Friday, December 24, 2010


The Bush tax cuts have been renewed for two more years. Why only two years? Why not make them permanent? It is difficult for businesses and people to plan their tax liabilities if we don’t even know what the tax rates will be in the next couple years. Why is it so hard for Congress to do the peoples business in a logical reasonable manner? We need permanent tax simplification and rate reduction. Too much of tax law is in place to alter behavior. Taxes should be designed for only one reason, to raise money to support the work of the government. Since everyone receives some benefit from the government, then everyone should pay some tax to the Federal Government, no matter how small the amount. We should not tax gasoline to get people to drive few miles. We should not tax alcohol to get people to drink less. We should not be giving tax deductions to people for getting solar panels, double pane windows or because they have unreimbursed work expenses. Taxes should be there to raise money to run the government and except in times of declared war we should have a balanced budget. The War Against Radical Islam is not a declared war and should not be an excuse to fail to balance the budget. The Federal Government should also not transfer funds to state or local governments. If the State of New Jersey needs a road the people of Wisconsin should not have to pay for it. If the people of Los Angeles need police officers, the people of Detroit should not pay for them through Federal grants. We should have an income tax rate that provides enough money to run the Federal Government and that’s all; that’s the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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