this country and use the buildings as medical schools and engineering schools; that will be a good start to solve some of these problems; that is the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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