Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Evil and Cowardly

Have the straight men of American become such narcissistic, self-indulgent, cowards that they have to hide behind women and homosexual men? The Obama Administration has already repealed the dont ask, dont tell policy to permit homosexuals to serve openly in all aspects of the military, something no other nation’s military permits. Now they are considering allowing women to serve in combat. This is something that no army in history has ever permitted.

In the West, the code of chivalry has guided our society and our military. Right makes might. Use the strong to defend the weak. Fight fair. Hold the door open for a lady. Stand when a woman enters the room. Boys dont hit girls. Women and children go to the lifeboats first.

Women have an exalted and protected status in Western culture. They were too precious and too vulnerable to risk in combat. Only in the last century have women done more than render first aid to the injured and comfort to the dying. Hollywood has pushed us along toward putting women in combat, pretending that they have always been in combat and that they are as good as soldier as a man. GI Jane pretended that a woman could become a SEAL. Xena the Warrior Princess pretended that a woman could handle a sword as well as a man. Numerous other TV shows, movie and cartoons all pretending that little girls and women could be soldiers just like men. Real war is not pretend. Real war is not a game. In real war, people really die and nations really win or lose. We cant afford to risk our national security on political correctness, Hollywood movies and liberal ideas of fairness. Real men belong in the military fighting real wars; not homosexuals, and not women; thats the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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