Monday, January 3, 2011


When you are a superpower, you have competitors, rivals and enemies. Nations like Canada and Germany are competitors. Nations like Russia are rivals. Nations like Cuba and North Korea are enemies. We have to be prepared for any of those nations that are rivals to become enemies. It is the nature of nations to do that which they think is in their own self interest. Too many in America dont understand international politics and they dont understand that many nations have not given up on using intimidation, even war as a method of furthering their national agenda.

We must be prepared to wage war not only against our enemies but against our rivals as well. In the past, during the Cold War the standard was that the US needed to be able to wage three wars at one time. A major land war in Europe, a major land war elsewhere in the world, probably Asia, and a third minor war, probably in the Middle East or Mediterranean area. This is not unlike what we faced in World War Two. In WWII we were fighting Germany in Europe, Japan in the Pacific and Italy in the Mediterranean.

Now we need to be able to fight against Russia in Europe, China in Asia and Iran in the Middle East. Our military has become so small in the last 20 years since the fall of the Soviet Union that we can no longer sustain this type of major conflict. Rather than have all of this as a part of the standing army, certainly we could place most of our heavy conventional assets into the National Guard and Reserves and expand them by a million or two men. They could be activated only in the event of a major war and not be activated for the on going War on Islamic Terrorists. We are gradually losing our ability to successfully wage a major conventional war and we need to get it back. Who can predict our enemies five or ten years from now? In 1907 who predicted a war with Germany? In 1931 how many Americans thought we would be at war with Japan in ten years? In 2011 who can predict we will be at war with China, India, Indonesia, Russian, Iran or maybe Norway in 2021, thats the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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