Wednesday, April 30, 2008


A 15 year old girl poses nude for a national magazine and it is no big deal. When did that get to be "normal?" Naturally, I blame the parents, but then we see the father is right there, in the photo shoot with her, even having his photo taken with her in a seductive pose! This girl is supposed to be a role model for other young girls? I did not want my 15 year old daughter posing nude, for magazines or anyone else. Then were are told the magazine photos are not actually nude, it was simulated. Oh, I feel so much better. So, simulated nude photos of children are okay then, not real ones. Again, not with my daughter. I my world, the father would be outraged at anyone who took nude photos of his daughter, not participating in the event. The company that employs the child would cancel her contracts, so she would no longer be a role model for other children to emulate. Parents would no longer buy her videos, music or products she endorses. No one would buy the magazine that ran the nude child photos, not just that issue, but all future issues. That's my take on it, from the hysterical right wing.