Friday, January 7, 2011

India & China & Europe

India and China have always been in competition against one another for land and resources. Now that China his awaking from its period of isolation they are reaching out to India to try and get along better with them. China wants to close their back door so that they are able to concentrate their energies in the Pacific region against the United States, Japan, South Korea and of course, Taiwan. As always the Chinese are thinking long term. Pacific now, India later.

China is also trying to neutralize Europe. They are banking reserve currency in Europe and attempting to get Europe to lift their arms embargo against Communist China. The US has been selling all kinds of things to China but rather than increase imports from the US the Chinese simply violate our copyrights and patents, copy and sometimes improve the products and then sell them domestically. If Europe ends their embargo on arms sales to China they will have a good business selling the Chinese one of everything. One plane, one tank, one cannon and then the Chinese will insist that the Europeans build factories in China.

The Chinese will require that they use Chinese partners to build everything. The partners in turn will learn how everything is built and make their own products without their European partners. The Chinese will then sell Chinese made European weapons to Europe at a much lower cost then they can be made in Europe, since the Chinese labor will be next to nothing compared to European labor costs. The Chinese will then control the arms market in Europe, holding the defense needs of Europe hostage to Chinese foreign policy. Then when China makes a move in the Pacific or against India, Europe will be unable to interfere because all their weapons will be Chinese made. Before any progress can be made in selling arms to China, the Communists must give up political power to a multi-party system and give their people the basics of religions freedom, freedom of speech and the press; thats the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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