Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chinese Missile

Communist China has developed a missile to destroy aircraft carriers. Why would they do this unless they see the US Navy as a future threat to them? The US Navy is the only navy with a large fleet of aircraft carriers. No other navy operates ships as large as a fleet carrier. Even other nations that have aircraft carriers don’t really use full size fleet carriers able to operate fixed wing aircraft in horizontal take off and landings.

The aircraft carrier has been essential to American national security since the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in December, 1941. Even then the Japanese were attempting to destroy American aircraft carriers because the Japanese Imperial Navy recognized their value to American fleet operations. Since then the first thing American presidents have asked whenever there is an international crisis is Where are the aircraft carriers? American carriers are essential to project power anywhere in the world. They allow sustained air operations against any land or sea targets almost anyplace in the world.

Since Communist China is obviously considering us as a potential enemy and embarking on a major armaments program, we need to reevaluate our defense needs. We used the China Card to play against the Soviet Union. We should now play the India Card to play against China. We also need to consider adding new carriers to our fleet, rather than reducing our carrier strength. We also need to upgrade our missile defenses both land based and in our fleet. China is able to develop this large missile because of the money they get from the USA. We need to consider our trade surplus with them and buy more domestic goods or develop new trading blocs that dont include Communist China; thats the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.


Joseph Tan said...


- At times, America behave not much different with street thugs. In the 1980's US NAVY seajacked a Chinese commercial vessel flying the Chinese flag on the prextext that she carried banned material to Iran but turned out to be a false alarm.

- Back in early 2000's, Bush launched an invasion against Saddam Iraq without UN sanction with the pretext of Saddam having "weapon of mass destruction" when the hawks in America misleading then Secretary of State then Gen Collin Powell and the poor Powell even showed "such evidence" to the UN.

- Can a sovereign nation in the right mind just leave the fate ogf the nation to whether there are sane or insane people controlling the White House?

- The amswer is as simple as that!!!

Bunkermeister said...

So 30 years ago the USN stopped one ship and that means that China needs these missile? How about the hundreds of ships stopped by Somila pirates in the last 30 years? What's China doing about that?

In the years before Bush invaded Saddam used chemical weapons against Iran and his own Kurdish people. Obviously Saddam had chemical weapons. Perhaps you also missed that story along with the one about the discover of tons of yellow cake for making nuclear weapons. It was relocated to Canada for peaceful uses.

You may also have noticed there were over thiry other nations that invaded Iraq along with the US under the leadership of President Bush. They included Japan, Norway, and Portugal nations not noted for internatal adventures.