Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Flying Car!

Terrafugia Transition 'flying car' gets go-ahead from US air authorities - Telegraph At last, some movement on the flying car front. The US has approved a flying car, but you have to have a flying license to operate it. The license requirement has very modest standards. The real problem is the $200,000 price tag. Anyone who can afford a $200,000 car can go back to school and get a little flight training. The flying car is the only solution to the congestion in our cities. There is no tax money to build new roads. There is no willpower to tear down people's homes and businesses in those few places where there is money, to widen existing roads. The only option, until the matter transmitter arrives, is the flying car. An automobile that will take off from almost anywhere and land almost anywhere is the only option to save our cities from gridlock. A recent trend here in the USA has been to develop multi-use areas, businesses on the first floor and residences on the next two or three or more floors. This will reduce the need to commute, because workers and customers can live within walking distances of the shops. This is a great idea and something the rest of the world has done for thousands of years. It is only a partial solution to gridlock, we need flying cars for everyone; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

3 Strikes

Shoplifting Charge Nets Life Sentence - WREG How typical of the main stream media to slant a story to make the criminal into the victim. The real headline should read: "Career Criminal Earns Life Sentence." The people all over America are fed up and sick and tired of being victimized by crime. Crime is at historic heights. Sure, it has gone down in the last few years, but compared to fifty, or more years ago, it is still very high. As a result, the three strikes for felons law has swept the nation. The nations elites who live in gated communities, in expensive neighborhoods with substantial police protection, they can't stand putting career criminals away for the rest of their lives. They don't have to deal with criminals and the fear of crime every day of their lives. They don't have to walk the gauntlet of homeless, gangsters, and career criminals every time they leave their home or send their kids to school. As a result, politicians, and the news media try and pretend like the average three strikes criminal is somehow a victim of "the system." He has been unfairly accused. He has been misunderstood. He did not realize that this conviction would send him back to prison forever. He was abused as a child and the law is just too harsh. Career criminals need to end up either going straight, or going to jail forever. Career criminal end up in jail for most of their live anyway. They serve two or five or six years and get out do a few crimes, and go back again. So every few years they are back on the street, creating new victims before they return to prison for a few more years. Now with three strikes, we eliminate those short intervals out of prison when career criminals can create more victims; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Millions Set to Lose Unemployment Benefits as Senate Fails to Pass Jobless Aid Bill - DailyFinance The Democrats control the House, the Senate and the President is a Democrat. The Democrats are always talking about how they are the party of the little guy. The party of the people. Yet, despite controlling the whole Federal government, they can't even pass an extension of unemployment insurance. The Democrats have spent two trillion dollars in stimulus money in less than two years, they have run the largest deficits ever and yet they can't come up with a few tens of billions to pay unemployment benefits. The same President who said he would never let unemployment get beyond eight percent. Now unemployment is hovering just below ten percent and the Democrats are too busy, and too self important to help the little man. They are too worried about other problems than helping the unemployed. Naturally, the Democrats will blame the Republicans for their failure to pass the unemployment extension. The Republican are only holding up the bill for one reason. They simply want the bill to be revenue neutral. Out of a trillion dollar budget the Democrats can't even figure out how to cut a few tens of billions to help the unemployed; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Drugs The media tells us that Jamaica is a happy place. It is a glamours place filled with resort hotels, and Rasta music floats through the air with the scent of marijuana. Everyone is mellow and they all enjoy one love. Be laid back and come to Jamaica, man. Rather, that is all a lie. Jamaica is rife with drug smuggling and organized crime figures. Murder is the order of the day if there is money to be made from it or if murder must be done to protect the drug trafficking profits of the drug lords. The touristy areas are fairly safe, because they also create income and a cover for drug smuggling. The media does not want use to know the truth about drugs. Far too many in Hollywood and the media use drugs, their friends use drugs, they know people who use drugs. They want to justify their lifestyle and deny the damage they do to themselves. Look how many movie, TV and music stars have died of overdoses and gone into rehabilitation. It's no surprise they try and make it seem okay; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Religious Fanatic - Ukrainian Boy, 5, Slaughtered 'Like a Goat' by Religious Fanatic I read this headline and I wondered "What type of a religious fanatic would do that to a child?" The Ukraine is mostly Orthodox Christians and it would seem out of character for an Orthodox Christian to do such a terrible thing to a child especially. So I clicked on the link and way down at the bottom of the article it mentioned that the "Religious Fanatic" was shouting praise to Allah, because he is a Muslim. What a surprise that the main steam media again attempts to minimize the evil that flows from radical Islam. Rather, the headline should have read, "Ukrainian Boy, 5, Slaughtered 'Like a Goat' by Radical Muslim." It is not a vague, generalized religious fanaticism that is gripping the world and killing tens of thousands of people. It is Radical Islam that is murdering innocent people all over the world. India suffers an attack by Religious Fanatics nearly every day, often with fatal results. Invariably these "Fanatics" turn out to be Muslim extremists who want to kill other people simply because they are Christians or Hindus or anything other than Radical Muslims. Fanatical Christians stopped killing people just because they were not Christians about 500 years ago. It's time Islam caught up with that trend; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, June 25, 2010

No Home Depot

Action Link * The American Family Association has called for people to write to Home Depot and complain about their sponsorship of homosexual activities. The Home Depot calls it "diversity." As usual, it is not diversity they are celebrating, it is homosexuality and perversion. As if that is not bad enough, the Home Depot was sponsoring a children's event at gay pride events. Sex outside of marriage is immoral. Marriage is between one man and one woman. Therefore, homosexual sex is immoral. Home Depot is financing groups that promote immoral behavior. If there was a group that had a pride day for people who cheat on their spouses, would Home Depot be quick to finance their activities? How much of the gay agenda does Home Depot support? How long before they run national television advertisements with an obvious gay couple shopping in their stores? Does Home Depot permit their employees to cross dress? Other companies, like Ford, have found that the gay agenda is not profitable, lets hope that Home Depot finds that out soon too; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jihad Prisoner The Times Square Bomber says he is a soldier fighting in a war against the United States. He has become a jihad fighter he told the court. Sounds to me like he has admitted under oath, in court that he his taken up arms against the United States of America. He should be stripped of his American citizenship. Taking up arms against the US is one of the reasons to remove someones citizenship. He is also an illegal combatant, by his own words. He is fighting for a non-governmental entity, and not in uniform. He is fighting against women, children and civilians. He said he put the bomb in Times Square because there were a lot of people there. As an illegal combatant, and someone who should lose his citizenship, he can be held for the duration of the conflict and would have very minimal legal rights. He is the sort of person who needs to be kept locked up, separate from other common criminals. That way he cannot spread the virus of jihad to other prisoners. Muslim prisoners will look to him for leadership and he may be instrumental in the conversion of others to radical Islam. Those other prisoners may not be held forever and so it is imperative that radical jihadists be kept in their own prisons; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Iran & Nuclear Weapons

EU approves new Iran sanctions Iran continues to work towards building nuclear armed ballistic missiles to strike Israel, Europe and the United States. The European Union has determined to stop this drive towards their destruction. They have placed another round of sanctions against Iran. Iran has been so cowed by this that they waited several minutes before threatening the EU not to increase sanctions against them. The EU is going to spend the next month, dithering and determining the nature of the exact steps that they will take to increase their sanctions against Iran. The fact that they are taking weeks to do anything is not encouraging. This gives Iran a month to figure out ways to avoid the sanctions or to stock up on things they may need before the sanctions go into effect. The fact that Iran almost immediately threatened the EU shows they are not afraid of either the EU or the sanctions. The EU also said that they are really interested in negotiations with Iran and are likely to begin negotiations again with Iran later this summer. For years I have been saying this is exactly what Iran wants to have happen. Gradually the West will increase sanctions, slowly, methodically and without any real effect on either day to day life in Iran or on their nuclear or missile programs. The West will avoid military action, relying instead on continuing negotiations. There is no need to use force, we are still negotiating. The West will continue to negotiate with Iran until the day that Iran explodes a test nuclear weapon. Then of course it will be too late to use force, because Iran will have nuclear weapons. There will also be no more need for sanctions, since the Iranians will already have nuclear weapons. Business will go on as usual, right up until the time Iran sends a nuclear missile to Israel, Europe or the USA; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Utah Execution The state of Utah has executed a murderer by firing squad. I am all for the death penalty. Genesis 9:6, "Whoever sheds man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man." Man is made in the image of God and for a man to destroy that image he must pay the ultimate sacrifice as judged by the magistrate. Society has a right to self defense, just as the individual has a right to self defense. The society must protect it's weakest members against the stronger, and when one member of society murders another, then the murderer must die. It is not right to keep murderers locked up in prison forever. Prisoners who are in prison for life will try unspeakable acts against their fellow prisoners and jailers. The only thing to do with them is to execute them. The executions should not be delayed for years, even decades like they are here in California. The lawyers worry too much about the suffering of the murderer and not enough about the suffering of the victim. In Utah they use a firing squad and fire five bullets into the chest to of the man to be executed. This is much better than using lethal injection. Doctors should not be a part of the execution process other than to pronounce death. The duty of doctors is to save live, "First, do no harm..." Using lethal injection is better than not using the death penalty, but I don't think that it is a proper use of medical professionals. The Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment, it does not require punishments to be pain free. The police baton, the bite of the police dog, and the Taser are not pain free. The use of a firing squad, electric chair, or gas chamber may not be pain free either, but the pain is brief and ends very soon; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Gov't created most new jobs in May ( The Obama Administration and their lackeys in the main stream media are very happy with the large numbers of jobs created in May 2010. I have read and heard on television that there are large numbers of jobs being created. That this could be an important turning point in the economic slow down. That the trillions of dollars in stimulus money is paying off with new jobs to revitalize the economy. Of course, it's all just an illusion. Smoke and mirrors. The jobs being created are mostly temporary. Most of those jobs are for the census takers. These government jobs are short lived, low paying and produce nothing. They won't pay taxes, they won't help our economy. They will only make a few job statistics look good for the President for a couple months. When the census is over then all those census takers will be unemployed again. By then, the Administration will hope that the recovery has started. If it has, these people will get real jobs, good jobs in private industry, actually contributing to the economy. I suspect it will not, and they will simply increase the rolls of the unemployed; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Secrets Revealed

Online contact says he turned in analyst who wanted to leak information An Army Specialist violated his oath, and the trust of the people of the United States and tried to expose secret information to an online friend. The contact says he had to turn in the Specialist because he did not want to be in trouble. Military secrets are secret for a reason. Often that reason is not clear to the people who are working with those secrets. All they need to know about them is they are not to disclose the secrets to unauthorized people. People with military security clearances fill out loads of paperwork and their background is closely investigated. They have to sign all kinds of documents about how they are not to disclose any of the information unless it is in the line of duty. They are constantly reminded of the requirement to keep classified information secret. Then some weasel comes along and thinks that he knows better than anyone else what should be secret and what information should be revealed. If the soldier thinks there are problems with information he discovers in his duties, then he can go to the inspector general, the military police or even the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He does not have to jeopardise military secrets, perhaps even the lives of his fellow soldiers and the national policy of the United States. People who expose military secrets in time of war deserve the death penalty; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Murder by Illegal In Arizona, a rancher was murdered on his own land, probably by drug smugglers. In Washington State a woman has been murdered and two have been raped, the suspects are illegal aliens. How many American citizens must die, or be raped in order for the Obama Administration to ignore illegal immigration? While most illegal immigrants come here for a better life, many come here specifically to commit criminal acts. They start their visit by breaking our laws, simply by crossing the border and not waiting their turn in line. Not an auspicious start, if you want to be a law abiding member of society. There are others who claim that hundreds of American citizens per year are being murdered by illegal aliens. This is a terrible thing to have happen in your own country, where you should be safe from attack by foreigners. If these Americans were all killed at once, we would invade Mexico in retaliation. Since these attacks happen one or two at a time, they tend to be ignored by the main stream media and the larger picture is lost. We need to remember the duty of the Federal Government is to keep us safe from foreign invasion. The Obama Administration is failing to perform that duty; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wearing a Wire

Florida Attorney Brittney Horstman Clashes With Security Guards Over Bra Ban An attorney tried to get into a custodial facility to see her client. She was wearing a bra that had an under wire. The facility has rules to prevent the unauthorized entry of metal and other objects that could be used to make weapons. The under wire of a bra could be removed, stuck into the end of a broom handle and made into a spear or stabbing knife, not unlike an ice pick. The attorney left the security area, removed her bra and then returned, trying to enter, without wearing a bra. The facility has rules that include a strict dress code. Men in prison are easily aroused because they don't see many real women. A woman without a bra can be very disruptive in a custodial setting, and can even lead to violence. The attorney certainly should have been aware of the rules for entering the facility. The security guards were doing their jobs, trying to keep the facility a safe place for inmates, visitors and staff members. Rather than condemn the attorney for her disregard of the rules, one group as actually commended her for her attempts to see the her client. I always thought attorneys were supposed to be champions of the law, not people who disregarded the rules; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Smoke 'Em A museum in London, England, displays a poster of a photograph of Winston Churchill. In the original photograph, he is smoking a cigar, that is clearly seen hanging from his lips. in the revised version on display at The Winston Churchill's Britain at War Experience the cigar has been airbrushed out of the photograph. I do not smoke. I have never smoked. I don't like smoking. I do like historical accuracy. Changing a photograph of a historical leader to show he does not have a cigar in his lips is a small thing. It is a small thing called a lie. How long before we start airbrushing cigars into Hitlers' lips to show the non-smoking Hitler as a cigar smoker? Smoking is bad for children so some people have been changing history to eliminate smoking from historical figures. I read recently that the same thing was done to a depiction of President FDR. Take out the cigarette holder from his lips today, maybe tomorrow we can depict him with an apple in his hand so he can model good nutritional habits? History is the study of things that happened in the past. Museums are the repositories of that information. The most important thing about historians and museums is their integrity. Changing a photograph takes them away from being repositories of history and instead they are propaganda instruments. History should not be altered to make historical characters fit our notions of political correctness; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

US Mexico Border

The U.S. Gov: giving parts of Arizona back to Mexico? - Patriotic Resistance The US and Mexican border region is getting so dangerous that the US is effectively ceding parts of the US to Mexico. They have places thousands of acres of US land off limits to Americans for lawful purposes. The US taxpayer did not set land aside for recreational use only to have it overrun by illegal aliens and drug smugglers. I do not support sending US Army troops to the US border. Military forces that have to deal with drug cartels end up becoming infiltrated and corrupt. I do support the massive enlargement and militarization of the US Border Patrol. They should have armored vehicles and automatic weapons when they patrol the border with Mexico. Drug smugglers should know that when they face the US Border Patrol they can surrender or die. It is not acceptable that the Obama Administration is failing to protect our border with Mexico. It is not acceptable that the Obama Administration is not building a real fence and patrolling that fence with heavily armed and armored Border Patrol agents. The first duty of the Federal Government is to protect the nation from invasion, the Obama Administration is failing to do that, that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shame on Hyundai

Hyundai Pulls 'Insensitive' World Cup Ad After Catholic Outcry - DailyFinance Hyundai played an advertisement that made it appear as if people were worshiping the game of soccer and showing soccer using Catholic Christian images in a very disrespectful manner. In the last decade I have seen a rise in anti-Catholic images from advertising and also on television programs. The main stream media wants to destroy the Catholic Church. The main stream media has fully bought into the hedonistic lifestyle of sex with anyone, anytime, without consequences. So they exaggerate stories of Roman Catholic Priest sex scandals, glossing over the fact that so many of the allegations were made years after the priest died, and that the rate of abuse by Catholic clergy is about the same as it is for other clergy and even less than the rate for teachers. They fail to add the context to make it seem as if the Roman Catholic Church is corrupt and therefore cannot speak on ethical matters. The Roman Catholic Church has taken a stand against special rights for homosexuals and against same sex marriage. They main stream media, including advertising, wants to marginalize the Church so that their voice is not heard when they speak out against such abominations to the Lord. Television shows bombard us with witches, psychics, vampires and other evil creatures, but they don't show the Priests and Nuns who spend every day working with the poor, the sick and the forgotten. The main stream media needs to stop this anti-Catholic bigotry; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Non- Person A man sees a couple in a major department store, the male is dressed in typical Western attire, suit and tie, the woman is covered head to toe in a burka. The observer wonders if he should say anything about it. That is a dilemma for us in the West. If we see a woman being oppressed by having to wear a heavy head to toe garment, should we say anything about it? If a woman wearing a low blouse and short skirt were out alone in a Muslim country, you know they would say something about it.
Maybe we should say something to the man. Express to him that Western women are not treated like cattle. That in the West women are the equal of their men. Women should not have to walk three paces behind their husband. The husband may be the head of the household, but he is not the dictator. Islam means submission, and they certainly want the women to submit to their men.
Perhaps we should make it a point to say something to the woman. Perhaps we should make it clear that we value women in the West and would never think of hiding them in a bag. Perhaps we could express to her that it is not mandatory to wear that in Western nations. Perhaps we could simply say to her that women are the equal of men in Western nations. Perhaps we should just tell her that Jesus loves her and would not require her to live that way; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Red Dawn

New 'Red Dawn' to attack communism again! Hollywood has done a poor job in the post WWII era of warning us and rallying us against our enemies. There have been a few movies that were anti-Communist and a few that have been anti-Radical Muslim, but very few. Hollywood has been better at excusing Communism and Radical Islam than they have been at warning us against them. Too many movies in the last few years have used Nazis, corporations, and even America as the present enemy. The Hollywood people have a lot to lose if we were taken over by Communists or radical Muslims; they like to think that will never happen. They think that because they have no idea of history. They fail to realize how great empires, like the United States, can be very fragile. That it takes a huge commitment to maintain our military forces all over the world to protect American interests. Since few Hollywood people ever serve in the military, they don't understand the realities of modern military power. I applaud the remake of Red Dawn with the Communist Chinese as the enemies. We need to be reminded that China is still a Communist nation and that they are not our friend. They are a trading partner and while they are still dangerous to non-Communist nations. I hope that with engagement as a trading partner and with continued tourism and exchanges, the Communists will eventually relax their grip on power and permit free elections and a multi-party system. It happened and then the Soviet Union fell. I hope that day will come when China can be a free nation again. Until then, keep your guns handy; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Israel vs Iran There is a report that says Saudi Arabia has given Israel the go ahead to attack Iranian nuclear facilities. Iran and Saudi Arabia have been at odds for decades and the Kingdom certainly has no desire to live with a nuclear Iran. Israel has the ability to strike Iran, but it is a long flight and a dangerous one. Much of the Middle East is on a razor's edge at any given moment and long range air raids are difficult to pull off without the cooperation other nations. The US should be making these attacks, in conjunction with Russia, the UK, Israel, and France, Pakistan and India. It is in the in interest of the present nuclear powers to keep the nuclear club restricting only to existing members. No other nations will benefit from a nuclear Iran. The existing nuclear armed nations have shown great restraint in using nuclear weapons for the past sixty years. I suspect Iran will not likely continue that tradition. More importantly, once Iran gets nuclear weapons, there is nothing to stop them from supplying such weapons to terrorists organizations. A nuclear weapon detonating in London, or Moscow, or Washington would send a terrible message to the world, and Iran would simply deny any involvement. What do you do about it then? Ask the UN for further sanctions against Iran? Radical Islam is an international threat, and needs to be responded to by international cooperation; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sharia Law, Not Okay, in OK

Islamic Law in Oklahoma? Vote to Bar Sharia May Be on Fall Ballot Other nations are allowing Sharia law to rule in place of their national civil law, if the dispute is between two Muslims. The UK is doing this. Why don't they allow Christian Church law to intercede when the dispute is between two Christians? The answer is very simple, the government is not afraid of Christians. How soon before Sharia law will be the controlling authority when only one party to the complain is Muslim? If a Christan or Jewish woman, a citizen of the UK, complains that she was raped by a Muslim man, will she have to provide four witnesses against him, as Sharia law requires? Or will the DNA evidence and other more likely and traditional evidence be enough for a conviction? The Supreme Court of the United States, in a very disturbing trend, has recently cited international and European law as precedent in some of their rulings. How long before they are citing Sharia law in their rulings? How long before American state courts are looking to Sharia law for guidance in their decisions? Oklahoma has made a wise decision to insure Sharia law will never be recognized in their state. It is an important weapon to use in the War Against Radical Islam, and the Culture War; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Take It Away Lawmakers in Washington are trying to take away the American citizenship of a man who was conducting terrorist acts against the United States. It is a great idea for those who are naturalized citizens. If someone comes here and then takes up arms against our nation, they certainly deserve to lose their citizenship. If someone is a naturally born citizen I think they should lose their citizenship, if it can be proved that they are were working for an international terrorist organization, then they should lose there citizenship too. Domestic terrorists who are not part of the War on Islamic Terror should retain their citizenship. My concern is that the power of the government to revoke citizenship should be very limited. Citizens should have rights to counsel, and due process, not matter what their crimes, unless they are specifically making war as a part of a foreign government. Then they should lose their rights as Americans; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vote Them Out The State of California has changed the rules on executions so that they can move forward with lethal injections. The people of this state have voted overwhelmingly to impose the death penalty on the worst of the worst murderers, yet we almost never execute anyone. The courts and our Democratically controlled legislature have conspired together to insure the least number of executions happen, no matter how horrible the crime, no matter how often the people speak on the issue. The liberals in government think they are so much smarter than everyone else that they constantly use their power to oppress the people. We vote for the death penalty, yet no one gets executed. We vote to build more freeways, and yet no freeways get built. We vote for firearms freedom, yet the legislature continues to restrict firearms ownership. The people need to rise up and sweep the Democrats and RINO members of Congress and their state legislatures out of office. When the Republicans replace them, the Republicans need to actually do the things they say they will do when they run for office. Government needs to get smaller, pay off it's debts, and stop taxing us so much. They need to repeal thousands of laws and allow people and business the freedom to live their lives without the interference of government; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vote Republican Today

There is a primary election in California today and I am voting in it. As a Republican I am voting for Meg Whitman. While I don't think she is the perfect candidate, I think she has an excellent chance of beating Democrat Jerry Brown in the general election. In my opinion, she is not conservative enough, but the other Republicans have run poor campaigns, don't have any money and have records that are vague or not conservative enough. Jerry Brown was our governor years ago. He was a total disaster for this state. He stopped all freeway construction, and so we have gridlock everyday at rush hour and in some parts of the state we have gridlock all the time. We should have built many more freeways and the ones we did build are too narrow. He is very anti-gun and he supports a very liberal social agenda. The Republicans in California and the national level, need to find good strong, conservative candidates. They need to conduct careful background checks to insure they don't have skeletons in their closets and to make sure they have not flip flopped on important issues in the past. Once these candidates have been identified, they need to be provided with money and given an opportunity to run for office. Too often the Republicans have simply given their votes to candidates who had seniority, like Senator Dole and Senator McCain, and that has gotten us nothing but lost elections; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Not Enough Jobs

Unemployment Falls In 90% Of Metro Areas The headline is great news, unemployment is down. President Obama must be doing a great job! This is typical of the main stream media. AOL makes sure the headline is positive. The site then has a positive headline. The story goes on and on about how unemployment went down in this area or that area. The very last word on the very last sentence on the very last paragraph tell the real story. The unemployment rate is actually up to 9.9%. That's the real story. Not that a lot of places things got better. The important statistic is that unemployment is up. If it was still the Bush administration, the headline would have been "Jobless Rate Climbs." As the US population grows every month, more jobs must be created every month just to provide jobs for all the people who enter the workforce. People graduate from high school, college, or trade school, they exit the military, or have to go back to work after a divorce or other reason. That takes hundreds of thousands of jobs, just to stay even. Jobs are the key to economic recovery. We are not getting enough jobs yet, no matter the main stream media may be trying to imply; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Truth Shall Set You Free

Speak the truth, defend your rights ( Sometimes speaking the truth can be difficult. There are many of those out there who don't want to hear the truth and will try and suppress the truth. The truth is often uncomfortable, but we need to make our voices heard. The main stream media seldom tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. They are the masters of the half truth, the lie, and the implication. They tell of scandals, dangers and complaints, without any historical context. They decry those that are good, but less than perfect and speak of moral equivalency. Those of us who are Christian have a duty to witness to the world. Sometimes we will be uncomfortable. Sometimes we will make others uncomfortable. It is not about comfort, it is about truth; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Illegals are Leaving Already

Students, families prepare to leave Arizona because of SB 1070 Typical of the main stream media, this article tells us of the hardships faced by the poor school kids, children of illegal aliens, who will be forced to move because their parents are afraid they will be arrested and deported because of the new Arizona immigration enforcement law. How sad that those who came here in violation of American law are having to return home as a result of Americans enforcing our laws. They made the decision to come here, now they are having to live with the consequences of their actions. This law is doing exactly what it is supposed to do, and it has not even started to be enforced. This story says there are fifty families that are leaving this one elementary school as a result of this new law. Lets do the math. Fifty kids and their families, assuming four persons per family, that's two hundred illegal aliens leaving in this one school area alone. So for every five elementary schools, that's a thousand illegal aliens leaving the state. Even small towns have five elementary schools. So that must mean hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are leaving Arizona on their own even before the law has sent a single one back home. One of the families is not leaving the United States, they are only leaving Arizona. They are going to New Mexico. Seems to me like those states that border Arizona better be passing similar laws right away or they will be swarmed by tens of thousands of illegal aliens from Arizona! Maybe they should all go to Los Angeles, since their city government seems to think it is such a terrible law; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, June 4, 2010

North Korea Needs to Go

The President of South Korea has called for regime change in North Korea. The South Koreans are cutting off trade and making bold statements. They are even speaking about China, North Korea's greatest ally, must recognize the North Koreans as those responsible for the sinking of the South Korean ship. North Korea is one of the worst nations on Earth. No religious freedom, no economic freedom, no freedom of the press, or freedom of almost any kind. They only have the freedom to march in lock step with the Dear Leader. They are always near starvation, often only foreign aid is keeping the people from dying off. Their centralized economy has been a disaster from the beginning. Their only hope is to throw off Communism, unite with the South Koreans and share in their economic miracle. In a few years the people of North Korea could be enjoying a massive influx of money, food, and goods. The South Korean economy has taken South Korea from a destitute nation only fifty years ago after the war to one of the strongest in Asia. If it was not for the need to keep a massive armed forces to defend against their aggressive North Korean neighbors they could cut government spending or invest heavily in infrastructure. Let's hope this can happen sooner, rather than later; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

AAP Says FGM is OK!

American Academy of Pediatrics bending over for islam, gives the okay to female genital mutilation The American Academy of Pediatrics a few years ago decryed FGM as cruel and in humane. Apparently, if you just do it a little bit, it's not actually cruel or inhumane, in fact, it's okay with them. I suppose if we wait a few years, it will not only be okay, but recommended. Then a few years after that, it will be mandatory. The slow slide towards Islamic law continues in the West as one more organization gives up their principles due to fear, and political correctness. I understand they are not endorsing the full FGM. They are endorsing a more limited version, but the concept is the same: mutilate women. There is no medical reason for doing this procedure. It will be painful and have a risk of infection. It is not even cosmetic, it is simply barbaric. It is also another loss in the War Against Islamic Extremists. The Hippocratic Oath says, "First, do no harm..." Perhaps these good doctors of the American Academy of Pediatrics should have refreshed their memories by reading that oath, before voting to permit a harmful and useless procedure. This procedure should be illegal in every state in the Union and should also be forbidden by Federal law as well, that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Jamaica cops attack drug lord's slum stronghold - Yahoo! News The presence of drug money has so destroyed the society in Jamaica that small scale war has broken out to protect a drug lord who is up for extradition. Drugs are a terrible scourge here in the United States. Babies are born prematurely. Women become prostitutes to pay for their drug habits. Otherwise law abiding people turn to crime to support their drug habits. While drugs effects are bad here, they are worse in other nations. A small nation like Jamaica can be very hard hit, very quickly. Drug money is used to finance criminal empires who only care about protecting themselves and making more money. They give money to politicians, who are then beholden to them. Different drug lords support different political parties and when they are in power, each party uses the force of government to go after the other drug gang. Hollywood for years has given us the Rasta image of the man in dreadlocks, smoking marijuana, and dispensing knowledge and wisdom. They show us smiling faces and broadcast steel drum music. Jamaica is a happy place where drugs are used in abundance and there are no problems with gangs and with crime and societal breakdown. A look at the nightly news will now show what a lie that image was all along; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Family Planning, Rated XXX Family planning groups consider that children as young as ten years old have rights to privacy, sexual autonomy, confidentiality for sexual health, and rights to sexual information, including information about sexual orientation and gender identity. So if your fifth grader wants to have an abortion, the medical provider has a requirement not to disclose that information to the parents because the ten year old has a right to confidentiality for sexual health. If your eleven year old wants to know all about being a transvestite, then that child has a right to that information. A parent can't tell the child they cannot read book about men wearing women's clothing because the child has a right to learn about gender identity. If a twelve year old boy wants to learn all about sodomy, then the parent can't stop that from happening. These family planning groups act as if the children belong to them, not to the parents. These children can't even get into a movie with harsh language, PG-13 unless the parents approve of their attendance. Family planning groups have been fully co-opted by the homosexuals and liberals. They focus their whole lives on having recreational sex, and minimizing the consequences of that. They have gone from teaching how to plan when to have children to insure that the parents are able to care properly for those children, to a lascivious lifestyle, centered on sexual pleasure with random partners, even children. Family planning needs an infusion of family values; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.