Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Americans buy about a billion rounds of .22 caliber ammunition per year. These bullets are often sold in little bricks of 100 rounds at a time. Some want to register the sale of this ammunition. This is an excellent example of a law that will do nothing to fight crime but will bother law abiding citizens and companies and create criminal acts were no harm is either intended or results. Someone who fails to fill out the form properly will become a criminal.

Companies should not be burdened with these additional record keeping requirements. There are some people who don’t want others to own guns at all. One of their tactics is to make gun ownership more expensive and more of a hassle. If you have to provide a fingerprint and fill out forms every time you purchase ammunition then owning a gun becomes more trouble.

Of course, it never stops there. Eventually, the anti-gun people then require the information to be saved for longer periods of time. Then they limit the amount of ammunition you can purchase at one time. Then they limit the amount of ammunition you can purchase in a given month. Finally they add gradually increasing taxes to each transaction until they have effectively destroyed the ammunition industry. Once you cannot get ammunition at a reasonable price, gun ownership has been essentially destroyed; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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