Sunday, February 6, 2011

Robot Wars

Some are saying we are approaching the ability to wage a war without death. Robots will soon give Americans the ability to use a virtual presence to conduct wars on other continents from the comfort of bases in the United States. We already are piloting drone aircraft and making attacks with those aircraft from bases here.

Death is inevitable in war. Despite the presence of robots in the air and on the ground the foot soldier still needs to occupy the land. A virtual foot soldier cannot yet do that mission. I am not even sure that the virtual soldier should fight in combat without a human counterpart. Humans have waged war for as long as there have been groups of humans.

A war without death for those with robots can make war too clean, too easy and perhaps too morally acceptable. War should have consequences. War should not be too easy. We need to go to war only when necessary to protect ourselves, our allies and our vital interests. If we can go to war and kill the enemy without any risk to ourselves, we may lose the ability to restrain ourselves from going to war and may never find ourselves at peace again. We may also find ourselves so dependant on technology that if the enemy finds a way to defeat the machines or worse, turn them against us we may find we no longer know how to wage war the old fashioned way, man to man; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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