Saturday, May 31, 2008

God Punishes Evil

Stone Sorry for China Quake Comment - AOL News So when a conservative preacher says that 9/11 or Katrina may be due to the immoral lifestyles of the people in New York City or New Orleans that is widely condemned in the media, but when a Hollywood starlet says China is being punished by God for their action against Tibet, that is okay? Christians believe in both the Old Testament and the New Testament as the inspired word of God. We know from these documents that God has a history of punishing those who disobey his word or who live an immoral lifestyle. When God told Noah to build the Arc he eventually destroyed most of mankind because of their evil ways. When Lot was told to remove his family from Sodom and Gomorrah, God destroyed them due to their immoral lifestyles. When the Israelites were carried off to bondage in Assyria, it was to punish them for their immoral lifestyles. So, if we believe the Bible, we know that historically God has punished those who have displeased him. The question is then, are these three events acts of God to punish evil, or acts of evil that happen in a fallen world? I think it is not up to us as people to judge if God is punishing someone or some city, or some nation unless God has spoken to us directly to tell us about it before it happens. God warned the people before he destroyed or enslaved them. He sent prophets to tell the people what would happen. I don't think we saw any great influx of prophets telling New York City or New Orleans or China to repent or God would destroy them. So while individuals may have done evil in those places, I think it is wrong to describe what has happened in those disasters as God's punishment. That being said, I do think that God can remove his protection and allow evil to befall us that may not happen if we were living a righteous lifestyle. I suspect if you could find a city where the people were obeying Gods word and doing his will, the rate of disasters would be less than the norm for a similar city because they would enjoy a measure of protection from the Lord. At the very least the pain that comes from divorce, abortion, homosexual lifestyles, and etc would certainly be less, so the mental health of the people would be better than similar locations. So were these disasters the result of Gods punishment? I don't think that is true. Were those folks living as God wants them to live? I don't think that is true either. That's how I see things here at the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Have a Coke and a Smile

Cheetos encouraging kids to "stick it to The Man" - ParentDish How interesting. A multibillon dollar, multinational company is telling kids to stick it to the man. Who is the man if it is not Pepsico themselves? I find it very disheartening that big companies have to pretend to be some small "underground" movement to be given any credibility. I also find it discouraging that even big companies try to undermine the authority of parents and other authority figures by devising ad campaigns that tell the viewers to "stick it to the man." I work part-time as a police officer and if some pre-teen walks up to me and squashes a Cheeto on my uniform shirt, I will not be amused. It used to be that corporations tried to be responsible citizens and reinforced the messages from parents to respect others rights and authority. Now the message is to "stick it to the man." I know the next time it is time for a soft drink, this Pepsico ad campaign will influence me, to have a Coke. That's what we drink here at the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Our Flag!

Boy stands up for Old Glory : Local News : The Rocky Mountain News This boy saw a need and he jumped in to take care of it. The flag at his school was being neglected and he volunteered to raise and lower it every day and makes sure it is in good condition. What an inspiration to see a young person do such a good thing. He did not see a problem and complain that he was a victim who could not do anything to improve the condition of the flag at his school. He did not complain to his parents who then stormed into the school administrators offices to demand action. He did not hire attorneys to develop class action lawsuits to solve this problem. He did not call a hunger strike, chain himself to the pole and call the media. He did not go to his local government officials and demand new government programs and higher taxes to resolve this important issue. He formed a plan and went to work and asked if he could help. Like a true American he volunteered to solve the problem himself. Without new taxes. Without new programs. Without attorneys. Without claiming he is a victim. Here at the Right Wing, I am just Hysterical about it.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Let's Be Inclusive, Rather Than Historical

Spike Lee Rips Eastwood for WWII Films - AOL News Spike Lee is upset because the Clint Eastwood movies about Iwo Jima did not have any Blacks in them. There were a few Black Marines there, but the majority of them served in service support roles. Certainly any honorable service in the US Military is a proud thing, and deserves our respect. But a movie about guys unloading boxes is not very exciting. So now Spike Lee has moved the bar. You are no longer evil only if you say something bad about Blacks, you have to say things that are good about Blacks, even in events where they did little to contribute. One of these two movies was told from the Japanese side, so most of the actors and action was about Japanese Imperial Army soldiers. How much inclusion is enough? Would Mr. Lee have been happy if the Japanese soldiers looked out the entrance of their cave and watched some Black American Marines unload boxes from a landing craft? How about if they unloaded boxes from a landing craft under fire? Perhaps if the Black Marines unloaded boxes from a landing craft under fire, while the White Marines ran away and took cover? Maybe Mr. Eastwood could a have fictionalized a group of Black Marines that paused briefly in their unloading of boxes to rout out large numbers of Japanese solders. Maybe the raising of the flag on Iwo Jima should have included two or three Black Marines, and a woman so that we could be even more inclusive. And one of them should be gay, too, and a Muslim. Because here at the Hysterical Right Wing we don't want historical fact to interfere with being inclusive.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hysterical Right Rooster Wing,0,4480585.story New Los Angeles residents are keeping roosters, and pigs, and goats. How nice. Recent immigrants defy the law and keep barnyard animals in an urban environment. The City has fewer than 100 animal control officers to cover a city of millions of people and animals. They simply ignore many animal violations unless there is a specific complaint. Anyone who comes to live here needs to adapt to the conditions and laws of our nation. They should come here legally, and obey our laws once they get here. At times when concerns for bird flu, overcrowding, overtaxed infrastructure are a problem that is not getting better, allowing people to keep farm animals in urban settings is not acceptable. One reason people come here from other nations is we don't require that they obey our laws. Frequently illegal aliens work under the table, avoiding paying taxes, they drive without drivers licenses, and without insurance, and they keep animals that have no place in a city. All these things they do with little fear of prosecution. All of these activities make the quality of life worse for the people around them. Go to Home Depot and run the gauntlet of day laborers. Get in a minor traffic accident and the other driver has no license so he runs from the scene or has no insurance so you have to pay for their bad driving. Try and sleep in one morning but be awakened by the noise and smell of barnyard animals. When people come here for a better life they should realize just what that better life entails. Responsibilities not just rights. Arrive legally, work legally, drive legally, get car insurance, and keep only those animals that are legal and safe to keep at home. That's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

My friend Dave is a Sergeant in the National Guard, and I just got a phone call from him. His entire unit just returned home from Iraq. 106 went to Iraq and 106 came home, no deaths, no serious injuries. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Thank you to all our brave soldiers who gave their lives in service to our country, and thanks to all those who served in any capacity. Our media has slandered you with exaggerated news stories, and produced movies that depict you as evil, but I know our veterans have done a great job in the war on Islamic Terrorist and I am proud of you!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cars and Guns

Dealership offers free gas or gun with new car: 80% choose gun - Autoblog People buying cars want to get a free gun with it. That's great news. With the high cost of gasoline, I would have suspected that most folks would have taken the fuel. Here at the Hysterical Right Wing, I have always associated automobile ownership and firearms ownership with freedom. Sometimes I have people ask me what possible reason there can be for owning a machine gun, or assault rifle. There is more reason to own one of those than there is to own a seventy-five thousand dollar imported luxury car that gets poor mileage and goes 150 miles an hour. There is no legal reason to drive 150 miles an hour on a highway. Perhaps those vehicles should have a governor to limit them to 70 MPH. That seems like limiting firearms to ten round magazines. Firearms have many legitimate uses. Target shooting is a sport with a long history, it is even an Olympic sport. Hunting is an ancient sport and many hunt for food and profit. Many people collect guns, just as others collect stamps, or cars, or coins. Guns can be used for self defense and to protect others, including protecting the state in times of civil unrest or invasion. The limitations the government place on firearms today have gone far beyond what I think is reasonable, that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Amnesty For Gun Registration

NRA-ILA :: Legislation A city back east has a requirement that all guns be registered, not just once, but every year. Then a city council member forgets to register his gun, and suddenly there is an amnesty bill and a second chance to register his gun. How nice, the city council has the ability to grant themselves amnesty and allow themselves the chance to register their guns. The hypocrisy of the amnesty scheme is appalling. If Joe Citizen forgot to register his gun, he would just be out of luck. But a self serving city council has a problem, they just change the law. How about other things? If they run red lights, do they just pass a law saying it was okay to run a traffic signal last Thursday? Perhaps they would have been better off if they just abandoned the gun registration plan all together. Gun registration does not prevent crimes, nor does it play a great role in solving crimes. Cars are registered, yet we still have crimes involving cars. Hey, the store clerk was shot with a 9mm handgun, check all 10,000 registered 9mm handgun owners in the city for gun shot residue! Yeah, that narrows down the focus of the investigation. The only reason to register guns is so the government will know how has guns, so that when they make the guns illegal to posses, the government can come and take your guns away if you don't turn them in to the government. It has been that way in every country were guns were registered, they were made illegal and the government rounded them up. At Lexington Concord our founding fathers stood firm when the British troops came to take away their cannon. The American Revolution was first started over not just taxes, but firearms freedoms. The Boston Massacre happened because British troops fired on American Patriots who were throwing snowballs at them. Why were they throwing snowballs? Because their guns had already been registered, and confiscated by the British. The city council should not grant amnesty, they should restore freedom, and repeal the requirement to register guns at all, that's how it looks from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Enemy Mortar Attack Kills Children

US Military Apologizes for Quran Shooting - AOL News Our media don't really want us to win the war on Islamic terror. CNN reports that an American soldier shot a Quran. And then in AOL News they spend paragraph after paragraph telling us how bad American soldiers were and that we needed to apologize to local Muslims for this "outrage against Islam." Only at the end of the article do they mention the enemy killing children. How can we hope to win a war when it is acceptable for the enemy to kill children, yet a terrible thing when one of our soldiers shoots a book. The enemy intends to kill children, women and old people by constantly targeting schools, and shopping areas. One of our troops acting on his own does something foolish and the people want to hold rallies and marches and protests against us, and our media feeds right into it. The headline should have read Enemy Troops Target and Kill Children in Mortar Attack. That's the real story, and that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

ET Phone Dial A Prayer

Vatican Says It's OK to Believe in Aliens - AOL News So when I taught my daughter to say her prayers at night she should have said, "and God bless mommy and daddy, and ET?" I agree that if there are extraterrestrial life forms, they like us, are a part of God's creation, but do we really need a message from the Vatican to confirm this? Naturally I expect all the conspiracy types to run out and use this as evidence that the Vatican knows something the rest of us don't know. But then most of those same conspiracy types will go on to deny the Vatican knows anything about God. I am pleased to see that the church is investigating science, and astronomy is a good place to start. Catholic Christians have long been making important contributions to science, Gregor Mendel was a monk who worked out some of the mechanisms of inheritance. This blending of science and religion is a good thing in my opinion. For too long science has been devoid of men of faith, except in the faith of secular humanism. So we should all keep watching the sky. Both for heavenly visitors and secular ones too! That's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Look How Much Money I Have A recent court case says that American money discriminates against the blind. Some advocacy group for the blind sued the government claiming that blind people can't see the money and so it is discrimination and the government must then change the money for them. They want the money to have raised parts that they can feel or to be different sizes. Did we really need a lawsuit for this? When you give money to a charity for blind people is it your intent to finance lawsuits? Should tax exempt organizations even be allowed to sue the government that grants them tax exempt status? Perhaps all the new money can be made like those greeting cards with the little chip in them. You unfold your money and it can announce in an electronic voice "Five Dollar Bill." But it seems to me that is not a good option either, what happens when blind illegal aliens get paid their underground wages in cash? It would have to be able to announce the denomination of the bill in both English and Spanish or we would be discriminating against them. How do the blind deal with credit card receipts? Sure they come in different sizes, but not based on the dollar amount. Perhaps after we all get 666 and a bar code tattooed on our arms this whole money issue won't be a problem anymore. Then the blind can sue the billboard people. That's how I see things, at the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gunmen In Lebanon Hezbollah is withdrawing it's gunmen from Beirut, Lebanon is the headline. When was the last time Republican gunmen withdrew from an American city? How about, Democrat gunmen pull out of Detroit? We never see these headlines because our political parties actually believe in a democratic process. The enemies of freedom, Islamic extremists like Hezbollah, believe in gaining power by any means. If they can get themselves voted into power, than they will run for election. If they don't like the elections, they will send in the gunmen. This is the nature of the enemy we are fighting in our world wide war or Islamic extremists. They do not believe in the same God as we believe in and they don't share our Western values. They want to take over the world, and yet, ironically, it is those who will suffer the most under their regimes that are the weakest in fighting them. In schools people cry for diversity, and so we get Islam taught in the schools, special rooms for the Muslims to clean their feet, and time off every few hours to pray. All in the name of respecting their rights and diversity. In Iran, and other Islamic nations it is a crime to publicly preach the word of Jesus. And if a Muslim does convert to Christianity, then he is subject to the death penalty. That does not seem like they support diversity. Perhaps we should not be either, since in the long run we may be helping them slit our own throats. That's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Grab That Shooter!

Gunman Wounds 3 Outside Church - AOL News "The gunman walked away after the shooting but was quickly grabbed by bystanders, one of whom was an off-duty Burbank police officer. Another off-duty officer, from Los Angeles, produced handcuffs and the group held the man until uniformed officers arrived." What an amazing coincidence that the two bystanders who "grabbed" the shooter were off duty police. You don't suppose it is because as off duty police they actually had guns do you? While I have met many brave officers from both Burbank and Los Angeles Police Departments, none of them were stupid, and certainly not likely to confront an armed active shooter with a rifle by simply grabbing him. The mainstream media hates guns, so naturally they don't ever want to acknowledge the role firearms play every day in protecting innocent American lives. Time after time I read about a evil doer who attacks someone and is then "held by bystanders until police could arrive;" only to read later in specialist publications that the bystander was either an off duty police officer or an armed civilian. Too bad the media is so blinded by political correctness that they can't see that guns do both good as well as evil. That's how we see things here at the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cops Good, Robbers Bad

Grand Theft Auto Biggest Controversies Gallery and Images - GameDaily When I was a kid we played all kinds of games, even cops and robbers. When we played that game we understood that the cops were the good guys and the robbers were the bad guys. We played monster and just like cops and robbers, we always made sure the bad guys and monsters lost and the good guys won. Now, it seems the distinction is gone, and the bad guys get to win. As a result, we create the monsters. We looked up to police, and soldiers, and scientists. Now the role models are criminals. Games where people gain points by stealing cars, and murdering police. It teaches children that to commit acts that are evil is commendable. Game companies tell us that these games are not intended for children and so feel absolved of any guilt when something bad happens that gets blamed on the game. Then the game companies tell us that the parents are responsible for keeping these games out of the hands of children. It is not reasonable to think that parents can keep these games out of the hands of kids all the time. A neighbor has one, and the kids go play there, without the parent realizing that their child is playing that game. Then too, game companies assume that all parents will properly monitor their children. I submit that the children most at risk with these games are the ones who have parents who are themselves criminals, and drug users. So who protects them? Games that glorify illegal and immoral acts should not be produced because the companies themselves should exercise moral restraint; that's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Am Not Stimulated By a Check

The Stimulus Checks are in the mail. Just ask the IRS, they are only here to help us. If a $600 stimulus check is a good idea, why not make it $6,000? How about $60,000.00? If it was that big we could have solved the mortgage problem. If the government is running a deficit, how do we have cash to pay ourselves money? In California the state wants to sell bonds to pay for our budget by borrowing on future lottery income. Gambling is not good enough we have to gamble on future gambling. Maybe the state government should start actually playing the lottery to finance the budget? I voted against the lottery and I don't play it, now it looks like we all are going to gamble with it whether we like it or not. The government always surprises me with their logic. Let's have a minimum wage so that everyone will make at least a certain amount of income. Then lets have those same people pay income tax and the very regressive Social Security tax on that minimum wage. Then we can complain that people don't make enough money on minimum wage. The solution is not to reduce taxes on people that make minimum wage, no, it is to raise the minimum wage. So they can pay even more taxes because their wages are higher and the taxes are based on the amount you make. The system allows the government then to vote itself an increase in tax revenues without raising taxes, just by raising the minimum wage. If a minimum wage is good at $8 an hour, why not make everyone rich and pay us all $80 per hour? Sure some jobs will be lost and some jobs will go overseas, but with that kind of income, we can all save more, and pay more into Social Security to save that system from going broke. We could all afford health insurance then with an $80 per hour wage. Not all jobs can go overseas. With an $80 an hour minimum wage, Americans will be more willing to take jobs previously done by illegal aliens, who are only doing jobs Americans won't do. But at $80 per hour, I am sure most of us would be willing to mow lawns, pick fruit, or do light housekeeping. So the immigration crisis will be solved too. Here at the Hysterical Right Wing, I will be waiting for my increase in pay to $80 per hour.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gay Marriage is Neither

The governor of California vetoed attempts to legislate gay marriage but won't endorse a constitutional amendment to stop it. I think he does that so he can have things both ways. He can tell the right wing that he vetoed gay marriage. He can tell the left wing he opposed a constitutional amendment to prevent gay marriage. Opinions are like belly buttons, everyone has one. Actually, sometimes people have more than one, apparently. The judges in the majority opinion said that domestic partnerships are close to marriage but don't provide equal protection to people in domestic partnerships to those in marriages. So to me this is a call for action. Now is the time to do away with all domestic partnerships. If close is not good enough and leaves to door open for judges to require gay marriage, then domestic partnership laws should be repealed. Domestic partnership is an unfair burden on society anyway. Employers must provide benefits to people who won't or can't get married. Western society has not recognized these partnerships traditionally and should not be doing so now. If you want someone to inherit your home or your personal possessions, then write a will and name them in it. If you want someone to be your caretaker in a medical emergency, then again, contact a lawyer and have him write a living will and power of attorney. Domestic partnerships are not needed and now we know they are actually a crack in the dam to bring in the flood of gay marriages. That's how it looks from the Hysterical Right Wing.

I Am Neither Happy Nor Gay The courts overturned a law voted for by over 60% of the people, so the judges could forward the gay agenda. Gays have the same right to marry as anyone else. I can't marry another man, and neither can a gay man. Marriage is a limited right just like all other rights. For all of history marriage has been between a man and a woman. And other limitations have been in place as well. It is just another example that liberals in courtrooms don't really care about the law, societal norms, custom, or legislative intent. They care only about forwarding their liberal agenda. How about a conservative judge ruling that the second amendment that says the right to keep and bear arms requires all people to own firearms? After all the militia is for our common defense and all people have a stake in our common defense. Perhaps we all should be under court orders to obtain assault rifles and practice with them every day. After all, the founders did expect us to defend our states and our nation in the event of an emergency. Seems like some judges are falling down on the job by not requiring this important duty. When I read the opinion of the judge "In contrast to earlier times, our state now recognizes that an individuals capacity to establish a loving and long-term committed relationship with another person and responsibly to care for and raise children does not depend upon the individuals sexual orientation," Chief Justice Ronald George wrote..." I ask myself, how does this vary from pedophiles? Perhaps if a thirty year old man has an eleven year old girlfriend he can apply the same logic? I am certain that once gay rights have been established the next great frontier will be pedophiles using the same arguments to advance their agenda. Can I marry my sister? When can I marry two or three women? Or perhaps marry a several men and women? It's all about the love after all. Perhaps those folks in Texas should just come here, since our marriage laws don't restrict anyone from marrying anyone else. It is case law like this that does not simply interpret the law, but makes new law, that creates such unrest in the population. We vote in overwhelming numbers for a law and a few judges determine the exact opposite of what we intended. The vocal minority is running the state, not the majority of people who don't want to be in the vanguard of changing a civil institution that has remained unchanged since Adam and Eve. That's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Could You Give Me Only Half of the Story?

Nevada children hurt by foreclosure crisis - AOL Real Estate A recent study shows that tens of thousands of children will be harmed by their parents homes being foreclosed. They will miss school and feel bad that they lost their homes. You think? Where do I go to sign up for millions of dollars to study stuff that is obvious? Dogs chase cats, men like to look at women, people who drive cars sometimes crash. I could get all kinds of money just studying those topics. Perhaps we should look again at this topic. Okay, parents don't pay the mortgage and they have to move. Presumably they were making some kind of payments before they got into trouble. Then too, they probably stopped making payments once they realized that they were not going to be able to keep the house. So, if they then saved that money they did not use for the house payment they could have first and last months rent for an apartment. Sounds to me like they then just move like everyone else. So how is this different from all the other kids who have to move because daddy gets transferred, they want the kids to go to a better school, the parents get divorced, or any other reason? I don't think the loss of a house has to be that traumatic to most kids, at least not anymore so than any other kids who have to move. Then lets look at the other side of this problem. The house is foreclosed and the bank takes ownership. The bank wants to get rid of the house, which means selling it as quickly as possible. They don't tear it down and sow salt into the ground. So another family gets a cheap house. Another family has to move. Uproot the kids from their school, take them away from their friends, disrupt their life. But they do have the excitement of the new home. So some kids will do better, and some kids will do worse and some will do about the same during the mortgage crisis. Just like any other time. That's the way it looks from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Spoiling the Iron Man Spoilers

The Mrs. and I went to see Iron Man tonight. It was a good movie, and I will probably buy the DVD. My standards for a good movie have fallen a bit, or this would not have made the list. Oh sure, the special effects were very special and the rockets, and explosions, and gunfire, and the Iron Man suit were very cool. What bothered me was that at a time when we are at war against Al Queda and other Muslim extremist groups, they make a movie that on the margins is about the war, yet the bad guys are never identified as either Al Queda, or even as Muslims. In World War Two, movies always identified the enemies as Nazis. There was no doubt. The good guys were never fighting some vague, generic host of bad guys. Hollywood generally seems to typically give us two types of villains, rogue US military types, or big business. In Hollywood, they get paid millions of dollars, make movies that cost hundreds of millions of dollars, and yet, manage to envision big business as the villains. Apparently, if you make millions in land development, arms making, or manufacturing anything, you are almost certainly evil. If you made those millions making movies that defame the US military, or give the enemies of the Western World a pass, then you are okay. That's what I see from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Higher Education

Nearly 100 Arrested in College Drug Bust - AOL News Campus police arrested nearly one hundred students at a university in Southern California for drug sales, and drug possession. Students involved in Greek life were using their connections to sell drugs to finance their student activities. At least two of those arrested were working towards law enforcement related degrees. Too many people today seem to think that drug abuse is no big deal. Drug use destroys lives. Not just those of the people using the drugs, but there is a huge ripple effect. The mother who neglects her children while on drugs, is destroying their lives as well as hers. The bus driver who drives under the influence is endangering the lives of his passengers and other motorists. But what about the stock broker who is not as sharp as he should be because he is impaired from smoking dope and causes his clients to lose money. When you take people's money you are taking a bit of their lives. Someone works hard for years to make it to retire and then their portfolio is ruined because of an impaired broker. That life is being destroyed also. Then too consider that someone who smokes dope every day is part of an on-going criminal conspiracy. They are not just doing weed, they are spending money on an illegal product, enriching drug lords and drug cartels that use their money to corrupt government officials and murder their competition. Drug cartels even destabilize nations and commit acts of terrorism. So your friend the banker, college student, pizza delivery boy, if they are using drugs, are part of that larger picture that seeks to destroy the decent way of life most Americans want for themselves and families. "All of the arrested students have been suspended and will be barred from attending classes or taking final exams until their cases are reviewed, San Diego State President Stephen Weber said in a statement. Those who live in university-owned housing were evicted, he added." It seems like the school President has taken the right steps to deal with this problem. And right steps are our favorite kind, here at the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nuclear Iran Iran may have nuclear weapons by 2009. How do we deal with that? If Iran has nuclear weapons, what will they do with them? Why do they need nuclear weapons? What does that mean to us? Lots of other places have nuclear weapons, why is Iran different? If Iran has nuclear weapons, they make it more difficult for other nations to make the decision to attack or invade them, because they risk nuclear attack in return. Once Iran achieves a nuclear umbrella, they have a free hand to create havoc in the region as long as they don't cross a threshold that makes nuclear attack palatable. With American troops just next door in Iraq, a more belligerent Iran is not a good thing. Already there have been charges that Iran is supplying and training insurgents who operate in Iraq. Recent news reports say this activity may be curtailed, but what if Iran did not fear American air attacks in retaliation? We probably would not make air strikes into a nuclear armed Iran, even to protect our own troops in Iraq, unless the casualties were already alarmingly high. Many of our allies border or are very near to Iran. Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel are all within striking distance of rather short range missiles based in Iran. The Iranians have shown as far back as the Iran / Iraq war that they are able to effectively field and deploy missiles against shipping. Certainly lobbing a nuclear armed missile into Israel should not be too great a technical challenge, once they have the nuclear weapon. There are also large American task forces operating in the waters near Iran, operating in the Iraq War. Iraq would be hard pressed to challenge Americans in these waters today, but a nuclear armed anti-ship missile could readily destroy an aircraft carrier task force. A multi-billion dollar ship, with six thousand crew members, that will take a decade to replace is a tempting target for a nuclear warhead. Since the Iranians are already cut off from trade with America, there is not much we can do to put economic pressure on Iran. Without that leverage we fairly quickly are left with little to do to strong arm them to do things they don't want to do. It maybe that we need to act quickly to prevent Iran from gaining nuclear weapons. An Israeli strike group could land in Iraq, refuel, get final target information, and hit those targets in Iran that contribute to their nuclear program. This allows the strike to carry a larger bomb load, insure timely intelligence, come from an unexpected direction, and confuse the Iranians as to who is directly responsible. That's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Not vroom vroom but VROOM VROOM

It's happened: Boy hit by hybrid, mom blames quiet running - Autoblog Of course. It is not my fault I ran over the kid, the car was too quiet. Noise pollution is apparently a good thing after all. Perhaps the car was too clean. If it had a big stinky exhaust plume billowing out the back, the child would have noticed that and been able to move in time. Perhaps we should have Toyota look into using high sulfur soft coal as a way to increase the visible exhaust? Deny everything, demand proof, make counter-charges. Don't accept responsibility for anything these days. The suspect is as much the victim as the victim. Sure, I murdered those guys but the police beat me up, my father was mean to me 30 years ago, I did not make the baseball team in third grade, I suffered a trauma, so it is not my fault. If you work for a company that merges and 300 jobs are eliminated and one of them is yours, it's probably not your fault you are unemployed. If you arrive late to work everyday for a month, and you get fired, it is probably your fault. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes, or misjudgements. It happens. But don't try to avoid responsibility for everything. If you are willing to take the credit when things go well, then take the heat when they don't. Now they are talking about requiring cars to make a minimum amount of noise as a safety measure. When did that seem like a good idea? How about putting those little beep beep things on them that go off when you back up, just like big trucks have? Problem solved. How about walking around your vehicle before you get into it? Fleet managers often tell their employees to walk around the vehicle to inspect the vehicle and check for obstacles before they drive away. One of my neighbors has run over several of her cats. Cats hear pretty well, and she does not drive a quiet car. Noisier cars and more government studies and regulation are not the answer to this problem. Common sense and good driving skills are. That's how it sounds over here at the Hysterical Right Wing.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Home Sweet Taxpayer Supported Home

Federal Reserve reports tighter bank lending standards - AOL Money & Finance Banks are making it harder to borrow money. The Federal Government is talking about a bail out for people who get behind on payments. I don't want anyone to be tossed out of their home, but that does not mean I want to pay their mortgage either. There are many who are renting who will never afford to own a home. There are renters who are saving for a home, I did that for ten years. Why do they need to be taxed to pay for another person's mortgage? Many people work two or more jobs to pay for their mortgage. At one time I worked four jobs and my wife worked too. Why is it fair for them to pay for a mortgage that is not their own? If people are having trouble making the payments, perhaps they can work more! Get a second job. Put the wife or teens to work. Take a roommate and charge them rent. Perhaps the term of the loans can be extended so that monthly payment can be reduced. Perhaps loans can be made interest only and payments reduced. I know how difficult it can be to get a house, and sometimes no amount of hard work or sacrifice will be enough to save a persons home. But to use tax monies to save one persons home, will take money away from some taxpayer who wants to buy their first home or who is also struggling to keep their home. That's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Job Security

Church Confirms Virgin Mary Apparitions - AOL News It seems the Roman Catholic Church has just confirmed that sightings of the Virgin Mary in the 1600s are authentic! I think that's good news. It does seem to me that the process may be in need of some overhaul. Nearly four hundred years is a long time to wait to find out your visions are real and not imaginary. Pilgrims have been going to the site for as long at the sightings were made public. Having a job that takes four hundred year to complete is serious job security. The article goes on to explain that the Blessed Virgin has been sighted in other places, but that confirmation is not yet official. Reflections in window glass, weeping statures, and right here in Fountain Valley, where I live, there was a chocolate Virgin Mary discovered in a candy factory. God is not bound by our perceptions of space and time. He moves at his own pace and what seems a long time to us, is but a flicker to him. People search for miracles, often in far off places, and yet they happen here at home everyday. I can't explain electricity, yet I flip a switch and I get lights on. I don't understand computers, but I type this paragraph and people all over the world can read it. Man made miracles to be sure, but man did not invent electricity, he just learned how to use God's creation. The eye that makes use of that light or reads this post is another small miracle. Such a tiny and delicate organ and yet it allows us to perceive the world around us. To watch a baby smile, or look at a flower. I don't need to wait four hundred years to know that the hand of God moves in my life everyday. There is a certain comfort to know that even today, locally, miracles may be happening, right under our candy making machines. But with a verification process that takes nearly 400 years, you might want to keep that little chocolate Virgin Mary in the fridge. I will be waiting for confirmation, here at the Hysterical Right Wing.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Hysterical Right Wing

Are Conservatives Happier Than Liberals? - AOL News Well, yeah! Of course we are happier. Even when the liberals run both the state and federal governments, conservatives are happier. Conservatives have reason to be happy. We know we are right. We as Christians know that our side will win in the end. We maintain the time honored values that society has endorsed for thousands of years, that is very comforting. Family, friends, a good wife and children are a great source of joy to me. My work, my accomplishments, my church, are all things that bring me great joy. The traditional life has much to offer, and one of those things is happiness. Gay men have a fear of AIDS that monogamous married straight men don't have. Gay teenagers have higher rates of suicide than their straight peers. Straight men who are promiscuous have to fear a number of STD's and straight women have to fear attacks by those same men. Conservatives also have a sense of humor. Rush Limbaugh is very popular as are many other conservative talk show hosts. Liberals always seem to be angry when they do talk shows. Too bad for them. Conservatives who lead a conservative lifestyle have plenty of reasons to be happy, even hysterically so, that's the word from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pardon Me, Sir, Your Slip is Showing The Federal Government is helping us again. Apparently employers continue to be too stupid to hire those best able to perform work to the satisfaction of the employer and customers. The government is again placing more restrictions on who you can hire and mandates you hire people you otherwise may not want to work for you. Now "Gender Identity" will be a basis for a complaint of discrimination if you refuse to hire someone based on their gender identity. So when the 35 year old man with a five o'clock shadow comes into your Catholic bookstore dressed as a lady and presents his credentials, the burden of proof is on the employer as to why they did not hire this person. Never mind that cross dressing is anathema to most of your other employees, your customers, or your tenants as a Catholic organization, you must hire such a person or risk the government coming down on you like a ton of bricks. It seems that some people think that only workers have rights and freedoms. Business owners don't have the right to select whom they want to spend their day with, working side by side. Business owners don't have the right to hire people that their customers will be comfortable with. I don't think I would like my daughter to go to the local department store and be assisted by a man dressed like a lady, while she is buying lingerie. Again, the same people who complain that too many jobs are being sent overseas are making it that much harder to be an employer in this country. Is there such a huge pool of unused talent in this country with gender identity issues that failing to hire them is hurting our GDP? Here at the Hysterical Right Wing, I don't think so.

California Tax Increases

Let's see, unemployment is up, gasoline prices are up, property values are down, what can the state government do to help people? How about raise their taxes and fees? The State of California is running a deficit so they are talking about raising taxes. What an interesting concept. We make living here so expensive that everyone will move to Arizona. If the unemployed move out of the state, then we don't have to pay unemployment. If those who own homes move out of state, then we don't have to worry about foreclosures. If everyone who owns a car, particularly those with evil SUVs, move to Arizona, we don't have to worry about high gasoline prices, traffic congestion, or smog. At a time when the federal government is considering a summertime hiatus on gasoline taxes the state government is thinking about increases in taxes. The government giveth and the government taketh away. That's what it looks like from the Right Wing, but then I am Hysterical.

God and Politics

'Evangelical Manifesto' Ponders Politics - AOL News The Evangelical Manifesto says that conservative Christians have spoken the truth, but without love. We need to remember that. We need to remember 1 Corinthians 13:1 which says: "If I speak in human or angelic tongues, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. " Often we have charged the liberal presidential candidates with constant lying. And often that charge may be true. We need to remember that the truth we have will not be accepted if we don't speak with it with love and charity. Something to reminder from the Hysterical Right Wing.

Monday, May 5, 2008

They're Off!

PETA Wants Jockey Suspended - AOL Sports A horse was put down after a race and now PETA wants the Jockey suspended. Of course. This should come as no surprise since according to the PETA website they want horse racing ended completely. The average race horse has a place to live, adequate food, medical care, and are free from predation. That is better than many of the people in the world. One of the complaints PETA made was the horses must race when they are too young and their bones are not fully formed yet. Let's see, what happens in the wild when the mountain lions show up? The older horses run and the young horses whose bones are not fully formed, walk briskly away. Well, the one's that get eaten anyway. I suspect that people have been racing horses since the second one was domesticated. I also suspect that right thinking people will continue to race horses as long as there are two horses remaining to run. That's the opinion of the Hysterical Right Wing.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Gun Control

Gun Control means being able to hit your target. Yesterday, I spent the day at the rifle range, teaching police officers how to shoot rifles. With incidents like the DC Sniper, and Columbine, and the North Hollywood shooting, police departments are deploying rifles in greater numbers. When the police respond to an active shooter, they need the firepower, range and accuracy of a rifle to have if not superiority, at least parity with the shooter. But how about the home owner? When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. How long does it take for the burglar to open the unlocked window, step inside and take your DVD player? Just about the same amount of time it takes the kidnapper to take your small child. How do you defend yourself, your possessions, your family without a gun? Even in a good city, it typically takes three or four minutes for the police to respond. They don't respond until you call. How far can the kidnapper go with your child in two or three or four minutes? How many times can the murderer hit you in two or three minutes? A gun is just a tool, but an important tool, and one that has no replacement. If you do decide on a gun, learn the laws in your local area. Learn how to shoot, well. So well you can shoot when you are scared, or tired, or wounded. Keep the gun in a situation where kids can't get to it and hurt themselves. Don't make the gun your first defense for your home. Have good exterior lighting, good locks, close and lock your windows, particularly at night. Have a dog who barks when strangers approach, get and use an alarm system. That's what we do here on the Hysterical Right Wing.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

No Gas Tax?

Presidential hopefuls and Congress are discussing a suspension of the federal gasoline tax for the summer. Clinton, Obama Spar on Gas Tax - AOL News If a suspension of the federal gasoline tax is a good idea, why is it only a good idea for three months? They tell us that the average family will save about $30. But doesn't Washington already plan on sending us checks for $600 to help stimulate the economy? So just how much help will the extra $30 be for us? If the suspension of the gas tax is a good idea, then why is it not a good idea to just eliminate in all together? Aren't the same people who want to suspend the gasoline tax, the same people who tell us we must diminish our reliance on foreign oil? But if we lower the price of gasoline, won't we drive more and use more oil? How does this help our goal of energy independence? Don't many of the same people who want to suspend the gasoline tax say we have gone to war for oil? If you don't want to go to war for oil, why do you want the price of oil to go down so our demand for oil will increase? Shouldn't they want an oil tax surcharge to cut demand for oil? Just a few questions from the hysterical right wing.

Friday, May 2, 2008

What's in a Name?

Now the word, "squaw" has become the new "N" word. Okay, I am sorry if something we have named, Squaw Valley, Squaw Creek, Squaw Mountain is offensive. We will immediately change the names to Custer Valley, Kit Carson Creek, and Davy Crockett Mountain. For too long those of us on the conservative side of the culture war have been on the defensive whenever someone tells us they think some phrase or name is offensive. Okay, fine. I don't want to offend anyone, so to be polite I will stop using that place name American Indians don't like. But I think to be fair, we should get to pick the names we want to replace them. What could be better than naming places after great American hero's who helped civilization to spread across the West? There used to be a time when bringing modernity to stone age peoples was considered a good thing. The benefits of vaccinations, electricity, religions that don't require human sacrifices, are all good things in my book. I first noticed the change with Star Trek in the mid-1960s. We were told the Prime Directive was the highest order for all Star Fleet Captains. He would sacrifice his ship and entire crew if need be to prevent it's violation. Just what was this Prime Directive that was so important? The short version is no advanced civilization can have contact with a people that does not have interplanetary flight capability, so that they may develop in their own way. Perhaps we should apply this everywhere. The people of Somalia are not as advanced as the people of Florida, who have space travel, and so the people of Florida should not send famine relief to Somalia so that their civilization may develop without interference by Floridians. Perhaps the people of Texas, who via Houston Control have space travel, should not aid Kosovo which does not have space travel. The folks who live in Japan should not have helped the people of Indonesia after the tidal wave, because it might have disrupted their development of a unique civilization. I suppose that space travel is likened to the ability to sail across an ocean. So Cortes should not have stopped the Aztecs from participating in human sacrifice, and we in North American should all still be living as hunter / gatherers with a few people per square mile and a life expectancy of 45 years. I for one am proud of the history of this nation and the march of civilization. It has not always been perfect, but it was always better than what went before. That's the view from the Hysterical Right Wing, signing off from Buffalo Bill Cody Valley.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tehran Barbie a NO GO

Iran has said they wish to ban the importation of Barbie dolls. They are afraid of the influence of Barbie and Western ideals on the children of Iran. The Malibu Burka Barbie just did not catch on, so Mattel continues to dress Barbie in bikinis, and fancy evening gowns. Iran has a poor record on the rights of women and this is another example of how even simple things are kept from the average folks there in Iran. If I were in the Pentagon, I would begin a bombing campaign immediately against Iran. C-17's heavily laden with pink packages would be rolling off runways and carrying thousands of tiny blonde paratroopers. Imagine thousands of Barbies being airdropped into Tehran and other cities, little girls running into the streets to retrieve these pink plastic commandos before the thought police could intercept them. I would drop a million of them on Iran and claim we dropped two million. That way, even if they got all of the Barbies, the police would still be looking for them for years.