Sunday, February 27, 2011

Speed Up Justice Another death row inmate has died of natural causes. The people want the death penalty for terrible crimes. Here in California we have voted for the death penalty numerous times. We have recalled State Supreme Court justices who overturned the death penalty. We have said in poll after poll that we want the death penalty. Yet time after time I read that another death row inmate has died in prison. The often die after spending twenty or thirty years or more in prisons. It costs tens of thousands of dollars to keep these people locked up. It takes up prison space that is so sparse we have to let prisoners out because the prisons are overcrowded.

Anyone arrested for any crime should have his case fully adjudicated within two years, no matter how complicated, no matter how many witnesses, no matter how many appeals they need. Justice delayed is justice denied. Victims need to have closure. They and their loved ones should not have to wait for years, even decades to see those sentenced to death sent to the death chamber. They should not be subjected to endless appeals that never seek to prove the innocence of the convicted, but rather look to see some trivial matter upset the whole process.

It is also unfair for the accused to have to wait for years for a final outcome. Someone who is not guilty of a crime should not sit in prison for years or decades while the justice systems tries to determine if he belongs there or not. The innocent need to be set free in a timely manner. The witness for the defense and prosecution need to testify while the events are still clear in their minds. A terrible murder should not have to replay in endless testimony for year after year. The witness, the victims, the police and the accused all need to have justice done in a timely manner. Appoint more judges, limit the number of jury challenges lawyers can make, make courts run 24/7 just like the police operate all the time at least for initial arraignment so people arrested Friday night dont have to wait for Monday or Tuesday morning to go to court, build more prisons and lower our standard for proper prison conditions, build more courtrooms, pay for it all out of higher fines and penalties and cut the pay of judges, and others in the criminal justice system. Speed up the criminal justice system to bring justice for all; thats the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.


ccm2361 said...

It is an outrage to see people who are sentenced to death, sit on their duffs in prison filing appeal after appeal for 20-30 years. Like Stanley "Tookie" Williams. For such a heinous crime he should have been dead long ago, not kept alive for 20+ years of appeals. people should have the right to appeal, but after a few failed appeals, it should be time to carry out the sentence.

Bunkermeister said...

In California all death penalty cases are automatically sent to the State Supreme Court. Then they sit there for years because the court won't hear them. That way the court won't reveal their anti-death penalty bias or have to affirm a death sentence.