Thursday, March 31, 2011

Millions Die in Court Ordered Slaughter

The unelected judges of the Supreme Court made it legal to murder your children as long as they are within the womb, back it 1973. They reversed at least four thousand years of Western tradition that said the womb should be the safest place on Earth for a baby and instead said the unborn baby was no more important than the fingernails you clip or the hair you trim. The Supreme Court unleashed a tidal wave of blood and murder that fell upon our nation.

Fifty million babies have been aborted since 1973 and countless numbers of women have been left sterile, and even dead as a byproduct of that. Fifty million Americans, some of whom would be almost forty years old by now had their lives not ended before they barely began. Americans who would be paying into the broken Social Security system and keeping it solvent are all dead now. That’s one out of every six Americans that were never given the chance for life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness.

Millions of friends, neighbors, sons, daughters; many of them would have grown kids of their own by now. A second generation of people had their lives extinguished before they were even conceived, because their parents were murdered before they were born. Maybe the guy who was going to cure cancer was aborted. Maybe the guy who was going to build a low cost green alternative to the automobile was aborted. Maybe the guy who was going to be your banker, your next door neighbor, your son’s wife, or just the lady who would have checked your groceries at the supermarket was aborted. We will never know and it’s very sad; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New White Mans Burden

With the potential fall of Western Civilization there is a new reason for spreading the Word of Christ. If the West were to fall to radical Islam spreading the Word would become illegal and more difficult. If we can spread the word to South American, Black Africa and Asia then the Word of God would still be preached, still be believed and the set up for a return of Christ to Europe and North America would be ready.

Just as in the Dark Ages when the Word of Christ was locked up in monasteries and in churches that were not unlike castles to keep it safe, we may need to find a safe place to keep Christ soon. We should always try and spread the Word of God to all those who have never eaten his flesh or drank his blood. This new strategy should be to cause us to re-double our efforts in the Third World as they West continues to give in to radical Islam.

The real long term solution to this problem is to send missionaries into nations were radical Muslims are in charge and bring people to Christ. Many of them will be deported; some will be put in prison, even tortured. Some of them and their converts will even become martyrs. Preaching Christianity and converting to Islam in punishable by death in some Muslim nations because they know once it starts, they won’t be able to stop it that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wonder Woman

The new Wonder Woman costume and actress has been shown by CBS. The new Wonder Woman is a small display of much of what is wrong in American entertainment today. The actress is too thin. She is disturbing thin. Too many young women look at actresses and want to be as thin as they are, and yet they are so skinny that they are unhealthy. This type of body build to be used for an athletic role is also deceptive because a woman that thin is not physically strong, nor would she have the stamina a larger body would permit.

The costume is pants with boots rather than shorts and boots. The pants tend so hide the skinny thighs and also make the actress look more like a young boy than a mature woman. They also are using an actress who apparently has had breast enhancement. A woman who is so thin that she has almost not breast tissue and so they make up for that by giving her plastic breasts. This makes the character look even more absurd and un-natural.

Finally the white stars on a blue field of the old costume have been replaced with a solid blue design. The old pattern on the shorts was reminiscent of the American flag. That reference to America has been removed because Hollywood does not believe in patriotism or American exceptionalism. Just as a certain Democrat presidential candidate eschewed wearing an American flag pin for much of the campaign, Hollywood does not like overt displays of patriotic fervor either. Just one more reason the Democrats and Hollywood are out of favor with the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, March 28, 2011

American Who Joined Terrorists Dead

Authorities have said that an American who went overseas to become a jihadist has been killed. That is the destiny that should await all of those who become traitors to the United States and take up arms against us in the War Against Radical Islam. Those who do should be especially targeted by the United States. We need to make sure to nip this trend in the bud.

Those who are Americans have a special heritage. In this nation we allow nearly any kind of dissent as long as it is peaceful. If you don’t believe in American policy then write letters, protest, blog and do all that is lawful and peaceful to try and change American opinion. We have seen in the recent couple election cycles that political action from the left or the right can bring change.

The few American who have gone off to fight jihad have not faired well. The main steam media needs to present the successes of the US government in stopping, preventing, capturing or killing those who have turned their back on the American system. Too many movies and TV shows have shown the American military in a bad light, and not shown the good things we have done; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

No Guns Allowed

While entering a toy store a couple days ago, I noticed a sign that said no guns allowed in the store. I kept mine in my pocket. In the long decades this chain of stores has been open I wondered how many people returned to their cars to store their guns. It seems to me that a lawful concealed weapons holder would be placing people in greater jeopardy to remove their gun and store it in their car than they would be if they simply left it in their holster and did their shopping.

The reasoning behind this firearms prohibition escapes me. I cannot imagine a robber stopping at the entrance and suddenly turning around because there is a sign on the wall stating no firearms. The store had no obvious security. If I am a concealed weapons holder and there is an active shooter incident will the toy store guarantee my safety? Will they make certain that I don’t get robbed in the parking lot on my way into or out of the store? A simple sign does not fill me with feelings of safety.

A bar or restaurant that sells alcoholic beverages for on site consumption certainly would do well to prohibit most firearms on premises. A bunch of drunken construction workers, hunters or bikers with guns is a recipe for disaster. In that instance the likelihood of customers creating or being involved in a disturbance is high. In a toy store, that does not seem to apply. Guns are not inherently evil; they are just a tool, used by good people and bad people. A little sign is a false security measure and only disarms the good people; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

India Becomes Worlds Largest Arms Importer =

With a restive China on one side and an increasingly radical and unstable nuclear Pakistan on the other, India has been out shopping. They are buying weapons. They used to be a customer of the bad old Soviet Union but since the fall of the evil empire they have branched out a bit in their shopping habits. They are buying from many other places besides Russia.

The United States should be selling them weapons. They make a logical strategic partner with American interests. The Indians have a largely English speaking population. They are doing more and more trade with the United States in areas other than arms, often taking American jobs in customer support functions. Selling arms to India gives us an opportunity to get some of our money back!

The Chinese are building their military with an eye towards Japan, the United States and Taiwan. By selling US arms to India, we give the Chinese something else to think about in a potential war. The Hindu Indians also help to counter-balance the potentially radical Muslims in that part of the world as well. The Indians have not been expansionist in hundreds of years and so pose no threat to their neighbors. Selling American weapons to India is good business and good politics; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Kids, Kids & More Kids

A family has eighteen kids and is having more. There was a time when children were used as labor around the house and around the farm and so they were necessary to keep things going. We did not have social security and pensions and savings so we needed to have children to take care of us when we were old and infirm. Many children would die of diseases and few would make it past the age of five or ten. Having a large number of children was desirable therefore for all these reasons. Children were also considered as a blessing from God to the family.

Now a family has more than one or two children and they are seen as some kind of strange misfits. The media shows them as a bunch of self indulgent freaks who simply pump out babies like they were being made on an assembly line. Two parents, having a dozen or more children, being able to support them without government help and all of them living their lives together are perfectly normal, natural and may God bless them all.

No one seems to care when some basketball player is rumored to have dozens of children from dozens of women, he is considered a hero. No one seems to mind that the phrase “babies’ daddy” has nothing to do with a woman’s husband and a woman having many babies’ daddies is considered normal. A hero is a man who has children with his wife. Normal is a woman who loves her family and cares for them all, no matter how many there are in the family; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


President Obama has taken the United States to war against Libya. I support a US war against Libya. The government of Moammar Gadhafi has made war against the United States for decades and it is well past time that we depose him. All other governments who commit acts of war against the United States need to face the same fate, destruction at the hands of the American military.

The problem is that President Obama does not know how to make war properly. First he asked the United Nations and then NATO for permission. He has yet to ask the Congress. The Congress should be asked first for permission to make war, then NATO and finally the UN should be consulted. The USA should do what is in our best interest, no matter what the opinion of our Allies or the UN. The president should also never rule out ground troops. Even if we don’t intend to use ground troops, never rule them out. Our Marine Corps is very capable and just the threat of using them to make a landing near Tripoli is a huge advantage. Telling the world we will not use ground troops allows Gadhafi the ability to stop defending his beaches from invasion and use those troops against the US and the rebel government.

The President should have prepared a list of attacks made by Libya against the United States and made a case for war against Libya to the Congress. He should have asked for a declaration of war and then used all necessary methods to eliminate the Gadhafi regime. We should have recognized the rebel government recognized by the French. We should have said we stand for the four freedoms that were our goals in the Second World War, Freedom of speech and expression, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear. President Roosevelt called for “freedom of every person to worship God in his own way--everywhere in the world.” This should be a particularly important goal in those parts of the world that oppress religious minorities, that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chi Com Cyber Combat

The Communist Chinese are working on cyber warfare. They know that the United States is the most powerful economy and the most powerful military in the world. They also know that much of our banking; commerce, government and military communications and records depend on the Internet. They also know that in a head to head military clash the United States military is unbeatable. The WikiLeaks incident is a good example of how vulnerable our systems can be from just one soldier working on the inside.

The Communists therefore have worked out principles of asymmetrical warfare. Its how the tiny North Vietnamese nation was able to defeat the United States in Viet Nam. The US won nearly every significant battle on the ground. It was also irrelevant. The real war was not a battle for Viet Nam, it was a battle of will between the American politicians and the North Vietnamese government. The Communists along with their sympathizers in the United States, the press and others with similar interests eventually convinced the American politicians that the war could not be won and we left the South Vietnamese to be defeated militarily by the Communist North.

That is part of the concept of cyber warfare. Insert a virus into an American banking system and crash our banks. That makes the US weaker militarily because you can’t pay contractors, the troops or keep the nation running without being able to pay the bills. They can hack into a military computer and send false orders or delay real orders to military units. They can tamper with weapons guidance systems and make them hit the wrong target. Cyber warfare is very dangerous and we need to keep up, that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

HY Wire

General Motors is showing around a car they call the HY Wire. They say it runs on hydrogen and is a wonderful vehicle. It has all the working parts contained in the chassis so there are almost no moving parts, no transmission, no steering linkage, mostly just electronics. The car is safe, pollution free, and goes fast and is reliable. It is brand new technology and so they expect such a car to cost in the low six figures.

That’s a lot of money for a car, but there are plenty of people who would pay that much for a vehicle. Many people buy cars that cost that much now. I would think that there would be a market for such a car, despite a price tag of $200,000.00. New technologies often cost more than the old technology for a few years anyway.

The only problem I see with the car is that GM says it will be perhaps 20 years before it hits the showrooms! Twenty years, that’s so far into the future we may have flying cars by then, or go to work using a jet pack. This is the type of technological innovation that we need to see and soon. A car that uses essentially no oil would be a huge benefit to the nation both in terms of the balance of trade, but also the balance of power. Imagine the Muslim nations not being able to sell their oil because we don’t need it anymore? A great tool in the War Against Islamist Extremists. We should be investing in this technology to bring it to market at a reasonable price as soon as possible; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Abortion is Murder

A serial killer has struck in Philadelphia. The press has kept quiet about the crimes. You have to really look hard to find a word about it on line. The police did not ask them to keep quiet. The district attorney is certainly open to discuss the case and the trial. They are keeping it quiet because the victims were mostly newborn babies.

These babies were supposed to be late term abortions. They ended up being born alive and then murdered with a pair of scissors. One of their mothers died too. That’s when the case came to the attention of the authorities. The baby killer doctor was investigated and put on trial.

The liberal news media don’t care about children except as political tools. They see kids as an inconvenience and something to be avoided as too much trouble, or bad for the career. So they don’t cover the horror of the trial. They don’t show us graphic footage of the baby killer’s tiny victims. They simply ignore the truth of abortion in America. That ideology and money is more important than the lives of little children. Stop abortion now, make it illegal so this won’t have to happen again; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Communists Hate Orphans

The Chinese Communists are planning on closing an orphanage in China. It is run by Roman Catholic priests. That’s the problem for them. There is only supposed to be one Christian church in China and it is run by the Chinese Communist government. The atheist Chinese Communists run a Christian church, what’s wrong with that picture?

The Communists are so concerned about anyone having any legitimate claim of authority to power or sovereignty that they will close an orphanage by force before they will let the Roman Catholic Church continue to run it as they have for years. This is not a claim that there is no reason to have an orphanage. This is not a claim that the children are not being well treated. This is only about power; the Communists don’t want to share power, not even religious power.

The international community needs to continue to pressure the Communists to allow freedom of worship in China. There are millions of Roman Catholics in the nation and millions more other Christians who are persecuted for their beliefs as Christians. The free trade China enjoys with the United States should include free trade of ideas, especially religious ideas; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

No Yoga

I am not that enthusiastic about Yoga. While I am okay with people who want to meditate to improve their physical or spiritual health, I don’t think it should be done in an Eastern context. Too many Americans are abandoning or diluting our Christian heritage without a thought. They are taking classes in Yoga. They take classes in Tai Chi. They get Reiki massages. What they don’t consider is that these are at best non-Christian and at worst anti-Christian techniques in most cases.

The United States does not need to abandon its Christian heritage to find enlightenment. Most of those who I have met who claim to be seeking something spiritual in Eastern philosophy have failed to look at Western spiritual enlightenment. Jesus went into the desert to pray and to fast. Many major figures in Christian history went to the desert, the forest or a hill top to pray and get away from the distractions of the world. That’s why there are Christian monasteries.

AOL gave a link to an article about nude Yoga. Not only are they taking us away from our Christian American heritage but they are combining it with the unbridled sexuality that seems to pervade far too much of our culture. Articles like this do a dis-service to our nation. We need more articles that will help Americans to return to our Christian heritage and tradition, not send us looking for more Eastern mysticism and perversion; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Action, Not Self Esteem

Some parents tell their kids how wonderful they are, and how proud they are of their children. They do this even if the children fail miserably. They say things like, winning does not matter or what is most important is that they tried. They try and keep the child from having to face any trauma that could lower their self esteem.

The best way to have self esteem is by accomplishing something worthwhile. The United States tried in Viet Nam to keep the people of that nation from having to endure the burden of Communist oppression. While it is nice that we tried, the fact is that we lost. Individuals as well as nations have to do more than just try; they have to achieve something to succeed in the real world.

The Nobel Peace Prize was given to President Obama simply because he was elected to the office of president. He did not have to actually do anything as president. Too many in the real world are now trying to substitute appearance over the actual facts on the ground. We need to teach our children that trying is essential but only because it leads to actual accomplishments. It is only by making real achievements that we will conquer pollution, generate enough energy for everyone, create good jobs, and make the world a better place. How we feel about it, especially praising each other for failure is not going to make the world a better place; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cut Abortion Funding

Millions of Americans don’t believe in abortion on demand. Yet their taxpayer dollars are being spent on abortion by government funding of abortion. Much of that money goes to Planned Parenthood. The US Government should stop funding Planned Parenthood. If anyone wants an abortion they should pay for it themselves. If they can’t afford it those people who support abortion can form charities to pay for abortions for those who cannot pay for their own.

Too often women are using abortion as a means of birth control. With the ready availability of birth control there is no reason to use abortion to end pregnancy. Even liberal Democrats have stated they think abortion should be legal but rare. By cutting funding for Planned Parenthood they can make a move towards making abortion rare.

In my opinion all abortion should be illegal except to save the life of the mother from imminent death. By defunding Planned Parenthood, a private organization, the government can go a long way towards reducing the political power of the pro-abortionist. They get millions of Federal dollars and then plow some of them back into supporting pro-abortion candidates to insure the money keeps flowing. Take the money out of abortion and you will find out how few politicians actually care about it, that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Create Jobs With Free Markets

What bothers me is that our politicians know exactly what to do, they just won't do it. Los Angeles probably has around 12% unemployment. They have special tax breaks and other incentives for new businesses in the city. If cutting government red tape and lowering taxes is a good idea, then do it for all businesses not just new ones. If I own a pizza shop and a new store moves in across the street why does he get lower taxes than me just because he is new. In effect the old business is subsidizing the new and making it harder for the old business to compete. Cut regulation, cut taxes for everyone and let free enterprise work. Stop telling business they are required to hire and promote women, minorities and whatever if they don't want to, stop suing them for harassment and other sins that are not illegal in other countries and were not illegal here 50 years ago. If a company wants to hire all straight white men or all black lesbians that's their business and let the market determine if they deserve to be in business. It does not need to be regulated by the government. Stop illegal immigration so Americans don't have to compete with foreign workers on American soil, then wages will go up. With 15 to 30 million illegal's here of course labor is rates are low. Build the fence, it will stop drugs and illegals coming in and American guns from going south. It's a win - win; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Create Jobs

There are many ways to create jobs, many of which will cost little or no money. The first thing to do is the cut the minimum wage. Every time the minimum wage is increased, jobs are lost. Most people who work minimum wage jobs are people just starting into the workforce and they are often not worth much per hour due to their lack of job experience. Individual states can have higher minimum wages if they think their areas need a higher minimum. Let companies go bankrupt. No company is too big to fail, the taxpayer should not bail out bad management decisions, and large companies should not be favored over small companies. Let them go bankrupt, get broken up and sold into more manageable business units. Rather than spend money on bail outs, spend it on infrastructure improvements. The US needs a trillion dollars spent on roads, canals, rivers, bridges. That will help business by allowing products to travel faster and more reliably than today. In the short term it will also employ people and that will stimulate the economy.

People should not get unemployment insurance and not do anything for the money. Put them to work in government programs to help each other to find work, perform day care so others can work, tutor each other so they have better job skills, at least make them spend the day at a hiring hall where they will be waiting for work.

Cut regulations that don’t directly affect safety of workers or consumers. In California there is a requirement for all supervisors to take sexual harassment training every two years for two hours. That is a waste of money for business. Sexual and other workplace harassment should be handled by the individual company according to their own polices; it should not be a crime and companies should not be sued for it. Good companies will take care of their employees and bad companies will not, let the market determine which is which without government interference. Let companies write off all equipment purchase in the year they are purchased. They should not have to wait for years to depreciate the value of equipment they buy. Many companies would be encouraged to update outdated vehicle fleets and physical plant.

Enforce copyright and trademark laws particularly against those nations that have a trade surplus with the United States. If they infringe on American companies products then those nations or companies should pay a high price for that. That will allow American companies to compete better against foreign, particularly Chinese companies. Appoint more judges to speed up lawsuits and limit the amount attorneys can get for class action lawsuits to the amount that the plaintiffs can get as individuals. California saved the Workers Compensation system recently with a similar system and it has greatly reduced lawsuits in Texas as well. Unemployment is too high and the government needs to get out of the way and let people go back to work; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, March 14, 2011


The US Navy has at several times in our history been the most powerful naval force in the world. Even today it is the most powerful navy in the world, but the trends are not good. Despite the size of our Navy, much of it is old and in need of replacement with ships that are not being built. Our Navy is essential to protect the shipping lanes that carry American goods, oil and other products that we trade with other nations all over the world.

Somali pirates in little boats make a mockery of our naval power because we refuse to exercise that power. Libyan aircraft attack rebels and the US does nothing in part because of a shortage of aircraft carriers and a lack of will to use our power. The US Navy needs to be larger and more modern. US shipyards need to be the best in the world. The US Government must develop an industrial policy that allows us to build a new modern navy and to build new modern cruise ships.

The Navy is our first and most important line of defense. We cannot rely on allies to defend this nation. While at this time we are fighting an unconventional war against terrorists, it may not always be the case, and we need to maintain a strong conventional naval force. Building a strong modern navy can be a good first step modernizing our industry and keeping our nation safer; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing

Sunday, March 13, 2011

T-72 Stack!5776957/this-soviet-tank-cemetery-is-where-all-the-zombie-soldiers-sleep There is a pile of tanks in the Ukraine. They have taken dozens of T-72 series tanks out of service and stacked them up at a junkyard. The armor in takes is very hard and very thick. That makes tank armor difficult to scrap and recycle. Back in the days of the Cold War, Soviet T-72 tanks by the thousands were deployed in Eastern Europe ready to attack Western Europe. Now those same tanks are stacked up in junk yards as so much scrap.

We owe a debt of gratitude to President Reagan for his putting an end to the Cold War. He devised a strategy to end the Cold War. The Soviet Union spent about 50% of their national budget on defense and the USA spent about 25% on defense. When President Reagan came into office American defense spending rose to about 35% of the national budget. The Soviets increased their spending to 70% of their budget to maintain parity. Naturally, that did not leave them enough money to operate the country and so their government collapsed.

It was this strategy to arms race the Soviet Union that brought the Cold War to an end. It made the whole world safer and gave freedom to hundreds of millions of people all over Eastern Europe. Millions of people lives as virtual slaves of the government and the policies of President Reagan gave them their freedom. This proves that when America is strong the whole world is better off, that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Worst Spending Ever! In 2007 the Bush Administration had a deficit of $161 billion dollars. That is a huge amount of money for the year. Despite being a conservative Republican who claimed to be a champion of smaller government, he ran this huge spending bill. Of course, many point to the unending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as a major reason for these deficits, but the fact remains that non-defense spending and so called “entitlements” spending rose to unprecedented levels in the Bush Administration.

Now under the Obama Administration we see the face of a true big government liberal. At a time when the war in Iraq has been declared by President Obama to be all but over, government spending continues to rise to unprecedented levels. In February, 2007 our deficit under President Bush was $161 billion dollars. Now in February, 2011 our deficit under President Obama is $223 billion dollars.

Are you getting that much more out of the Federal Government that the deficit for one month should exceed the deficit for a whole year only four years ago? The spending budget cuts proposed by the Republican Congress are only $60 billion dollars. The Democrats want to cut $6 billion dollars. We should be cutting a trillion dollars, not a few billion here or there, that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sex School

A college professor presented a live sex show, with live sex acts and full nudity in a classroom. The show was presented after the actual class instruction. The teacher did not have the permission from the school for the presentation. The college says they are investigating the incident. I think they should have suspended the professor without pay until they investigated and fired him for this presentation.

There is no need for this type of live sex act to take place on a college campus. There is no learning involved; there is only perverse sexual display for the amusement of the instructor and the students. In many states live public sex acts are illegal in most circumstances. Perhaps this teacher should be referred to the police as well as college administration.

Academic freedom is highly overrated. I suspect that none of the parents who sent their kids to this college, who are paying the bill for these classes, intended to have their college witness live sex acts. I also suspect the alumni association and other donors to the school intended this type of display to be paid for out of their money. This teacher should be fired and should not work as a teacher again; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Traitorous! The homosexual US Army soldier accused of leaking classified data to Wikileaks has been charged with aiding the enemy. I agree with this charge. When I was in the US Army we received constant briefings on the importance of keeping secret information secret. We were told of the penalties and the national security repercussions of releasing classified information. I would never have released confidential information for many reasons.

The handling of classified information is a public trust. Releasing that information is a betrayal of that trust. Classified information can be released if you are the proper authority. There are many reasons to release classified information but some private does not have the authority to make those kinds of decisions. Often the release of specific information can endanger the lives of individuals, compromise on-going operations, ruin the reputations of those who are providing the US with information, and otherwise damage the reputation and operations of the US military and government.

The person who takes in on himself to release classified information is potentially providing information to our enemies that may cause Americans or our Allies to be killed or injured. They are potentially giving operational information to our enemies that can make it harder to spy on them in the future. They can create a feeling of mistrust with our allies that we will not keep secret information they tell to us that they don’t want released. The release of classified information is not a right, it is a responsibility. Those who take that responsibility on themselves need to be held responsible; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Decades ago there were very few television and radio channels. There were some who felt that it was important to have the national government support broadcasting in radio and television and so National Public Radio was born. Now people have access to hundreds of television stations with satellite television and cable TV. They have internet access to instant information anywhere in the nation. There is satellite radio that provides even mobile coverage for hundreds of radio stations. Just what broadcasting niche is being filled with NPR?

With trillion dollar deficits the Federal Government should cut all funding for NPR. There is no longer a need to a government funded television or radio station. NPR gets most of it’s funding from corporations and individual donors anyway so they won’t be giving up that much to lose government money.

Hundreds, even thousands of radio and television stations operate in the US without government funding. NPR should be able to survive without government money. If they can’t survive without it, then that tells me there are not enough people who want that kind to broadcasting and it should cease operations; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Legal Rip Off

A man participates in a contest at a hockey game where he has to make a nearly impossible shot from the length of the ice and get the puck into a small opening in the goal. He made the shot and the crowd went wild. Later the lawyers and suits determined that he was just over the line and he did not win the promised $50,000.00 prize. This is very much what is wrong with our society, we are run by lawyers and suits who only care about the technicalities and can’t see the big picture.

The average person can hardly do anything anymore without someone determining that there was a violation of the law, a rule or that someone was offended and the average person has to pay. They government has become too large and too intrusive. When Republicans run for office they should give a list of the laws they intend to repeal. I don’t want them to pass many more laws, rather get rid of laws we already have on the books.

The Handgun Control Act of 1968 would be a good one to dispose of if you were going to repeal some laws. Most of its provisions are useless either because they provide no positive good or because they are easily circumvented. The hockey guy got cheated out of his money, in my opinion. Close half the law schools in this country and use the buildings as medical schools and engineering schools; that will be a good start to solve some of these problems; that is the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, March 7, 2011

First World War =

The last surviving American veteran of the First World War has passed away. They fought in the War to End All Wars. They were fighting to Make the World Safe for Democracy. Two very noble and lofty goals to be sure.

The First World War was, in my opinion, the most terrible war ever fought. The war used modern technology and weapons of mass destruction and fought using them for years. Poison gas was used by both sides and killed and injured hundreds of thousands of soldiers. The war still saw the use of millions of horses to tow wagons and artillery. Imagine the effect of machine guns and poison gas on horses drawing wagons.

Too few American today can even remember who was on each side in the First World War. There is no national memorial for the veterans of the First World War. The terrible sacrifice made by these men should not be forgotten. Even though the world was back at war only 20 years after WWI those veterans sacrificed much to keep democracy safe. They deserve a memorial, that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Prison or School?

Schools are becoming places that are more like prisons than institutions of higher learning. I understand the need to keep kids safe and provide an environment that is appropriate for learning. I also understand the need for common sense, good judgment and protection of individual rights of the students and teachers. When there is a concern for security we need to make sure that we are keeping the kids safe. We also need to make sure that we are not making safety issues out of non-issues.

A young member of a US Olympic shooting team went to school wearing his US Olympic team shirt. It shows a couple of guns on the shirt. He is in violation of the zero tolerance for guns rule at the school. There should be zero tolerance for those who commit crimes of violence or who conspire or attempt to commit crimes of violence against school children. Wearing an Olympic shirt with a gun on it is not a crime and should not be a school offense.

Zero Tolerance is a nice way for all the school administrators to avoid having to make decisions. They simply say, zero tolerance for guns and you are kicked out of school. So as a result, kids in rural areas with their hunting rifles are tossed out of school. Kids with an Olympic tee shirt with guns embroidered on it are tossed out of school. Kids with toy soldiers that have guns are tossed out of school. Kids who make their fingers into a gun shape are tossed out of school. The lack of common sense and good judgment in schools is appalling. These same people grade our kids’ papers and issue their report cards. How can they make these determinations when they don’t know the difference between a man threatening someone with a gun and a kid wearing a tee shirt? Looks like some school administers need some schooling; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's Good to be Green?

It’s nice to be using products that are friendly to the environment. The government has told us we must use special green light bulbs. These green light bulbs are much better for the environment than the old light bulbs because they use less electricity.

Only the arsenic is a problem. Only the arsenic and the lead is a problem. Of course, arsenic is poisonous. Well lead is poisonous too. So the green light bulbs are only a problem for the arsenic and the lead. And the mercury is a problem too. Mercury is poisonous also. Are you starting to see a trend here?

In order to make the environment better, we need to use more products that contain arsenic, lead, and mercury! I thought we were trying to reduce our use of arsenic, lead and mercury. We took lead out of house paint decades ago. We are replacing our glass thermometers with electronic ones to get rid of the mercury. Arsenic is used in very few products anymore. How is it that we can be more green by using more poison? Does not make sense here at the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, March 4, 2011

No Freedom of Speech?

A teacher had a bumper sticker on her car that was parking in the school parking lot. A parent complained about the bumper sticker and the administration told her to remove the sticker. The teacher refused and was fired for her refusal. Why should a parent be required to remove a bumper sticker from her car? The car was her private vehicle, it was not a vehicle owned by the school. She only parked in the parking lot.

If the administration can require a teacher to remove a bumper sticker because a parent complains, then where does that stop? How about if they had a Sarah Palin or Obama ’08 bumper sticker, would that be worthy of termination if it was not removed when requested? How about a religious bumper sticker, should those be outlawed due to the separation of church and state?

Perhaps we should not allow chrome girls to be on the mud flaps of large trucks either. Certainly someone must be offended by that image. Mitsubishi made fighter planes that attacked the American bas at Pearl Harbor in World War Two, perhaps those cars should simply be banned from the parking lot altogether. Private parties should be permitted to put nearly anything on a bumper sticker and park it in their employers’ parking lot without censorship; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yo Ho Yo

The US Navy has captured a number of Somali radical Muslim pirates. They are brought back here for trial and imprisonment. The average Somali prisoner will be safer and getting better accommodations, food and medical care in an American prison then they got living free in Somalia. Since the pirate was convicted as a teenager I would suspect he would live long enough to be freed from prison. I suspect that at that time he would not be deported but rather he would be released in the United States, rather than be deported. The thought of American prisons holding Somali radical Muslims does not seem like a very good idea. It is an opportunity for him to radicalize American prisoners when he is in prison here. It is a better life than he had at home in many respects. This is not the way to fight piracy on the high seas.

Ships captains should have the authority to hold trials. First, there should be little effort to capture pirates on the high seas, their ships should be sunk, they should be shot or the ships they steal should be sunk rather than let them reach port. Those who are captured by the Navy should be tried by the Navy, at sea. If found guilty, they should be hanged on the ship if there were any innocent people killed or seriously injured or if not they should be placed in Guantanamo Bay prison, rather than a prison in the USA, once their term has been served, they should be deported back to where they came from; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

God Bless America?

For those who believe in God the idea that God will protect us both as individuals and as a nation is often a very central part of that belief. God will provide his protection and his blessing to those that follow his commandments. Does America still follow the commandments of God? Thou shalt not commit adultery, sex with someone that you are not married to is certainly outside the will of God, how is American society doing on that one? Unwed mothers, cheating husbands, teenage sex, homosexual sex, all of these are far too common in America.

Honor thy father and mother, how is that working out today? Too many children are disrespectful of their parents. Too many in our society tell our children that they don’t need to listen to the older people. Even Congress is having hearing on elder abuse and considers it a growing problem.

Love the Lord thy God and thy neighbor as thyself is the summary of the law of the Lord. With church attendance down and tens of thousands of murders, abortions and suicides every year it seems we are failing at that requirement as well. America needs a spiritual revival to insure that we can restore and retain God’s protection; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Americans buy about a billion rounds of .22 caliber ammunition per year. These bullets are often sold in little bricks of 100 rounds at a time. Some want to register the sale of this ammunition. This is an excellent example of a law that will do nothing to fight crime but will bother law abiding citizens and companies and create criminal acts were no harm is either intended or results. Someone who fails to fill out the form properly will become a criminal.

Companies should not be burdened with these additional record keeping requirements. There are some people who don’t want others to own guns at all. One of their tactics is to make gun ownership more expensive and more of a hassle. If you have to provide a fingerprint and fill out forms every time you purchase ammunition then owning a gun becomes more trouble.

Of course, it never stops there. Eventually, the anti-gun people then require the information to be saved for longer periods of time. Then they limit the amount of ammunition you can purchase at one time. Then they limit the amount of ammunition you can purchase in a given month. Finally they add gradually increasing taxes to each transaction until they have effectively destroyed the ammunition industry. Once you cannot get ammunition at a reasonable price, gun ownership has been essentially destroyed; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.