Tuesday, February 15, 2011



Tanker deal, Boeing or Airbus? Who will it be? The American taxpayer is being asked to spend billions on the production of new air tankers. They will be used in the decades to come for the purpose of refueling American Air Force cargo planes as they take troops and supplies overseas. They will refuel long range bombers and reconnaissance planes, and other planes too. These tankers are essential to the world wide operations of our Air Force.

No other nation can do what our Air Force can do by projecting power anywhere in the world from our bases at home. Stealth bombers leave the middle of the US and fly anywhere in the world to drop bombs on the enemy. The tanker fleet can significantly extend their range and their ability to carry heavy bomb loads for greater distances than they could without refueling.

The entire process between Boeing, which has made our tankers for at least fifty years, Airbus which is a European owned company, and the Air Force has been fraught with greed, deceit, nationalism, cronyism and politics from the beginning. Both sides have been on the verge of being awarded the contract at different times in the process but some charge of unfairness has crept in and stopped the award. In general I think that American defense needs should be filled by American companies building American products, but that if a foreign company can build a better product and especially if they can build it in a factory built here then I am open to that option. Our troops and our nation deserve the best equipment we can give them, no matter what the politics and no matter who gets the jobs; that’s the bottom line and that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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