Sunday, January 9, 2011


China is building an aircraft carrier. Britain and the United States are retiring aircraft carriers and not building them at a rate that will permit them to deploy as many as we use now. Our politicians keep telling us that we are stretching our military to the limits and in the same breath tell us they are cutting aircraft carriers. Despite our participation in the War on Muslim Extremists we need to keep up our conventional war fighting strength. We cant repeat the mistakes of the 1920s and of the post-Vietnam War era of disarming because we thought war was not likely. No one can predict with certainty where the next attack or war will come from, but we can know from history that it will come.

The USA was not prepared for the First World War. We had to borrow tanks and planes and ships from England and France to send our troops overseas into combat. The USA was not prepared for the Second World War and so we lost many battles and took many casualties that we should have been able to avoid had be been ready. We failed to build up our Navy and we allowed our Army and Air Force to decline to Third World status.

When North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950, once again the US military was not prepared for the war. The only constant in our military preparedness seems to be that at the start of each war we are unprepared to fight the war. The exception to this was the First Gulf War. We had been training for a conventional war against Soviet type equipment since the early days of the Cold War. When it came time to liberate Kuwait we were able to execute a massive attack and destroy Saddam Hussein’s armies with little loss to ourselves. This was only possible because we were prepared. Our military is not as strong now as it was then and President Obama wants to ignore the realities of a Chinese aircraft carrier and cut our defense spending. Those trillions he spent of bank and company bailouts for his political friends would have purchased a lot of military hardware and put a lot of Americans back to work; thats the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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