Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Conserve For What?

In California we are told all the time that we need to conserve water and electricity. My question is, what are we saving it for? During a time of drought I can expect to save water to get us through the lean time. That in a year or two or three the rains and snow will come and there will be plenty of water again. Even that I find troubling because aren’t we supposed to build dams and reservoirs and infuse the ground water to store plenty of water for drought conditions? Should we not be building more dams and reservoirs and replenishing more aquifers if we don’t have enough water in times of drought?

If we still don’t have enough water, and electricity what are we saving it for? What is the plan to overcome the temporary shortage? Since we continue to add population, due mostly to illegal immigration, why are we saving water and electricity just so any savings can be negated by the governments’ failure to stem illegal immigration? We are being forced to use compact florescent light bulbs to save electricity. When will the new power plants come on line to make this conservation unnecessary? The answer is never, because we are not building new power plants.

We are saving water and saving electricity so that our standard of living falls slower that it otherwise would fall. If we continue to use water and electricity as we always have we would crash the system sooner rather than later. We are only delaying the problem because there is no plan to fix the problem. Construct more dams, and build more reservoirs. Control immigration. Build desalination plants. Build sewage infrastructure to recycle more fresh water. Build nuclear power plants. Drill off the California coast for oil. Spend research and development on solar and geothermal energy. There’s a plan that will fix the problems, Governor Brown and President Obama won’t do any of it. Instead we will die of thirst, in the dark; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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