Saturday, February 19, 2011

Illegal Aliens & Unemployment

Report: ICE misidentified hundreds of immigrant convicts, let them go report, convicts, eligible - News - The Orange County.

Our southern border is a mess and Washington is not doing enough to fix the problem. National defense of our sovereignty is a primary responsibility of the Federal Government. Few tasks that the government does are as clearly the duty of the Federal Government than border enforcement. The ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has done a poor job of indentifying illegal aliens within our borders and shipping them back to where they came from.

They are also doing a poor job of identifying those illegal aliens who while here have committed additional crimes against American citizens. We are entitled to border protection and protection from criminal illegal aliens. Rather than worry so much about the rights of those who don’t belong in the United States, the Federal Government must worry more about the rights of those who do belong here.

Unemployment is at 10%, and yet millions of illegal aliens are working at jobs in the United States that Americans could be doing. Local governments are cutting back on police services, yet illegal aliens are committing thousands of crimes every week. Hospitals are closing, yet remaining hospitals are crowded with illegal aliens without insurance, further burdening those that remain open. Our trade imbalance grows and grows, yet illegal aliens send billions of dollars back to their home countries. Illegal aliens must be stopped at the border and turned back. Those that are already here need to be sent home; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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