Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gore Me - Gore's Home Still Guzzling Energy Global warming is so severe that the rich are encouraging the middle class and the poor to sacrifice their jobs, buying power, and conserve fuel and electricity immediately. Al Gore has a gigantic home and yet he runs around telling us that global warming is a terrible problem and we all need to make sacrifices. How come he can live in a house the size of a small Walmart store and the rest of us have to live in tiny little homes? How come he can claim he has planted a few trees someplace and that makes it okay for him to continue to consume vast amounts of energy? This is the typical egotists claiming that we should do what he says not do what he does. The hypocrisy of such people is appalling to me. How can you claim we must conserve and must keep the Earth pure so we can prevent global warming yet live in a giant house; and consume vast amounts of energy? I think his home should be a model, an example to us on how to use alternate energy, special conservation techniques, to leave the tiniest footprint possible. He is a rich guy, it's not like he can't afford to do those things, not like the rest of us here at the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Jobs for Old Dogs

The Re-Careering of the Baby Boomers: Reinventing Yourself in a New World of Work - AOL Find a Job Back in the days when I went to school we all expected to find an job and stay there. I did that and then the company was sold and the new owners laid off all the managers. As the field continued to contract we all had to look for other lines of work or take massive pay cuts. As the United States expects to continue to compete in a global economy the fall of stock prices in Japan can mean lay offs here. As the Chinese build a new factory, goods sold in America may be cheaper to the consumer. As circumstances change we must be ready to re-train millions of workers over time. Too frequently the local community colleges have "basket weaving" classes and not enough job training. The courses offered must teach people to gain skills that are useful in the global economy. Education staff should liaison with local business leaders to determine their needs. The company I used to work for had constant job openings because we could never find enough qualified people. Try as I might to reach out to local colleges they were just not interested in teaching people the skills we needed to be able to hire them. 18th Century Dutch lesbian literature may be interesting, but knowledge of it does not pay the bills, that's what we teach here at the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dumb Politicians

When President Reagen was in office all we read about was that he was senile and unable to understand what was going on around him. President Ford was said to have been injured in the head while playing college football and so had little reasoning power remaining. President Bush, senior, was often spoken of in the media as being non-intellectual, and even stupid. President George W. Bush was alleged to have had low grades in college and to have had too much to drink while in school to have any intelligence left to use to run the nation. For as long as can remember, the main stream media has complained that the Republican President is unintelligent, uneducated, or downright stupid. Recently I even read an article that said John McCain was too dumb to be president, so they have already started with him. Good thing I am too smart to fall for that, here at the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, July 28, 2008


God Wants Me to Be Rich - WalletPop God does not want you to be rich, or poor; God wants you to be faithful. If you are faithful, God will grant you the peace of the Lord which passes human understanding. That peace is not about having what you want to be happy, it is being happy with what you have. Believers in prison are not going to be rich, but they can have the happiness that only God can bring to them. Don't believe in God because you think that He will make you rich in material things. I have worked in areas where the people were rich, and very few of them were happy or satisfied. We need look no farther than Hollywood to see how little instant riches buys happiness. Failed marriages, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse are rampant in Hollywood. Yet, they live in houses worth millions, drive fancy cars, wear designer clothing and have just about anything anyone would want. I have visited a poor Third World nation where the people were happy and smiling and lived in one room hovels with an outdoor toilet. They were Christians and God had blessed them with family and friends and hope and peace. They were happy with what they had, the peace of God. That's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Iran & Missiles

A Defiant Iran Test-Fires More Missiles - AOL News Iran tested surface to surface missiles and torpedoes recently. They flex their muscles telling the West that they will retaliate militarily against anyone who uses force to prevent them from getting on with their nuclear program. Other nations suspect that Iran is working on nuclear weapons but just chat about it. It may happen soon, some say, others say it may not happen for a long time. All of them sit around talking. No one says it would be a good thing if Iran had nuclear weapons along with long range missiles to deliver them. Yet, no one seems willing to do anything about it, other than talk. Those who say we should wait, I ask, what are we waiting for? Is it better to wait until fifteen minutes prior to the Iranians actually assembling their first nuclear weapons before striking them? Is this some sort of wild west standoff where we have to wait before they go for their guns before we shoot? Is an Iran with long range missiles a good idea? Is Iran with nuclear weapons a good idea? If the answer to either of these is "No" then what are we waiting for? There must be something we can do to prevent it while there is still time. I suspect only military action will prevent those things from happening here at the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Illegal Aliens

Bush Should Strip Sanctuary Cities Of Federal Funds -- Michael Reagan -- GOPUSA Sanctuary cities offer sanctuary to illegal aliens from the Federal government. Why does the Federal government allow this to continue? We fought a Civil War to prove that Federal law is superior to state and local laws. If the cities were violating the civil rights of gays, or women or minorities or other ways violating Federal laws then I am sure the Federal government would be withholding money from those states or cities. Illegal aliens breed other crimes besides just being here without papers. They often don't pay Federal Income Taxes because they don't "exist," they often don't pay other taxes that require an identity. They drive cars without a drivers license and without car insurance. So, often they drive badly and if they get into an accident it is often a hit and run and the other driver ends up having to pay for the damage themselves. If states or cities want to flaunt Federal laws for illegal aliens, what are they doing for us citizens? I was born in California, and yet the State government does not allow me to forgo compliance with Federal laws. So just to be clear, if you are an illegal alien the State and local governments won't require you comply with Federal laws, only if you are a citizen, so illegal aliens actually get more from the state than the rest of us, that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, July 25, 2008

No Birth Control For the Pope

Critics Urge Pope to Lift Birth Control Ban - AOL News How about "Extremist Groups Want Pope to Change the Entire Roman Catholic Church" that would be a more descriptive headline. The article give us eleven paragraphs about how the Roman Catholic Church needs to change their stand on birth control. In paragraph twelve they finally identify by names some of these groups of "critics." One group ministers to gays. What does the Popes stand on the prohibition of artificial birth control have to do with gays? I may have been mis-informed, but gay sex never leads to a need for birth control according to what I have been told about it. If two gay guys are having sex and using a condom, I don't think it is the "condom" that is the main issue that would be a problem for most practicing Catholics. Another of the groups wants to ordain women priests; and the third one is in favor of a woman's right to an abortion. So it is not merely that these groups would be happy if the Pope permitted the use of birth control, they want to change the entire direction of the Holy Catholic Faith. They don't want to simply lobby the Pope for a few changes around the margins, they want to destroy the church and all it stands for; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nuclear Primacy

Foreign Affairs - The Rise of U.S. Nuclear Primacy - Keir A. Lieber and Daryl G. Press According to this article the United States is about to enter an era where we no long have to fear nuclear attack from any other nation state. Apart from a singular attack by terrorists or a rogue state this would keep us free from the possibility of nuclear attack. This gives the United States the same advantage we had during the early stages of the Cold War. The US should continue to develop new technologies and techniques to conduct high and low technology warfare. There may come a time when potential enemies could destroy our aircraft, or incoming missiles or threaten our submarines. China in particular and our Muslim extremist enemies practice and study asymmetrical warfare; fighting against a foe that is significantly stronger. One way to overcome much of our advantage would be to infiltrate hundreds or perhaps thousands of Chinese or Muslim extremists into our nuclear arsenal or the command and control nodes for them. If the command to launch the missiles can't be transmitted, then they become useless. Of course, Chinese nationals or recent immigrants would not be likely to qualify for the security clearances needed to get the type of clearances that would be needed to get them access to that type of military facility. Muslim extremists who are American citizens are not necessarily disqualified to be granted secret clearances to gain access to these types of military facilities. Perhaps there is time to re-examine if Muslims should be disqualified from certain clearances and accesses. That's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lawsuit Crazy

Teen Sues Teacher for Calling Her Ugly - AOL News A teacher humiliated a 14 year old student and for only $75,000.00 the student will feel all better. How is it that money will make humiliation better? If the teacher did something improper then the teacher should apologize and perhaps be disciplined, but paying money to the student is not proper. Once again, a lawsuit is chosen as the way to fix a problem that really does not belong in the legal arena. Anytime someone has a problem they immediately run to a lawyer and file a lawsuit. They think that money will solve any problem. Money only solves problem where a financial damage was incurred by the plaintiff. Someone crashes their car into a brick wall and if they pay for the wall, the problem is solved. Perhaps a little extra money to pay for the time of the person who has to coordinate the repair of the wall, but adding thousands of extra dollars is not necessary. Two people don't get along, interpersonal relationships are difficult and complex, but adding money to the mixture does not make them easier. Lawsuits are too often seen as the answer to problems when in fact they are just another problem. Fourteen year old kids are going to be humiliated all the time, it is part of the nature of being a teenager. We don't need a lawsuit every time that happens; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Come Fly With Me

Officials say Pentagon will reopen $35B tanker bid - AOL Money & Finance Boeing will get another chance to win a bid to make air refueling tankers for the US Air Force. Northrup Grumman acting with Airbus won but after Boeing supporters whined about it they have re-opened the bidding. The ability to refuel our bomber fleet and recon aircraft in the air is a great strategic asset for the United States and the technology that makes that possible should never be allowed to be manufactured outside the USA. The ability to project power by air is nearly unique to the US Air Force, and this technology helps make that possible. Sometimes the lowest bidder is not the best choice. Other aspects of a contract also have to be taken into consideration, that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hollywood Should Support The Troops

Here is a Video that I doubt you will see on TV or MTV. Pay close attention to the items behind the clerk in the Pawn Shop. Years before the US was involved in the Second World War Hollywood and the music world were involved in making shows and music that portrayed the English as stalwart chaps who were brave and honorable, and our potential German and Japanese enemies as sneaky, evil doers who were out to get us. They mentioned the Japanese warlords by name and spoke of Nazi spy's. It was clear that they were the enemies of us all. Now we get movies about American troops torturing prisoners and committing one atrocity after another. Even in movies that don't make the American military the bag guys, like Iron Man, the enemy is never identified by name, radical Muslims are never mentioned and the real bad guy is an American defense contractor! How many movies made in the USA between 1939 and 1945 showed American defense contractors as the bad guy? I suspect the number is pretty low. Over the last few nights we watched OSS and 13 Rue Madeline on television. Two movies that old of the sacrifices of the men and women of the Office of Strategic Services in World War Two. These no nonsense movies showed it was very rough to play the game of espionage against the Nazis in World War Two. The Americans were given tough training and many died fighting the enemy and you felt grateful such people had been willing to give their all for their nation. That's the kind of movies we need today, movies to support the troops. You can't support the troops if you want them to lose the war, that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Poor Customer Service

Microsoft to stop selling Windows XP on Monday - AOL Money & Finance Microsoft is ending it's sales of Windows XP. Some businesses don't understand that the customer is always right. Poor customer service is rampant these days and apparently at Microsoft it goes all the way to the top. How arrogant for a company to decide that their customers don't know what is good for them and that they will have to upgrade to the next new thing. Most people who just use a computer for their average day to day operations don't need the highly complex systems they are forced to use. I have been using computers nearly every day since the early 1980s and the operating systems just get more and more complex every time I upgrade to a new computer. Us regular folks just want a computer that is safe, fast, and does the routine things that we do all the time, reliably. It is heartbreaking to be typing a large message, or memo and have the computer crash and the data get lost. It is even worse to have a drive crash and lose every thing. How many font options do you really use? How many colors do you use in the average week? I suspect that most of us hardly ever use the majority of the features that most operating software provides. I would prefer these multi-billionaires, these computer geniuses would concentrate on making computers that do the things most of us want done, without all the bells and whistles that simply add to the cost and complexity and reduce reliability. That's what computes here at the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Complex Laws Are Complicated

For the last twenty years every Democratic presidential nominee had attended law school, and most were attorneys. Unlike their Republican counterparts they did not work at real jobs, they worked as politicians and filed lawsuits. The Democrats see everything in terms of making laws and bringing lawsuits. Like we don't already have enough laws and as if their are not enough lawsuits. When we have a world wide shortage of oil, what is their solution to that problem? Sue OPEC and write laws to tax oil companies. Just how does that produce more oil? Just about every time I watch a TV show or movie, I can predict who the bad guy is going to be, if the US military is not involved, then it will be the American businessman. The liberal entertainment media follow the Democratic party line. Business is evil. Land developers, oil companies, drug companies are all terrible, evil doers who will stop at nothing to make a buck.

Too many of our politicians have never held real jobs in the private sector. Too many of the laws they burden us with they exempt themselves from so they don't have to worry about compliance with labor law and other onerous regulations that they capriciously slap on private companies. Tax laws so complex even the IRS does not understand them. The California assault weapons ban has been in the courts for years because it is so complicated even the agency that is supposed to enforce it does not understand it. Perhaps we should have even more separation of powers and prevent attorneys from making the laws, that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Black Abortion

NAACP and Abortions - CA Political News by Stephen Frank Nearly two out of every five Black American children are aborted. That's fourteen million Black children and counting. Not that many years ago abortion was illegal and abortions were rare in the Black community. Now they are more and more common. How many is too many? For the abortion industry, more is better, they make money off of every abortion. Since 1973 when abortion was made legal abortions in the Black community have gone from statistically irrelevant to nearly 40% of Black pregnancies, and increase of about 1% a year. At that rate by 2073 all Black pregnancies will end in abortion, and seventy or eighty years later there would be no more Blacks in America. It would be interesting to hear the opinion of Jesse Jackson and other Black leaders about this situation. They are all in favor of abortion, despite the fact that it diminishes their own constituency more and more every year. I wonder if in 1972 a plan was developed by white supremacists that would eliminate all Black Americans in just over 100 years. Would Jesse Jackson support that plan? Oh, wait, he does; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Don't Be Cruel To Child Rapists

Erasing the Constitution Through Evolution The Constitution not only permits the death penalty, but actually indicates it is appropriate for the crime of treason. Treason is a crime where the life of a person may not be taken by the traitor. The US Supreme Court has now struck down the death penalty against those who rape children. As a father, certainly I think that if someone had raped my child, I would have considered the death penalty the proper punishment. Why is it that a few members of the court think they are so much more enlightened than the rest of us? The elitism of the court is appalling. Society has a right to defend itself against the lowest of the low and certainly child rapists qualify. Such criminals have to be protected from other prisoners when in custody, because even other criminals recognize the harm child rapists do to their victims. Perhaps the members of the Supreme Court need to think more like parents and less like activist legal scholars when making these decisions. As a society we continue to devalue our children. Abortion is legal. The morning after pill is legal. Women are encouraged to have children later in life and have smaller families. Now the Supreme Court does not think that raping a child is an act worthy of death. Our government does not value children as much as we do here at the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lawsuit Crazy

I got a letter in the mail that said I am entitled to a check for $5.00 because I am part of a settlement of a class action lawsuit. Reading further, I found that those who were "class representatives" will get $2,500.00 each. Finally, at the end, I read the attorneys will get $5,000,000.00. So I get five bucks, and the lawyers get a million times that amount. They have also agreed to give money to two organizations that deal with this type of issue but were not actually involved in the incident. What a stupid waste of the legal system. A group of lawyers get rich, and two organizations that were not damaged by the acts of the defendant get rich and those who were aggrieved get enough money to buy a cup of coffee. This lawsuit has been going on for ten years, again another stupid waste of the judicial system. Class action lawsuits should not proceed unless there is some significant loss to each individual plaintiff. A loss that equals $5.00 per plaintiff is not worth the time of anyone to bother with. Money should also not go to third parties who were not involved in the loss. If there is merit to a case that results in a minimal loss to a large number of people, then the government should prosecute the civil case and simply distribute any money collected to the people who suffered loss, after expenses. My point is that no one should be getting rich over these petty lawsuits that bring no real benefit to the plaintiffs. That's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fake Me Out

Woman Pleads Guilty in ID Theft Scam - AOL News Two young people steal the identity of others and make off with over $100,000.00. Their prison sentences are expected to be five or six years. How long will their victims suffer? Will those they stole from be whole again in that length of time? These criminals did not just steal identity, they stole money, and goods, and services. It will take years for the victims to get their lives back. These two criminals should be forced to make restitution to all their victims, the individuals, and companies, and insurance companies that paid claims. They should be closely monitored while in prison so that they don't use their limited access to telephones and computers to continue to participate in identity theft scams. Their credit and financial records should be monitored for the next thirty years to insure they don't pick up their old ways. With more people using computers, credit cards, debit cards the security of the system is essential. If the system cannot be made and kept secure the confidence of people in using technology to conduct business will be impaired. In the old days the government formed the Secret Service to fight counterfeiters. Now we need the full force of dedicated government agencies to fight the new counterfeiters, identity thieves; that's the real thing here at the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Right To Keep and Bear Tanks There is an old T-34/85 tank for sale on eBay. It dates from the end of the Second World War. What a great way to show your support for the right to keep and bear arms. Forget those nasty anti-assault rifle laws, I want a tank. The Second Amendment is not about hunting ducks, or collecting fine engraved firearms, it is about the people having the right to keep and bear arms to overthrow a government that has become oppressive, corrupt and despotic. The framers of the Constitution knew that in the final analysis, the only people who are truly free are those who have the ability to rise up against their oppressors and throw off the yoke of slavery. Every time the Congress passes a law that further restricts the liberties of the American people they should fear the potential for rebellion. That is the ultimate sovereignty of the people, that is why the military is under civilian control, so that we need not fear a military dictatorship, and that is why the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. What good are arms if you have to leave them at home in a lock box? How can you protect yourself from a government out of control? People say that can't happen here in America. We saw in the Second World War that American citizens were rounded up and placed in camps, only because of their racial and ethnic identity as Japanese Americans. I have no problem with the government rounding up illegal aliens, or even legal aliens or other non-citizens of Japanese ancestry during World War Two, but it was wrong to confine American citizens in camps who had not committed any crimes. People say that was a long time ago and cannot happen here in America today. Well, look what happened in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, American citizens in lawful position of firearms in their own homes had police raid their houses and forcibly take their guns away, despite the fact that those citizens committed no crimes. They merely possessed guns in their homes to protect themselves and their property from looters. The Second Amendment is the protection for all the other Amendments; that's how things sight in here at the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bible Publishers - Bible Publishers Sued for Anti-Gay References How interesting. I often hear from those who are pro-gay that the Bible does not condemn homosexuality. Now some homosexual is suing Bible publishers because the Bibles they print have translations or interpretations that indicate the Bible condemns homosexuality. So, the Bible does not condemn homosexual activity but you have to remove all those parts of the Bible that condemn homosexual activity. Sort of a self fulfilling prophesy don't you think? Another example of a stupid lawsuit that a couple of companies have to deal with. No wonder so many books are now published in Hong Kong. These companies will spend thousands of dollars defending against a lawsuit that is obviously a complete and total waste of time. The judge should have taken about thirty seconds to read the complain and toss it out. Freedom of the press? Not if it offends someone apparently. Once again, the constitutional rights of people who have been going about their business in the same way for decades, if not centuries are being trampled by some fringe person with an imagined complaint. Many wonder why companies move their operations overseas, well, this is exactly the sort of thing that is often enough to push companies to move to other countries. How many Bibles will these companies have to sell to make up for the cost of this lawsuit, even if they win? How many sleepless nights will the owners of these companies endure for months, even years while this lawsuit proceeds? That's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

I Am Not Sorry

AMA to Apologize to Blacks for Racism - AOL News The American Medical Association is apologizing for something they stopped doing in the 1960s. I suspect that it was so long ago that this discrimination occurred that no one who is in a position of authority in the AMA during that time who was involved in discrimination against Blacks is still there, and probably not still alive. I suspect that there are few if any practicing Black doctors who were discriminated against back then who are still practicing or even still alive to receive the apology. But still forty-eight years later they have issued a formal apology. So people who never discriminated against anyone apologized to people who were not discriminated against by that organization. This seems to be a trend in our society that I don't think is healthy. People who have done nothing wrong apologizing to people who had nothing bad happen to them. A church apologizes for something that happened four hundred years ago, a company apologizes for something they did one hundred fifty years ago, nations apologizing for things they did sixty years ago. All of this to victims that in most cases no longer exist. Every group has had bad times, often at the hand of another group. And when one person wrongs another, it is good for the person who did the bad thing to repent of their sin and try and made a redress of grievances to the party who was offended. Perhaps a simple apology, or payment of money to compensate for their loss. But there is a term, justice delayed is justice denied. If the problem has been resolved for a long period of time, certainly beyond the working life of employees or lifespan of other people, an apology is no longer needed, because the person who did the wrong no longer exists. Our justice system is based on punishment for the offender, not his replacement or his grandchildren. That's the unapologetic view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Marry Anyone or Everyone

Gay marriage is in full operation here in California. Yet our legislature and our Governor fail to do anything about it. They and our judges continue to operate business as usual as a central institution of our society is destroyed. A couple of unelected judges take it upon themselves to do what the voters and the legislature have refused to do, change the definition of marriage. This will of course have national and international repercussions as other states and other countries are expected to be forced into recognizing these "marriages." If you only look for scientific reasons to avoid marriage due to the dangers of transmitting genetic disease by having children with a close relative, then you could marry anyone these days. One party gets sterilized and then there is no medical reason not to marry your mom, or sister, or dad, or child. Woody Allen already married his adopted daughter. There has been some legal opinion that says this ruling has left the door open for anyone to marry anyone else, in any number and any combination. Without the guidance of God's word and the 6,000+ years of traditions of Western Culture to guide us that is the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Generation Gap Okays Murder?

Georgia Man Charged in 'Honor Killing' - AOL News How interesting that a Muslim kills his daughter in an Honor Killing, in obedience to his religious beliefs and the article on AOL does not even bother to mention that he is a Muslim. Again, the mainstream media hides the identity of the enemies within our own nation. He is "South Asian." He did not kill her because he is "South Asian," he killed her because he is a Muslim and she was going to bring "dishonor" to the family. Then they quote people trying to rationalize the events as saying they are the result of cultural differences and a generation gap. Murder is not the result of cultural differences, murder is the result of a false religion that preaches killing women is okay if the men of the family think she has dishonored the family name. Murder is not due to a generation gap, it is due to evil men who think that women are hardly more than property to be disposed of if they no longer serve the purpose intended by the men of the family. I did not read any quotes in this article from Imams in the US condemning this killing as immoral. I don't expect to do so either. While I am not a fan of divorce, I am also opposed to arranged marriages, and opposed to husbands and wives living hundreds of miles apart too. This entire family is dysfunctional by the Ozzie and Harriet standards of American society. The wife and daughter should be cherished and loved and protected by her family, not forced into an arranged marriage and then murdered when she wanted out; but then Ozzie and Harriet were not Muslims. That's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Votes For Sale

Teen offers vote for sale on eBay - ParentDish Our nation is at war to protect the rights of people to do things like, vote and this person offers to sell his vote, with a minimum bid of $10. So now people who are old enough to serve in the military are instead willing to sell their heritage for a mere $10. It's good to know what the price of liberty is these days. Other young men, 19 years old or so, are in Iraq and Afghanistan risking life and limb for the right to vote, among other things. Their lives are worth a far cry more than $10. I hope they place him in jail for a while and when he is there send him to school to learn about the sacred duties of citizens. One of which is the right to vote. We need to stay informed about current events, determine how to vote on issues and candidates and then cast that vote themselves. Pay taxes, give something back to the community in the military, or public service. Selling your vote on eBay is irresponsible and reprehensible. That's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Illegal Abortion Gets Jail Time

PD*Poll: Mom goes to jail for illegal abortion - ParentDish A 16 year old teenager gets his 16 year old girlfriend pregnant and to avoid the state parental notification law, the mother of the boy signed the parental notification paperwork and coerced the teenager to get an abortion. The abortion clinic failed to actually contact an adult parent or guardian of the teenager in person as required by state law. The mother of the boy says he wanted to go to college and a baby would interferer with his college plans. The parents of the girl were not notified that she was pregnant until a month after she had the abortion and they called the police. This could easily be avoided had they both been taught that "Don't have sex with people unless you are married to them." Married women, pregnant by their husbands, almost never have abortions. This simple phrase solves so many of the problems in our society. Aids, abortion, unwanted children, infidelity, divorce would be so much reduced as to no longer be major societal issues, if we simply followed that advice. Commandment number seven, thou shat not commit adultery. That advice has been around for several thousand years now. You would think that most people would be familiar with it. Of course, they don't let you post it in schools, or libraries, or offices or most any other public place where it was on display for 200 years. That's 200 years with few abortions, no Aids, few unwanted children, infidelity was low, and divorce was rare. Coincidence? I think not. Okay, how about this one, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That sounds like a nice way to live your life. Be nice to people, because you want people to be nice to you. If you get a girl pregnant, don't force her into an illegal abortion, rather be nice to her. Help her to have the baby and take care of it. So if you have to delay going to college, or work long hours, so be it. Your father did not have you aborted, so do unto others as they have done unto you.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Media War Coverage

Afghans Say US Bombed Wedding Party - AOL News Naturally. Since the US military has by this time destroyed the hospitals and orphanages, wedding parties are next on the target list. Or not. Typical of the liberal news media to focus on an unsubstantiated charge that could not be confirmed by reporters, Afghan officials, or the US military. Someone phones in a story and sends a few photos of an injured young man, but no reporters are sent to the area. At the bottom of the story they mention that only 2,100 Afghans have been killed this year, mostly terrorists, compared to over 8,000 for last year. That means we are on track to have reduced casualties by half compared to last year. That's the story; that we are winning the war in Afghanistan, not that we may have killed some people in a wedding party. The nature of this war is that the enemy will lie and distort information to make the US and NATO forces look bad. Insurgency is difficult to fight in a conventional manner because the enemy looks just like the civilian population. The photos that were posted in the article showed a "boy" being treated at a hospital. He looked to be at least five feet tall and had some facial hair. He was at least a 'teen' and by using the term "boy" conjures up an image of warfare against six year old children. All over the world fifteen year olds are fighting as soldiers in this terror war against the West. There were no photos of the alleged 27 dead, and no photos of dead or wounded women. The media continuously gives the benefit of the doubt to our enemies while holding our troops to impossibly high standards. Too bad standards of objective journalism are not used when reporting incident that our enemies want reported. The headlines certainly make a charge that is terrible against our forces. The media needs to remember who's side they are on, because they have a stake in this war too. That's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Common Sense

Right To Bear Arms -- Linda Chavez -- GOPUSA The Supreme Court actually acts with common sense in the Heller case, they affirm the individual right to keep and bear arms. It is always a surprise to me that lawyers with years of training can read a simple straightforward paragraph, read the history of the legislation and then come up with decisions that bear no relationship to the words, the history, common sense or good judgement. The Fourth Amendment says nothing about abortion. When the founding fathers were writing the Constitution and Bill of Rights abortion was a terrible crime everywhere. Western Civilization had considered abortion an evil act for centuries. The Hippocratic Oath dates from the 4th Century B.C. and forbids abortion. Yet, somehow, judges mutated an amendment that protects citizens from unreasonable police searches and allows mothers to kill their children. Years ago, when my daughter was only about three years old, we went to a fair that had a right to life booth. As part of the display they were giving away life size models of embryos of two months development. I took one of these little pink models and handed it to my daughter. It was probably the size of a peanut. She took one look at it and instantly and unhesitatingly said "A baby." Not tissue, not something that is not separate from the mother, but a baby. It did not take a law degree, years of study to state the obvious. That's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

I Wanted a Death Ray But I Got Blu Ray Instead

Blu-ray DVD format may not dominate for years - AOL Money & Finance I had records as a kid. 75 rpm, 45 rpm, and 33 rpm long playing. Then we got reel to reel players because they could record our voices and records could not. Then we got 8 track tapes because we could listen to those in our cars, unlike record players. Later, we got cassette tapes because they were much smaller than 8 track, and cheaper and we could record on those too. Eventually, we got CDs because you could record on those and they were more durable than cassettes and the quality was really great. I also saw the big one inch format video cassette recorder at Sears in about 1973 that would record one hour of TV and you did not even have to be home to be able to watch your favorite shows! It cost about the same as a car, so I missed that. Then we got BetaMax recorders for home use, but I missed those too because they were so expensive, but along came VHS. They were like big audio cassette tapes. How wonderful, we could tape a show and watch it over and over again. But they wore out and the shows got grainy after you watched them a few times and the pre-recorded movies were often a hundred dollars and I only made about $10 an hour then. You really had to want a movie bad to pay that much for one. Then the machine would eat the tape. I hated that. Then we got stylus discs, and I am not sure why but I missed those, and instead got the Laser Disc system. These were like record size CDs and you could get a movie for only about fifty dollars and they were often wide screen. I spent a lot of time explaining to people why I wanted something like that if you could not record on it and why video quality was such an issue and how come there were those big lines on the top and bottom of the screen on all the wide screen movies. Three Laser Disc players later, I got my first DVD player as a gift from a friend. Clearly, these were better, but I actually was trying to skip DVD and wait for the next big thing. But now hundreds of DVD movies and TV shows later they come out with HD DVD. Soon afterwards they came out with Blu Ray DVD. I have seen Blu Ray DVDs playing on ginormous HD TV screens in stores, right next to the same movie on regular DVD. I really can't tell much difference unless I have my nose on the screen. They tell me that this is the next big thing. But I already have Digital HD CATV, VHS, and DVD. Do I really want to add another format to watch TV? I think I am going to wait for Beta Digital Disc Laser HD Blu Ray TV. It should be along about 6 months after I break down and buy a Blu Ray player, that's what we watch for here at the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Make Up Your Own Budget Rules

Reopening black farmers' suits could cost billions - AOL News The Congress is re-opening suits from nearly ten years ago that the government discriminated against Black farmers. They paid millions to Black farmers to settle these claims and the deadline came and went back in 1999. Now suddenly they want to re-open all these claims. Gee, I wonder if it has to do with the fact that it is an election year and they are trying to buy Black votes for Presidential Candidate Obama? The other thing they did that is reprehensible is that the Congress is supposed to write a balanced budget, but knowingly included only a tiny amount of money for this program, knowing that if they do re-open these claims, all estimates indicate awards could run into the billions, rather than the millions Congress has set aside for the program. If the law requires a budget that is accurate and meets certain target numbers, why is the Congress allowed to simply ignore and flaunt the law by putting any numbers they want into the budget now matter how unrealistic they may be? If they put in numbers they should be held to those numbers for the fiscal year. Only national security should be a valid reason to increase the budget once it is final. Justice delayed is justice denied. These farmers have waited for nearly ten years for these lawsuits to be re-opened. If they were discriminated against they should have filed a claim and the claims should have been handled in a timely manner. If some failed to file in time, then they missed their chance and it is time to move on with their lives. If you go back far enough in history you will find that every group has suffered at the hands of someone else at some time or another. Part of the basis of our justice system is that we pay for the crimes we commit. But we should not have to pay for the crimes other people committed, that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Anti-Iraq War

I was reading an anti-war article in Latina magazine, May 2008 edition that was explaining how soldiers were pressed to the breaking point and then refused to go back to Iraq. They were telling us that soldiers became anti-war as a result of their experiences there, and how terrible the Americans were behaving. One soldier said he felt like the Nazis breaking into peoples home and shoving Bibles and rosaries on them, and insulting Mohammad. So much to write about and where to begin. The article showed a photo of one of the soldiers in Jordan, he was holding a sign that said "Give peace a chance." So it seems to me that he was opposed to the war, even before he got to Iraq. This was not an epiphany for him, this was just validation for what he already believed. He went there looking for reasons to oppose the war and he found them. Or did he? When the Nazis broke into the homes of the Jews in Nazi Germany, they did not take the men away for questioning, they rounded up everyone, women, children and old people. From there they were all taken to Ghettos or Concentration Camps. Once rounded up and put into a Ghetto or Camp there was little chance for a Jew to get out alive. Hardly the case in Iraq. One soldier also said they would conduct raids for terrorists, and if someone moved who was not supposed to be moving, the American soldiers would shoot that person. I don't see a problem with that. Try moving around when you are the target of a drug raid by American police. It is a good way to get shot. In a land of suicide bombers it does not take much movement to touch off a bomb and kill several American soldiers. They were searching for terrorists and weapons. If someone moves, they could be going for a weapon. If you wait and see what they are doing you are putting your life and the life of other Americans at risk. He says the Americans were shoving Bibles in the pockets of the people they were searching. How interesting that I just got an email saying that American soldiers are complaining about a lack of Bibles in Iraq for their own use. While I would not want people breaking into my home and shoving a Bible in my pocket, I don't think that is much of a war crime. These soldiers also don't speak about any American casualties, so it sounds like most of their operations from an American point of view were successful. I have known three soldiers who went to Iraq and returned and their units had no one killed and few injuries. We are winning the war, but the media don't want you to know, that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Loans and Usury

I was watching television the other day and I saw a commercial for one of those paycheck loan companies. Bring in a paycheck stub and get a loan. As the commercial continued, I took note of the fine print. On a $2,600 loan there was a $75 origination fee. So the maker of the loan makes $75 on the first day. The payments are for forty-two months. The person must pay for over three and a half years to pay off the loan. The final total cost is $9,170.10 for the loan repayment.

The commercial does not actually show the final total cost, I had to calculate that. They do show the interest rate, 99%. Yes, that is correct, 99% interest. In centuries past usury was illegal, immoral and unethical, and could even result in excommunication.

Imagine you are a single working mother, and the transmission goes out on your four year old car you just finished paying for. So you get a loan for $2,600 and over the next three and a half years you end up paying for the cost of a new car. The poor get poorer and the rich get richer. I understand the difference between a loan like a mortgage that has little risk, because you can always foreclose on the house and an unsecured loan does not have that security. Still there is a difference between charging a fair price for money and usury, that's the view form the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Electric Cars That Don't Suck

Vacuum-Cleaner King James Dyson Plans Solar-Powered Car - Switched Years ago, fed up with vacuum cleaners that would jam up with dog hair, take a long time to unjam, and the high cost of bags and filters, I researched vacuums on the Internet. After a long search I then took my new found information and went shopping. What I finally ended up buying was a Dyson Animal vacuum. It was specially designed not to get clogged up with dog hair. It has worked perfectly for the past two years and I really like the fact that there are no bags and the only filter is washable! At the time I was on my fourth vacuum in eight years and hated them all. The Dyson was no more expensive than the most expensive one I had purchased and it worked much better. Now I read that Mr. Dyson has turned his attention to electric cars. Not just electric cars, but solar powered cars. This is one of the reasons I admire Mr. Dyson, he looks at a problem and comes up with a solution to the whole problem, not just a part of it. An electrically powered car is nice, it uses no gasoline, it does not spew out exhaust to dirty our air. But it only solves a part of the problem. It still leaves the problem of how to make the electricity for the electric car. A solar powered car resolves all those problems. We don't have to build more electric power generation stations to power our cars with solar cars. We don't have to buy oil to power those generation stations to run those cars. And we get the value of an electric car. The final reason to give kudos to Mr. Dyson is that he is using his own money to finance this project. This is not the Congress who are going to sue OPEC, or Al Gore who runs around telling us to be afraid of global warming. Mr. Dyson is actually using his own time and money and creativity to fix the problems. I think that's a good idea, here at the Hysterical Right Wing.