Sunday, December 19, 2010

Child Sex

Prime Time TV 'Objectifies and Fetishizes' Underage Girls, Study Says - Hollywood continues to be the world of homosexuals and child molesters. They are making more and more television shows that are showing young girls as sexual objects. They want to continue to de-sensitize us to the next wave of deviant behavior that the Democrats and other liberals want to bring into the main stream of American life; paedophilia. They continue to force America to accept the homosexual lifestyle by placing openly homosexual characters in every possible television show and movie. They are trying with legislation, and mostly activist judges to force Americans to accept homosexual behavior as normal and the equal of heterosexual behavior. Since they feel that they have made such good progress in these areas, they are moving on to the next step, making America safe for child molesters. Hollywood continues to tell us that a movie producer can be a genius, despite his conviction for child molestation and they continue to tell us that a recently deceased singer was also a wonderful person, even if he did sleep with little boys. Children should not be sexuality active until at least their sixteenth birthday and even then, no one should have sexual relations outside of marriage; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

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