Monday, January 31, 2011

Too Many Abortions =

The unelected judges of the Supreme Court made it legal to murder your children as long as they are within the womb, back in 1973. They reversed at least four thousand years of Western tradition that said the womb should be the safest place on Earth for a baby and instead said the unborn baby was no more important than the fingernails you clip or the hair you trim. The Supreme Court unleashed a tidal wave of blood and murder that fell upon our nation. The democrats often say they want abortion to be safe and legal, but rare. Hows that working out?

Fifty million babies have been aborted since 1973 and countless numbers of women have been left sterile, and even dead as a byproduct of that. Fifty million Americans, some of whom would be almost forty years old by now had their lives not ended before they barely began. Americans who would be paying into the broken Social Security system and keeping it solvent are all dead now. That’s one out of every six Americans that were never given the chance for life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness.

Millions of friends, neighbors, sons, daughters; many of them would have grown kids of their own by now. A second generation of people had their lives extinguished before they were even conceived, because their parents were murdered before they were born. Maybe the guy who was going to cure cancer was aborted. Maybe the guy who was going to build a low cost green alternative to the automobile was aborted. Maybe the guy who was going to be your banker, your next door neighbor, your son’s wife, or just the lady who would have checked your groceries at the supermarket was aborted. We will never know and it’s very sad; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Christian Communists

There are many Christians in Communist China that are in prison for their Christian beliefs. Back in the days of Apartheid many local and state government passed laws that restricted investment in South Africa as a method of pressuring that government to grant greater freedom to its population. We need to do all we can to insure greater freedom for the Christians of Communist China.

The Communist Chinese have an official Christian Church. It is not a free church it is a church controlled by the Communist government. Imagine a church run by atheists! This is another reason the people of the US need to seek new markets and new business partners. The Chinese are oppressing Christians by jailing them if the spread the gospel beyond the official government church.

Freedom of religion is a basic human right and like all totalitarian governments the Chinese Communists are oppressing their people and preventing them from worshiping God as they choose. Trade with China is essential for China but it is not essential for us. We can and should buy from other nations and look to manufacture more here domestically. The Obama Administration should look to remove obstacles in the form of lawsuit reform, environment reform, high taxes to encourage more businesses to come home from China; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nuclear Iran & North Korea

We have not heard much from the main stream media about the nuclear ambitions of Iran or North Korea. President Obama has failed to solve either of these problems, yet during the presidential campaign in 2008 he indicated he had plans to deal with those issues. How’s that working out? As far as I can tell his plans have been a complete failure.

Iran and North Korea continue to talk, to negotiate, to chat, to discuss their nuclear programs. In the meantime they continue to work on developing nuclear weapons. Leftists all over the world continue to tell us how wonderful it is that these nations are willing to sit at the bargaining table, as if talking alone was the solution to the problem. Talking only gives the Iranians and North Koreans more time to develop nuclear weapons. It only gives them more time to develop missiles or torpedoes that can deliver nuclear weapons. Time works for them, it does not work for us, and time is what they need.

We need to implement a long list of sanctions against these two nations that culminate in a full blockade and eventually air attacks and invasion if they don’t stop their development of nuclear weapons. The few nations that have nuclear weapons now don’t need to be joined by any others. There is no other nation that will be well served by having nuclear weapons in the hands of either Communist North Korea or Radical Islamic Iran. Once either of these two nations gets nuclear weapons it will be much harder to deal with either of them. We need to act now; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Bring It On

The new Republican majority in the House of Representatives needs to bring in on hard and fast. They should take the Republican Party Platform, write it all into law and pass it. Force the Democrats in the Senate to vote against it or pass it. Force President Obama to veto it or pass it.

No homosexual marriage, no don’t ask don’t tell, no abortion at all, privatize Social Security and national health care, streamline the death penalty, repeal most of our oppressive federal gun laws, environment laws and give us tort reform. The Republicans need to do something to solve the problems not just compromise away any real solutions. They need to play hardball. We have had too much compromise and nibbling away at our rights and our pocketbooks.

There should be no new taxes on the American people. We need to make the tax laws simpler; no one should have to pay someone else to do their taxes because they are so complicated. H & R Block should go out of business because the tax laws should be so transparent that we all can do our income taxes on a post card. I don’t want the conservative Republicans to work together with liberal Democrats to further erode our rights, our liberties and our assets; I want them to work together with the few conservative Democrats to help us take back our nation; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chinese Buildup

The primary job of the Federal government is to provide for the national defense. The Communist Chinese government is on a massive arms build-up to make their arsenal into one that has an unprecedented ability to project power. They are building missiles to destroy aircraft carriers. The US Navy has more aircraft carriers than any other nation. The US Navy uses carriers to protect American interests and allies all over the world, now the Chinese will be able to do that too because they are building an aircraft carrier. If the Communist North Koreans threaten South Korea the US Navy can send an aircraft carrier to defend South Korea. Do we really want a Communist Chinese aircraft carrier to arrive too?

The Chinese are building landing craft and Generation Five fighter planes. The US Navy is cutting back on landing craft and we are slowing procurement and even cancelling aircraft contracts. What kind of threat does this pose to Taiwan? Will President Obama really go to war to protect Taiwan against an invasion from Communist China? Does the United States want to be in second place to Communist China? Will the interests of the Free World be served by having a stronger China and a weaker America?

The United States needs to wake up to the danger of the Chinese Communists. We need to pressure the Communist Chinese to allow their Christian citizens greater religious freedom. They need to cut back on their military spending and instead spend more on consumer goods to improve the standard of living of their people. They need to privatize more of their economy and move to free markets. China should import more American goods and agricultural products. We need to look for alternate sources for manufactured goods, starting at home and in South America, Africa and Europe. We need to trade with our friends and free nations, not Communist dictatorships; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Conserve For What?

In California we are told all the time that we need to conserve water and electricity. My question is, what are we saving it for? During a time of drought I can expect to save water to get us through the lean time. That in a year or two or three the rains and snow will come and there will be plenty of water again. Even that I find troubling because aren’t we supposed to build dams and reservoirs and infuse the ground water to store plenty of water for drought conditions? Should we not be building more dams and reservoirs and replenishing more aquifers if we don’t have enough water in times of drought?

If we still don’t have enough water, and electricity what are we saving it for? What is the plan to overcome the temporary shortage? Since we continue to add population, due mostly to illegal immigration, why are we saving water and electricity just so any savings can be negated by the governments’ failure to stem illegal immigration? We are being forced to use compact florescent light bulbs to save electricity. When will the new power plants come on line to make this conservation unnecessary? The answer is never, because we are not building new power plants.

We are saving water and saving electricity so that our standard of living falls slower that it otherwise would fall. If we continue to use water and electricity as we always have we would crash the system sooner rather than later. We are only delaying the problem because there is no plan to fix the problem. Construct more dams, and build more reservoirs. Control immigration. Build desalination plants. Build sewage infrastructure to recycle more fresh water. Build nuclear power plants. Drill off the California coast for oil. Spend research and development on solar and geothermal energy. There’s a plan that will fix the problems, Governor Brown and President Obama won’t do any of it. Instead we will die of thirst, in the dark; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why Stay In California?

I was born and raised in Southern California, and I am 55 years old. The weather is nice, I have many friends here and my wife and I have good jobs. My family and church are here, while I could take my wife with me if I left that's only one of five others who would stay behind. I have attended the same church for 17 years and would not want to leave those folks who attend there. I live in a nice city and a nice neighborhood in Orange County so I am somewhat insulated from the reality of the state. My daughter still has two years left in college and is a commuter, lives at home, commutes to school each day. If we moved she could not afford to continue her studies. I advise everyone to leave if they can, especially if they are young; I am hoping my daughter will leave the state soon after she graduates. Those in public law enforcement are probably not going to see their pensions at the size they negotiated for, since there is no money. I suspect there will be a lot of pay cuts and laid off officers too. I own a house and have three times the equity compared to what I owe on it. I could afford to move, because I have lived in the same house for so long, my property taxes are low by California standards. My wife and I are remodeling the house and bunkering it up a bit so we can ride out most problems that may be coming. In my lifetime I have seen mudslides, major wildfires, major urban fires, race riots, anti-war riots, terrorist attacks by radical leftists, eco terrorists and extremist Muslims, earthquakes, and high winds and rain. So there is something likely to happen in the second half of my life. The wife and I may leave the state when we retire, but with Social Security broke and only small savings that may be a while. We keep hoping for a miracle, but I don't see one coming anytime soon; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Marriage and Divorce

Pope Benedict XVI Says Marriage Is Not an Absolute Right The Pope has said that there is no absolute right to get married in the church. That is because marriage is a sacrament and it should be for the life of the partners. The priests must screen everyone who wants to get married and should make as sure as they can that people are getting married for the right reasons. In the United States there are so many divorces that most of the requests for an annulment come from the US. The priests here are not doing a good job of counseling people before they get married. They are also not doing a good job of counseling those who are already married and are thinking about a divorce. Divorce is a terrible thing. It destroys the most important and basic building block of society, the family. Too many people get married on a whim thinking they can turn to divorce if it does not work out. Divorce should be a last resort when there are no other options, it should not be only one of many choices; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


A woman has had an abortion because she was not satisfied with the sex of the twins. Not so long ago we often did not know if there was going to be a multiple birth. We certainly did not know the sex of the child. Children were a gift from God and we knew that any gift given should be received with grace and love. We knew that to refuse a gift of love was rude, disrespectful and even cruel. If God wanted to give us the gift of children, then we were happy with what we got.

Today, people make up wish lists. Children are polled by parents and relatives to insure the child gets exactly what they want for their birthday, Christmas or graduation. Gifts are an obligation, not an act of love. Gifts are required if you attend a wedding, if someone has a birthday or other life event. Our society makes it easy to register as a bride at stores and make sure everyone gets exactly the right gift that you want. Certainly you cant expect to have someone use their own judgment or creativity to select a gift for you. No, it has to come from your personalized gift registry list.

Children are not birthday presents. They are not a toaster, or ring or matching dinner service for eight. They are a wonderful gift from God. If we want a girl and God gives us two boys instead, then we need to consider that perhaps God knows better for us then we know for ourselves. Just as a child may not know the proper gifts for themselves, we may not know what is best for us in the long term either. We need to accept the will of God and take the children God provides to us, not thwart His will and refuse his gifts; thats the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Citizens With Guns

August,1966 a sniper killed 17 people and was stopped by citizens and police in Austin, Texas.
Armed citizens have a long history in the United States of responding immediately to crimes in progress and assisting the police. I don't know of a single instance where the armed citizen was subsequently shot by the police who mistook him for the criminal.
As for the United States having a monopoly on violent gun crime I would forward these two recent examples from Europe were guns are highly regulated and difficult to obtain:
Nordine Amrani in Belgium used not only a rifle but military grenades. Grenades are not legal in the US and I don't know of a single grenade attack here, ever.
Anders Behring Breivk killed more than 70 people with bombs and guns, there were no armed police or armed citizens to stop his rampage.
A moral and law abiding citizenry can responsibly carry firearms as they do in Texas and most of the USA, and Switzerland as well with no ill effects on society. An immoral and lawless society cannot be trusted with guns as they will have a terrible effect on society as in Somalia.
Every society will have a few crazy or evil people who will attack others for no reason other than that they are crazy or evil. The good people need the power of firearms to stop those attacks. The police are not able to be everywhere all the time and in a free society most of us would not want them to be everywhere, all the time.
In the 1890s in the United States nearly every adult male was armed with a knife or gun much of the time. We had guns concealed in canes, in wallets, strapped to wrists and ankles, guns disguised as belt buckles and hidden in shoes. Most of these were very close range pistols that would be very dangerous less than ten feet away. Many women also carried small pocket or purse pistols. Crime was much less than today.
Rifles were are common too, even today in the United States there are over 11 million licensed hunters and there are millions more who hunt without a license (some game does not require a license) and millions of others who are survivalists, militia members, gun collectors, target shooters and veterans who own one or more long guns. Guns in the hands of law abiding citizens are a shield against evil; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kill the Murderers

Thou shalt do no murder. A simple statement that is thousands of years old. It means that individuals should not unlawfully kill other people. It does not mean that individuals cannot kill in self-defense. It does not mean that the state cannot wage war or execute criminals.

Those who commit first degree murder should be executed by the state. They should be executed in a timely manner. The victims demand justice and taking years to prepare and conduct a trial is not justice. Making the convicted criminal sit for years, even decades on death row is also not justice. There is no reason why from the time of an arrest until the time of an execution should be more than two years.

If there are not enough judges, then we should appoint more. If there are not enough public defenders, then we should hire more. Appeals where the guilt or innocence of the convicted is not in doubt should not go ahead. Murders should be executed by the state in a timely manner; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Abortion Is Murder Too

Abortionist charged with 8 murders (

An abortionist is being charged with eight counts of murder. One is for a woman who died and the others are for babies who were born alive and then murdered after the failed abortion attempt. One of the dirty secrets of the abortion industry is that many late term abortions fail and the child is born alive. The abortion providers then often simply leave the poor, helpless child to die. In this instance the allegation is that the abortionist killed the baby with scissors.

Abortion is a terrible thing and I hope that if this provider has murdered this woman he is given the death penalty. It is the same penalty he has dished out and used to get rich. Abortion rights advocates are big business and they are frequently just looking to make money off the tragedy of others.

The safest place in the nation should be the womb of a mother. We no longer value children, motherhood or family in this country and so we are willing to allow millions of women to kill there babies. They sacrifice their children on the alter of women’s rights, greed, and a desire not to be inconvenienced. The liberals told us that with sex education in the schools, and readily available contraception the problem of unwed mothers would disappear. They were wrong and now millions of babies are paying the price with their lives; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

No SSN For You

Social Security Is in the Red Already: Are We Borrowing Trouble? - DailyFinance

Social Security is out of money. Back in 1983 President Carter increased our Social Security taxes from only 2% to over 6%. We were told at the time that the system was saved by this massive tax increase. Those same workers who started paying those higher taxes have not even begun to retire and now they are being told the system is broke, again.

Social Security should be made a private system, mandatory for every employee, including every elected official and every government employee. All government pensions should be voided and all retired government officials should be put on Social Security. I would include Congress, the military, local police, everyone in the new retirement system.

If people wanted more from the system, then they should be able to invest in a 401k retirement account. The government at all levels provides itself with huge retirements while the rest of us struggle to survive. Many government employees retire as young as 40 or 50 years old while the rest of us are expected to work until we are 65 or even older before retiring on a fraction of what government employees get when they retire.

Now I am sure the Democrats will propose more of the same failed government responses to “save” Social Security that we have had pushed on us in the past. Higher Social Security taxes will be the first thing they will want to do to us. The next thing will be to increase the retirement age even further than it is now. They will not provide us with any real reform that might actually fix the problem; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


$1bn Streets of Monaco yacht a floating city

I am not one for class envy. I think it is good that people are able to get rich. I am not rich and don’t ever expect to be rich, but I don’t mind that other people have money, even lots of money. There is one thing that does bother me and that is ostentatious displays of wealth to no real purpose. There is a proposal to build a ship for a billion dollars that will be a pleasure palace for up to sixteen guests. They will be catered to by as many as seventy crew members.

The ship will have a beach and huge swimming pools. It will be designed more like floating buildings rather than a ship. It will have luxury and appointments seldom even seen on land and certainly not at sea. It will be as large as an aircraft carrier and surpass any cruise ship ever built. There will facilities for helicopters to land and large yachts to dock and be hoisted abort.

I consider money to be a tool. Like any tool it can be used for good or evil. Money should be used to take care of yourself, your family and your friends, and of course a tithe to God. Those who are given much money have an even greater responsibility to use that tool wisely. Giving money to charity or doing other good works is a far better use of money than building a massive yacht that will cost a billion dollars and provide pleasure and work for only a few, while primarily building the egos of narcissists who can afford such obscene displays of luxury. To whom much is given, much is expected; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Professor R2

Lazy Florida Schools Replace Teachers With Computers

For decades parents have been criticized for leaving their children to sit in front of the television. They use the television as an electronic babysitter. The child can sit there and view a movie or TV show and the parent can perform household tasks or do other things without having to worry about or interact with the child.

Now schools in Florida have realized this is a good idea and have started parking children in front of computers. Computers don’t cost much after the initial investment. Computers are very patient; they don’t care how many times they have to repeat the same information before the child learns the lesson. Computers provide the same training to every child no matter who they are because they can only do what they are programmed to do, nothing more.

While some training is done best on a computer, teaching someone to type for example, in my opinion most training is done much better when the child can interact with a real human being. Children spend too much passive time in from of television, texting and working on computers now without the schools using computers as a substitute for teachers. Teachers need to teach our kids, not the machines; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Guns Gun rights activists have been wearing unloaded guns in public places in order to demonstrate their right to keep and bear arms. They are showing how quickly they can load those guns in the even of an emergency. They wear them in public places and try and get a reaction from the press and the local police. While I fully support the right to keep and bear arms for all law abiding persons there is a time and place for everything. Carrying guns around just to make a political point is not a good idea. All that happens is you risk confrontation with law enforcement and local politicians. They in tern will get the state officials to change the law and eliminate even the right to carry an unloaded gun. A confrontation with a police officer that results in the shooting of a man with an unloaded gun will not forward the cause of law abiding people carrying guns. People should be permitted to protect themselves. They should be permitted to carry guns for their protection. Creating artificial confrontation over guns will not forward that agenda; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Abortion Abortion takes an innocent human life and injures the surviving mother. There is no data collected on either how many babies survive an abortion in the United States and are then left to die. There is no data collected on how many women die as a result of having an abortion or the complications of the abortion; such as infection. Abortion should only be performed to safe the physical life of the mother, with the permission of the mother or next of kin if she is not able to give concent. Doctors acting in good faith should be able to save the life of the mother in an emergency but should be subject to review of their hospital privledges and licenses. Historically doctors have been told, first do no harm and don't do abortions. Now the greed of the medical profession has caused doctors to murder millions of innocent children. In the United States birth control is easy to obtain, cheaply and even free in most areas. There is no excuse for anyone to get pregnent and need an abortion. There are vast numbers of families in the US who want children and are on aboption waiting list. Abortion should be illegal; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Government Debt Go on line and find a graph that shows the national debt of the United States. Now ask yourself how are we going to pay off this huge debt? The US government is spending huge amounts of money and blaming it on economic stimulus, the war and other temporary problems. The real culprit is transfer payments and government retirements and government employee wages. The government gives itself good pay and good retirements, much more than similar jobs in the private sector. People who can't or won't work get paid to sit around and do nothing. In the meantime the middle class and even the rich pay higher and higher taxes. The government spends billions, even trillions to save large companies, but lets smaller companies die everyday. We need to stop government spending. Everyone who is receiving a government paycheck who is not disabled or retired should be doing some work for it. Even if you are on unemployment you can be doing work for the government, at least show up at a hiring hall to do temporary or casual labor a few days a week. We need to stimulate the economy but taxing the middle class and rich to give money to super rich companies is not the way to do it; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, January 14, 2011

President Obama The most recent mid-term elections show that the American people are fed up with President Obama and his tax and spend policies. This is very bad news for the Democrats in the next election cycle. As a result, the liberal main stream media is working hard to rehabilitate President Obama. They want to make sure they we forget how badly he has performed in his first two years in office. They want is to forget that he controlled both houses of Congress and could have theoretically gotten anything passed that he wanted. They want us to forget how he failed to keep most of his campaign promises and in many ways did just what he criticized President Bush for doing; keeping two wars going, keeping Guantanamo Bay open for example. Over the next two years the press will tell us how every problem is the fault of the Republicans in the House or of Sarah Palin and other Republicans who may run for office. We are seeing this now with the Tucson shootings. Sarah Palin is being blamed for the shooting when the shooter has nothing to do with either her or the Tea Party. Look for more opportunities for the main stream media to blame Republicans and praise President Obama; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kill Your Daughter A Muslim man who came here from Iraq has been put on trail for the murder of his daughter. He intentionally ran her over with his car. They have been here for about fifteen years. You would think that in fifteen years people would become Americanized and be functioning in a manner that is acceptable in American society. Speak English, adopt and American lifestyle, obey the American laws. Fifteen years is a long time and since these people came here voluntarily you would think they want to be like Americans. It's not like they are still living in their own country and would be expected to live by the norms of their nation. If you come here on your own, then I seem reasonable that you came here for a better life then the one you left back home. If America is where the better life is located, then try and fit in with the way we do things here. If you want America to be like the place you just left, then why did you bother to come here? This man is suspected of killing his daughter because she did not want to marry a man her father picked for her. A man who still lives in Iraq. The daughter is twenty years old; old enough to make up her mind about who she wants to marry. If you are a Muslim, even in America, apparently age is not a factor. The father will determine who is daughter will marry, under penalty of death. That's the radical Muslim way, but it is not the American way; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chinese Missile

Communist China has developed a missile to destroy aircraft carriers. Why would they do this unless they see the US Navy as a future threat to them? The US Navy is the only navy with a large fleet of aircraft carriers. No other navy operates ships as large as a fleet carrier. Even other nations that have aircraft carriers don’t really use full size fleet carriers able to operate fixed wing aircraft in horizontal take off and landings.

The aircraft carrier has been essential to American national security since the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in December, 1941. Even then the Japanese were attempting to destroy American aircraft carriers because the Japanese Imperial Navy recognized their value to American fleet operations. Since then the first thing American presidents have asked whenever there is an international crisis is Where are the aircraft carriers? American carriers are essential to project power anywhere in the world. They allow sustained air operations against any land or sea targets almost anyplace in the world.

Since Communist China is obviously considering us as a potential enemy and embarking on a major armaments program, we need to reevaluate our defense needs. We used the China Card to play against the Soviet Union. We should now play the India Card to play against China. We also need to consider adding new carriers to our fleet, rather than reducing our carrier strength. We also need to upgrade our missile defenses both land based and in our fleet. China is able to develop this large missile because of the money they get from the USA. We need to consider our trade surplus with them and buy more domestic goods or develop new trading blocs that dont include Communist China; thats the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Not Ready for Taxes

In a typical display of government arrogance, the Internal Revenue Service has announced that there may be a delay of up to a month in the processing of tax returns. They explain that the last minute changes to the tax code passed by the most recent Congress have caused them to have to play catch up in the preparation of tax return information. As is typical of the government they are going to experience a delay without penalty, but if your taxes are late, then you will be penalized for your failure to file a return in a timely manner.

The government expects you to work overtime, pay extra staff, hire outside consultants, take time away from your regular duties to get your taxes done on time. The excuse that the tax code for 2010 was not finalized until days before the end of the year is no excuse. Unless you are part of the government, then it is a perfectly good excuse. Government cant be held to the same standard as the rest of us serfs. They cant be expected to work overtime, hire extra help, reorganize and re-prioritize to get the job done in a timely manner. Those in charge of the tax system should have planned for this and been ready no matter which way the tax bills went in Congress. The IRS expects that from private companies and individuals.

They other thing this does it is allows the government to keep our money longer. They know that most people get tax refunds. By delaying our returns they know that they delay the refund checks. Thats a huge boon to the government coffers to keep billions of dollars a few weeks or even months longer. They know that people will be less likely to file their returns early if they are not going to get their refunds early. Its all just another way to take our money and treat us badly in the process; thats the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hate Hate Crimes

The Los Angeles California City Council passed a resolution recently that condemned hate crimes against Muslims. In Los Angeles most hate crimes are directed against people other than Muslims. In fact there are very few hate crimes at all in Los Angeles and more of them are directed at Jews than at Muslims. At a time when the United States is at war against Islamic extremists it seems odd for the city council to pass a resolution against hate crimes directed at Muslims. I would rather have seen a resolution in praise of the members of our Armed Forces who are fighting against Muslims who hate not only non-Muslims but other more moderate Muslims than themselves.

I am uncomfortable with the whole concept of hate crimes. I dont care about the motivation of criminal behavior. If someone beats up another person to rob them and while robbing them uses racial, or ethnic slurs I dont believe it makes the crime any worse. If we need to add additional jail time because it is a hate crime, perhaps we simply need to add additional jail time to prevent the crime from happening to anyone. Equal protection of the law should apply to every victim of a crime no matter what the stated motivation is for the criminal.

All hate crime legislation does if further divide Americans into little groups competing for special rights and special protections. Despite being a police officer I don’t even agree with the special circumstance of enhanced penalties for murder of a police office. Murder is murder and anyone convicted of first degree premeditated murder of anyone should be eligible for the death penalty. I dont believe we need special categories of victim, thats the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


China is building an aircraft carrier. Britain and the United States are retiring aircraft carriers and not building them at a rate that will permit them to deploy as many as we use now. Our politicians keep telling us that we are stretching our military to the limits and in the same breath tell us they are cutting aircraft carriers. Despite our participation in the War on Muslim Extremists we need to keep up our conventional war fighting strength. We cant repeat the mistakes of the 1920s and of the post-Vietnam War era of disarming because we thought war was not likely. No one can predict with certainty where the next attack or war will come from, but we can know from history that it will come.

The USA was not prepared for the First World War. We had to borrow tanks and planes and ships from England and France to send our troops overseas into combat. The USA was not prepared for the Second World War and so we lost many battles and took many casualties that we should have been able to avoid had be been ready. We failed to build up our Navy and we allowed our Army and Air Force to decline to Third World status.

When North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950, once again the US military was not prepared for the war. The only constant in our military preparedness seems to be that at the start of each war we are unprepared to fight the war. The exception to this was the First Gulf War. We had been training for a conventional war against Soviet type equipment since the early days of the Cold War. When it came time to liberate Kuwait we were able to execute a massive attack and destroy Saddam Hussein’s armies with little loss to ourselves. This was only possible because we were prepared. Our military is not as strong now as it was then and President Obama wants to ignore the realities of a Chinese aircraft carrier and cut our defense spending. Those trillions he spent of bank and company bailouts for his political friends would have purchased a lot of military hardware and put a lot of Americans back to work; thats the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Congresswoman Gifford

Democrat Congresswoman Gabriele Gifford from Tucson, Arizona was shot today, along with perhaps nineteen other people. At the time I am writing this, we don't know if she is dead or alive. We don't know who shot her. She is pro-gun, she is anti-illegal alien, despite being a Democrat. Some have said she may have been shot by a Tea Party member. She may have been shot by an illegal alien. She may have been shot by an anti-abortion protester, or perhaps an Islamic extremist. We don't know at this point who the shooter may be yet. What I do know is the person who did this is a criminal who deserves the death penalty. This shooter killed several people and seriously injured, if not killed a member of Congress. In our democratic system the way to bring about change is by the ballot box, not the gun. I pray for her recovery and the recovery of the others as well; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, January 7, 2011

India & China & Europe

India and China have always been in competition against one another for land and resources. Now that China his awaking from its period of isolation they are reaching out to India to try and get along better with them. China wants to close their back door so that they are able to concentrate their energies in the Pacific region against the United States, Japan, South Korea and of course, Taiwan. As always the Chinese are thinking long term. Pacific now, India later.

China is also trying to neutralize Europe. They are banking reserve currency in Europe and attempting to get Europe to lift their arms embargo against Communist China. The US has been selling all kinds of things to China but rather than increase imports from the US the Chinese simply violate our copyrights and patents, copy and sometimes improve the products and then sell them domestically. If Europe ends their embargo on arms sales to China they will have a good business selling the Chinese one of everything. One plane, one tank, one cannon and then the Chinese will insist that the Europeans build factories in China.

The Chinese will require that they use Chinese partners to build everything. The partners in turn will learn how everything is built and make their own products without their European partners. The Chinese will then sell Chinese made European weapons to Europe at a much lower cost then they can be made in Europe, since the Chinese labor will be next to nothing compared to European labor costs. The Chinese will then control the arms market in Europe, holding the defense needs of Europe hostage to Chinese foreign policy. Then when China makes a move in the Pacific or against India, Europe will be unable to interfere because all their weapons will be Chinese made. Before any progress can be made in selling arms to China, the Communists must give up political power to a multi-party system and give their people the basics of religions freedom, freedom of speech and the press; thats the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chinese Arms The morons who run the European Union want to end the arms embargo against Communist China. What possible reason could there be for this insane act? Money, nothing else. Pure and simple greed. Has China toppled North Korea and stopped the North Korean nuclear program? Has China started recognizing patents and copywrite of Western nations? Has China granted religious freedom to all believers in their nation? Has China become a pluralist nation with free, open and fair elections? Has China freed Tibet and Mongolia from Chinese colonization? Has China recognized Taiwanese Independence? Has China granted their workers the kind of protections and wages enjoyed by European and American workers? The answer to all of these is NO! And there is no need to lift the arms embargo until at least all of these questions can be answered Yes; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

President Obama

Obama Tries to Reassert His Christian Bona Fides, With Words and Deeds President Obama has long claimed to be a Christian. He attended a Christian church for decades and then disowned the pastor when the public discovered the pastor was preaching hate towards America and a fringe theology. Many have raised the question that President Obama is a Muslim rather than a Christian. Under Islamic law the son of a Muslim is generally considered to be a Muslim. Since President Obama claims to be a Christian, I will take his word at that. His actions towards Islamic nations have been weak at best and his support of Christians and Jews in the Middle East, marginal. Many have also complained that after two years he still does not attend church or have a church in Washington. Now in order to shore up his Christian credentials and his military support he has attended church services at a military base in Hawaii. He took steps this month to destroy both our Christian society and our military by repealing the don't ask, don't tell policy towards openly homosexual soldiers serving in the US Armed Forces. So now in a quick photo opportunity he is trying to act as if he cares about both the Christian God and our nations military. I don't believe it; and it will take much more positive action than one morning in the pews to change my mind; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


This last year saw more bank closings than in any time in recent memory. The Chinese Communists have been buying American government debt but have recently been playing hardball with the Japanese and may begin doing the same with the Americans. The Bush Administration tried to stop the nation from going into recession by spending a trillion dollars and President Obama has tried spending trillions more without success. While some keep speaking of hints of recovery the stark facts are that the stock market is low, home sales and home values are low, unemployment is high, incomes are not rising, and government spending is out of control. Several states, including California are hovering just above bankruptcy. While inflation is currently low, what is to stop it if the Chinese stop buying our debt? The Federal Government will have to offer higher interest rates on bonds in order to entice either the Chinese back into the debt market or to get others to buy our debt. This will have an inflationary effect that the markets will not be able to ignore. As the cost of money goes up, houses will be even more difficult to afford, and investment in plant will be even more expensive. While big business has a lot of cash on hand, they can lose it very quickly in an inflationary environment. If business becomes worried about inflation, they may be tempted to spend their money on capital goods in order to get maximum value for their cash before inflation takes that value away. An increase demand for goods at a time when most businesses are not producing could further increase inflation, keeping an inflationary spiral going. The Fed would be hard pressed to keep interest rates low as a stimulus to the economy if they have to sell bonds to pay for government services. With a Republican House unwilling to raise our already massive tax burden and a Democratic Senate and President unwilling to cut spending the Federal Governments need to sell bonds will only continue. I suspect we may see massive inflation in the next few years as these competing forces come together; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, January 3, 2011


When you are a superpower, you have competitors, rivals and enemies. Nations like Canada and Germany are competitors. Nations like Russia are rivals. Nations like Cuba and North Korea are enemies. We have to be prepared for any of those nations that are rivals to become enemies. It is the nature of nations to do that which they think is in their own self interest. Too many in America dont understand international politics and they dont understand that many nations have not given up on using intimidation, even war as a method of furthering their national agenda.

We must be prepared to wage war not only against our enemies but against our rivals as well. In the past, during the Cold War the standard was that the US needed to be able to wage three wars at one time. A major land war in Europe, a major land war elsewhere in the world, probably Asia, and a third minor war, probably in the Middle East or Mediterranean area. This is not unlike what we faced in World War Two. In WWII we were fighting Germany in Europe, Japan in the Pacific and Italy in the Mediterranean.

Now we need to be able to fight against Russia in Europe, China in Asia and Iran in the Middle East. Our military has become so small in the last 20 years since the fall of the Soviet Union that we can no longer sustain this type of major conflict. Rather than have all of this as a part of the standing army, certainly we could place most of our heavy conventional assets into the National Guard and Reserves and expand them by a million or two men. They could be activated only in the event of a major war and not be activated for the on going War on Islamic Terrorists. We are gradually losing our ability to successfully wage a major conventional war and we need to get it back. Who can predict our enemies five or ten years from now? In 1907 who predicted a war with Germany? In 1931 how many Americans thought we would be at war with Japan in ten years? In 2011 who can predict we will be at war with China, India, Indonesia, Russian, Iran or maybe Norway in 2021, thats the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


The courts have said that each Congress is not bound by the previous Congress. In this new Congress the first order of business should be to repeal much of what the last Congress did, particularly in their lame duck session. They should re-instate the Dont Ask, Dont Tell policy and even though it is likely that President Obama will veto it, they should make him veto it anyway. That will definitely demonstrate that he does not hear the will of the people and that he does not get it after the last election.

Once the budget comes up, the Congress should deny any funding to the repeal of the Dont Ask, Dont Tell policy. That will effectively block implementation of that policy. The key here is to delay implementation until a new president can be elected or a larger majority of Republicans can be elected who can over ride the veto of President Obama.

The new Republican majority in the House of Representatives must perform as they said they would when they were elected. The campaigned on a platform of reform and getting things done that the majority of Americans want done. That means fiscal responsibility, not more taxes, it means defense of traditional marriage and traditional values, it means stopping the homosexual and anti-Christian agenda that has been force on us by the ultra liberal President Obama and his Democratic Party. They need to get things done and right away. They should not fear the veto power of the president nor the likelihood that the Senate will fail to pass their bills. I would rather have two years of gridlock than have two more years of liberal inspired decline; thats the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


One of the greatest blessings for the people of Central and South America is that they have been involved in very few external wars since they gained independence from Spain and Portugal. In general when they have gone to war the wars have been brief and have had few casualties. Even today most nations of Central and South America have small armies with limited ability to project power or threaten their neighbors; until now.

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has embarked on an unprecedented arms build up. He is negotiating with many nations to supply his country with arms of all kinds. This from a nation that has no real internal or external security threats. He is building a small arms factory to manufacture Kalashnikov rifles. They are trying to get the Russian Navy to make port calls there on a regular basis. Now he is taking delivery of hand held anti-aircraft missiles of the type that can shoot down helicopters or low flying jets. He is also discussing with Iran the possibility of adding intermediate range missiles to his arsenal.

Does Venezuela really need all these weapons? Do they face any determined enemies who are likely to attack them anytime soon? Do they really think that if the United States wanted to invade them that Venezuela could successfully stop and American attack? Do they really expect Columbia to sweep across the border and attack them? There is no need for this weapons build up except to try and intimidate their peaceful neighbors. If they cooperate with Iran and gain intermediate range missiles with nuclear warheads then they will actually precipitate an overwhelming attack by the United States, making them more vulnerable rather than more secure. Venezuela needs to step back from its arms buildup; thats the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.